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Seaman Was Officially In Development For Nintendo 3DS But It Was Canned

The classic Dreamcast title Seaman was officially destined for the Nintendo 3DS. The news comes from the original developer Yoot Saito who was reflecting back on his past with the now sadly deceased Satoru Iwata. Saito says that Mr Iwata approached him a few years back to ask him whether he could bring Seaman to the Nintendo 3DS but it didn’t work out.

When Iwata-san came to ask me to create Seaman for the 3DS, I like to think he was in the same frame of mind as when he first came to visit me at my apartment back in 1999. I did start working on the project, but things got really complicated and I eventually let go of it. Unfortunately that brought an end to our relationship, where I could just casually visit him in Kyoto and have fun exchanging new ideas. I felt like we needed some time before we could go back to the kind of creativity-filled relationship.

42 thoughts on “Seaman Was Officially In Development For Nintendo 3DS But It Was Canned”

  1. The game is really creepy. And if these Seamen find out you’re a girl, if you tell them so, they get even creepier.

    1. Its stupid for you. I hate these kind of attitude… You dont like it? Well dont buy it if it is out, but saying “meh i find this a bad game, it IS bad game” and getting happy because it didnt get released is as stupid as being you.
      Asshole learn to RES-PECT

  2. This game is something I would have played in my darkest dreams. My nightmares hold the keys to the sequel.

    1. Good one Ass Bitch. Next time try to put more pointless curse words in your pointless comment about a game I’m sure you’ve never heard of.

    2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

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      >>>That’s why you are all primitive, barbaric and disgusting, except pigs are cleaner>>>

      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

        Leave it to you to spoil the fucking joke. That is why you aren’t invited to “fucking” parties. Maybe your dick is to small to enter the female vagina. Who knows?

              1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

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                      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                        That is sooooo fucking gross. No wonder you the human sexual ritual. It’s because you have your own, whatever the fuck that was in that video sexual ritual.

          1. Why do I always see you in the comment sections of these articles acting like some kind of weird “commander” for the Nintendo “empire”, or a robot? It’s kinda creepy…..

          2. Still coming from the person who is a human behind that screen and weird Darth Terminator persona

      2. Seaman? More like Uncanny Valley: The Video Game!

        But jokes aside, this is more proof that Sega doesn’t listen to their fans and focus more on milking the fuck out of Sonic with subpar games (Only Colors and Generation were good since the past decade).

      3. That’s too bad :( I have a Dream… cast, but never managed to get Seamen because of the poor selection of games here in Norway.

        I also felt sorry for Saito after reading this blog post about this.

      4. I had this game & did everything Leonard Nimoy told me to do. Within 2 weeks the eggs actually hatched and began to talk to me.

        Unfortunately my enjoyment came to an abrupt end when my best friend asked me did I mind if he came over & played with my Seamen. & HE ASKED ME IN A ROOM FULL OF GIRLS!!!

        ……………i traded it in at the nearest gamestop IMMEDIATELY!!!
        No Bullshit!! True fucking story!!!!

      5. you guys reported this years a few years ago, ou did one article on seaman coming to 3ds and another about it being canceled

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