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If You Want More Baten Kaitos Games Then Let Bandai Namco Know

The Baten Kaitos games are fairly well-regarded by gamers, but we haven’t had a new entry to the series for quite some time. That could all change though. Online gaming publication Siliconera recently had the chance to speak to Kensuke Tsukanaka, who is the director of Project X Zone 2, about whether we will ever see a new entry in the Baten Kaitos series or see it featured in Project X Zone. Here’s Tsukanaka fairly reasonable response.

“So, do you remember that KOS-MOS and T-elos, from Xenosaga, were in the first Project X Zone game? We didn’t include them just because Monolith Soft was developing Project X Zone, we put them in there because there were so many fans of their games on the team, and that they happened to make sense for the world of the game.

“The reason there’s not Baten Kaitos characters in the story is because they just didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. As for [Baten Kaitos] itself outside of Project X Zone, well, I can’t really say much about that yet, but I think we need some substantial feedback from fans before moving forward with a project like that. What do they want to see from it? What platform do they want to see it on? If we can gather more voices for Baten Kaitos, then maybe we can start something with Bandai Namco Entertainment. That’s about all I can say right now!”

19 thoughts on “If You Want More Baten Kaitos Games Then Let Bandai Namco Know”

  1. Oh, I don’t know Namco.

    Would you actually be willing to work on a Nintendo console outside of Smash for once?! You’ve already pretty much moved both Tales and Soul Calibur permanently away from Nintendo.

  2. Yes Yes Yes and More yes. A Baten Kaitos game would have been perfect for the WiiU .either a new game or a HD remaster of the first two would be excellent

  3. WiiU Namco! Let me choose chards by tapping them on pad, but still keep it HD! The beautiful background artwork would go to waste on small DS screen.

    But honestly, just give me more Baten Kaitos. I need!

  4. I loved the GCN Baten Kaitos games. I have them both.
    I would love to see a new entry for the 3DS, or a remake combo for the Wii U.

  5. Pingback: Namco wants to know if you want a new Baten Kaitos game.

  6. Bring back Kalas & Xehla & you have my full support! I didn’t adopt the name of Kalas as an alias for many sites just for my health, y’know! Get to work on it now, damn it, so it can be on the NX as soon as humanly possible. As for the original games, an HD or window 3D remake is fine by me. I’ll be happy with either idea.

    If Bandai Namco decides they don’t want to do anything else with the franchise, please sell it to Nintendo so they can give it to Monolith Soft to make since they helped with the first two games if I remember correctly!

  7. I would like to see Namco Bandai publish God Eater Resurrection and Rage burst for ps vita and ps4 here in the west as Physical copies, these are two games that I really want to play the most. and for the LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE leave the japanese audio in the game, because english voice actors have ruined almost every localized game to make it here in the states.

  8. Yes please. I still treasure my copy of Baten Kaitos even if I haven’t finished the game yet… Moving the game to N3DS would be a good start to figure out if the fans are still willing to play and eventually want a new game from the series on the Wii U.

  9. YES, PLEASE! In battle we could pick cards directly onto the Wii U controller’s screen, that would be awesome!

  10. YES! PLEASE! YES! YES! YES! Baten Kaitos is my favorite game followed by the second game. Where do I sign the petition or tweet this guy to let him know what I want? lol

    A remake of both in HD for Wii U and you choosing the cards on the GamePad while you see all the action on the big screen would be fantastic, and then Baten Kaitos 3, a game after the first game where Kalas is like the general of the forces and they are discover the world where the islands fell and need to clear the forest and they encounter new dangers and monsters and some tribes that don’t want their habitat destroyed by the people from the islands that fell to the earth again. That would be fantastic!

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