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Refurbished 32GB Wii U With Zelda Wind Waker HD And Nintendo Land For $235

Want to get yourself a cheap Wii U? Well look no further than the Nintendo Online Store. You can grab a refurbished 32GB Wii U console with The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Nintendo Land for $235, which is a great price. The Wii U has a nice back catalogue of games so it is worth hunting around on Amazon to find yourself some bargains.

16 thoughts on “Refurbished 32GB Wii U With Zelda Wind Waker HD And Nintendo Land For $235”

        1. I played almost all of them, with the Metroid, Zelda and Wario games being my favorites, but that did not make up for the extra 150 euro I paid (that’s how much it cost in my country)

          1. I played them all too, but I couldn’t get in to certain games though (specifically these: Wrecking Crew, NES Open Tournament Golf, Yoshi, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, I didn’t care for the Fire Emblem game, MK:Super Circuit is okay, but ONLY okay). But dang, that’s a LOT more than the difference in price was in the U.S. It definitely wasn’t worth it for the country you’re in.

  1. I’ll be sure to share this to as many people I know that want a Wii U I know some that do and others should as well

  2. I remember when this set released I was running through all the stores in my area. I eventually found it at GameStop.
    I kept my same system and just swapped out the pads. Some other family member got the new Wii U and used pad.

  3. Sometimes I wish they would just sale the Wii U for 99 bucs. I know they would lose money on the production line, but they would make money on software sales. They would probably sell 10 million Wii U’s in one year if it was only $99.00.

  4. Oh good. I need a new Wii U. The HD port on mine is fucking broken & I don’t trust Nintendo enough to send mine in to fix it because I’m worried they’ll mess up my save data. Fuck that. Besides, I got to get a new Gamepad anyway. I might as well just buy a new Wii U for less than 300 bucks. And oh look! It’s the Wind Waker bundle, so I can get another new Zelda inspired Gamepad! I can give the code of Wind Waker HD to my brother so he can put the game on his Wii U when I can get his Gamepad fixed. He can have Nintendo Land, too.

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