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Camp Miiverse Has Been Cancelled Due To Satoru Iwata’s Passing

Nintendo of America has confirmed via Miiverse that Camp Miiverse has been cancelled this summer. The event was supposed to run from now until July 20th but has been canceled due to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s tragic passing. Tom from Miiverse has apologised to fans for cancelling the event but thinks it best given the current circumstances.

We decided to cancel future Camp Miiverse activities this summer in light of the recent events. Please accept my deepest and most sincere gratitude to everyone who joined. We hope you had fun playing, and continue to do so playing our games. Thank you.

23 thoughts on “Camp Miiverse Has Been Cancelled Due To Satoru Iwata’s Passing”

  1. Camp Miiverse is over its a little bit sad they had too end it early this year but i year on Friday they will have the thing for Mr. Iwata witch is a sad thing too happen hoply Nintendo will find a new President for Nintendo this year i wanted Reggie because hes about kicking smash.

  2. don’t worry Leon i read this on Miiverse from Tom i feel bad for the people at Nintendo Amy must be crying right now.

        1. Dude, haha. Anybody with a busy life certainly won’t mind the 30 comment and post limitation. Of course, I don’t speak for everybody, but I assume most people either work, got school, or do anything else other than play games. Even if you’re just gaming, would you spend your day on Miiverse?

          1. And here you go excusing bullshit. Why don’t you ask Facebook, Twitter and the other popular chat sites of the Internet who obviously don’t limit their accountants because it’s fucking stupidly counterproductive, to add 30 comments per day limit and see how far they can go before an angry mob of the world will start an uproar and their stocks plummet due to obviously unpopular changes like that. Go ahead. Try to chat with someone you really like to talk to in under 30 simple posts while afterwards, try to post again about something else. Go ahead and try you smartass.

          1. More restrictions. 30 posts a day tops (posts or comments), and if one person’s account on a system gets banned, ALL the other ones do as well (guilt by association). That’s why people are mad.

            1. well Ok 30 posts and comments is not a restriction Tom said that the rules will be less strict and also sense the 30 post a day will run the Trolls right out of town so Miiverse can be a peaceful place of troll free.

              1. 30 posts/comments isn’t a restriction?

                I’m sorry, but maybe I get into debates and intellectual conversations on Miiverse and like to keep them going? I know several users that happens to as well.

              2. the “one person’s account on a system gets banned, ALL the other ones do as well” thing isn’t part of the summer update that was part of the last minor update its already in effect

              3. I just love how things are actually being done (or, cancelled) in honor of Iwata’s passing, and that so many people acknowledged and respected him. In other words, at least people aren’t acting like it was an every day thing, like it was no big deal.

              4. I don’t see the correlation with Iwata’s passing and cancelling camp miiverse, but you guys in here talking about the ruin of miiverse are probably on the right track.

              5. Good, camp Miiverse was lame and now is not the time
                Anyway I’m gonna continue to honor Mr. Iwata by only playing Nintendo games for a whole week, no PS3 or Xbox allowed

              6. You want to honor Iwata, try fixing the Amiibo problem. When a story like this gets slotted in with news about more retailer exclusives, it’s hard to take these actions as anything but utterly shameless media ploys and attention grabs. Honor the passing of your leader by leading-by striving to be better.

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