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Nintendo America Is Taking Over Cake Wars On Food Network, July 20th

It would seem as though Nintendo of America is preparing to take over American reality TV show, Cake Wars. For those not in the know, the show see’s a number of bakers compete to have their speciality cakes showcased at various special events. I’m not sure what Nintendo of America is planning to do on the show, but it is bound to be something surreal and bizarre. Should be interesting! You will need to tune into the next episode of the show on July 20th at 8/7c.

Thanks, Amy C

38 thoughts on “Nintendo America Is Taking Over Cake Wars On Food Network, July 20th”

    1. I could have sworn they’ve done it before with both Cake Wars and Cup cake wars, ending off with the final winner’s creation being at some big Nintendo parties….but maybe I recalling different companies :/

    2. Um… What the heck are they actually gonna do? Make a Mario cake, Zelda cake maybe? I mean really what does a video game company do when on a cake TV show.

          1. It’s a theme of many that competitors have to try and make. Havem’t you seen really extravagant cakes before? It actually makes sense that this could be a very inspirational theme and let people shine in their creativity. It wouldn’t just be a flat boring cake with a picture on it, it’d be multi-tiered, 3D cakes with a lot going on. Sometimes they have to make a cake based on a childhood memory, or based on nature, etc. This is just another theme for them to compete with. It totally makes sense. Google “Nintendo cake” and look at just what amateurs have done – 3D NES cakes with controllers, 3D scenes from Mario stages, etc. Now imagine what professionals could do.

            1. Ok I’ll brake the ice…

              Will bowster apear and wreak havoc, upon food network
              & kidnap a blode host?

              Will the guy inside mario, would even give enuff of a damn, to chase after him & challenge the koppa troppas on patrol?

              Will the nintendo install base give enough of a damn, to take in to considerations, how hard of a task nintendo had to go Through To get such a pull & watch?

              find out on the next cake wars on july 20 at 8/7c

              Doooo dooooo dnnn dannnn

            2. There’s that picture floating around of Iwata’s wake in Kyoto, before tomorrow’s funeral. It seems to be raining hard. The guy said that Miyamoto’s eyes were red; I dunno if I’d wanna ever see Miyamoto other than smiling.

              1. Damn…. Man that hella sad r.i.p iwata.

                To me you always represented the triforce of courage. And still now, so at least thinking like that, there a chance for you to walk among us again and give of courage, in a Dire mmoment.

                Fellow gamer

            3. Hi it’s me Mario!!! i was just running the plan field busting bricks, collecting coins, from troppa tricks. and stumble upon a green pipe that lead me to the real world!!! But unfortunately in the form of a custom, but when the chosen one get inside my vessel, they gain my super power!!! Hopefully no one stuble upon the other custu….. Ohhh boy!!!!!

              Dnnnnaa nnnna nnanaaa

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            5. Wow. I’m going to watch a channel that I don’t even care about only because Nintendo will be there. XD

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