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Meta Knight Statue Pre-orders Are Now Open


First 4 Figures, the high quality figurine store, have revealed the Meta Knight statue and are now taking pre-orders for the decorative piece. If you’re interested in purchasing then you need to know that there are two editions. There’s the Standard and the Exclusive. The Meta Knight statue stands sixteen inches tall. The Standard version of the model is limited to 1,000 units and costs $239.99. If you’re after the Exclusive version then it will set you back $259.99, but it has LED’s which light up the flames on the base and also Meta Knight’s eyes. It is also limited to just 500 units. Both are expected to ship in early 2016.

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31 thoughts on “Meta Knight Statue Pre-orders Are Now Open”

  1. Meh. My Blue Yarn Yoshi is on a plane headed to mah houuuse.

    I don’t even care that its Japanese only! JUST GIVE ME THE LIL FREAK DINO.

  2. Every time I read “First 4 Figures”, I instantly know the news is only for rich people. No normal person can afford this over-priced crap!

    1. Lol, I’m surprised you’d say that being a collector. I used to collect figurines like this and I used to make Warhammer sets, but yea it does get pretty expensive for people who have other hobbies, but for someone who strictly collects things, I don’t think they are too expensive given the quality.

      A lot of people don’t understand how expensive good paint gets also, even for something like graffiti, you can spend up to $100 for only 8-10 different colors of quality paint, sometimes even more than that for a smaller amount depending on the paint. Just for a base and layer alone for figures like this, you’ll pay $15 dollars, which isn’t including all the other paint needed as that is only for the base layers that you use before you actually start using colored paints.

      Hell, amiibos have been selling for way more than these figures and are obviously far less in terms of quality, they use cheap paint too. So this should be nothing to a real collector who knows the value. The detail of these figurines is insane, and it obvious they use very high quality materials to make them as to why they look so damn good.

      Look at that, it’s freaking awesome and well worth the money if you asked me. I definitely would not call that over priced crap. As it honestly is not cheap to make figurines like this, I think anyone who has dabbled in making their figurines on their own, or also made Warhammer figures like me, knows very well it gets expensive just to make them.

      1. Well, I only called it “crap” because of the high price. Yes, I’m a collector, but only of certain items (such as games and amiibo. Though amiibo collecting hasn’t been as fun lately). I’ve been seeing this cool Ganondorf statue at Gamestop for months now that I would love to buy. But it’s like $130. And I can’t see paying that just for such a small statue. I THINK this Ganondorf statue is probably by First 4 Figures. I can barely keep up with my game collecting. It gets overwhelming, especially with SO many consoles I’m collecting for. Saving money is a joke for a person like me. It’s gone almost the minute I get any. But if I was wealthy, I guarantee that I’d be collecting these statues as well.

        1. That’s the thing, you aren’t collecting figures only. So yea, it will add up, but for someone who is just into figures, these are reasonably priced for the quality. I personally don’t think you’ll find any better figures than these, anywhere.

          The one you’re talking about, I’d call crap for the price. It is actually a knock off of the First 4 Figures Ganondorf. That one is not made by First 4 Figures, and you probably don’t want to know how much their Ganondorf costs.

          The one you’re talking about is only 12 inches, the First 4 Figures one is almost double that size, 23 inches. And again the quality of the First 4 Figures is on another level compared to the one sold by Diamond Comics though Gamestop. First 4 Figures Ganondorf has a hand tailored cape made from real fabric too. They also sell the exclusive editions that come with lights, or interchangeable parts at times. Like with their exclusive Ganondorf, he comes with multiple faces.

          See. Hope both these images post.

          Gamestop –

          First 4 Figures –

          1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3 ~*Proud Owner of the great PS4 & the great n3DS! Oh & I guess the dying mediocre Wii U is okay, too!*~

            Oh yeah! I’d definitely pay the asking price for First 4 Figures Ganondorf… if I was a fan of his Twilight Princess design, which I am not.

          1. Meh, like I said in a long response above, people don’t understand that it actually costs a lot of money to make figures of this quality, they’re reasonably priced in all honesty considering the costs it took to make.

            For the detail, the design, the lights, the paint and the licensing fees, I don’t think they’re that bad. Of course I’m not running out to blow money on them, I’m just stating their value. As someone who does a lot hobby wise, I know how much it costs to make figures like this first hand from past experience, and it isn’t cheap at all.

            Not including the fact these figures are painted flawlessly.

            1. I have no issue with craftsmanship and the artistic detail, I personally could not spend that much money on a statue that lights up. That’s like, weeks worth of excellent ganja. Haha.

              1. I understand, it is not everyone. like I said, this kind of stuff is usually for people who generally only spend money on collectibles and nothing else, or someone who just wants that perfect figure, but doesn’t really buy them too often.

                I wouldn’t really either, but if I didn’t spend so much money on other things, having some of those would be pretty cool. Just saying, different strokes for different folks. I mainly spend all my money on instruments, shows, PC parts, and games.

                Weeks worth?! Unless your smoking out all your friends, that should last longer. Lol. And if lasting is what you want, you should get into concentrates, or better yet the rosin method. Use way less, and more potent, a lot more potent.

              2. They are doing payment plans for it, though, so you don’t have to pay the full price in one go. With that in mind, 130$ is still expensive but it’s purchasable.

            2. I follow those guys on Facebook, their products are actually pretty good. The work they put into Vyse and NiGHTS easily show how hard they work to achieve detailed, quality figurines.

            3. Not saying these aren’t cool, but who would spend that much money on something like this? Do people not have bills to pay or wives to keep happy?

              1. Collectors man. It’s not a big deal, its just something for die hards and people who love the meta knight.

              2. Buying one of these every once and a while wouldn’t kill anyone. People spend this kind of money on games or other things easily. It just takes that specific type of person who is more interested in this.

              3. They are doing payment plans for these things. With that in mind, even with bills & a wife, you could still afford this. And as Michelle said, we spend just as much, if not more, on our video games every month. Which adds up to more than what you would save up to buy this sucker.

            4. Only for collectors. Otherwise you will end up putting it in a box, that will end up in storage, which you will forget and eventually see it being auctioned in Storage Wars where they make more money out of your collection.

            5. This guys just are greedy. $240, and $260? wtf! For a figurine??? Not even the exclusive or limited games packages cost that much and we get figurines with better materials and textures.
              Does the sword have gold on it? =S Damn..

            6. These figures definitely look well worth the price! Considering the materials used, craftsmanship, size, and overall badassery, it would make sense that they are quite pricey. The price is comparable to a very well crafted cosplay that one might order online, minus the accessories. I preordered the exclusive Meta not long ago and I’m definitely looking forward to the shipping date! It will absolutely be the pride of my growing collection. I had the money and I wanted it badly enough, so hey. XD It’s just one of those things. Whether the statue was really worth the sacrifice of $300 has yet to be determined. The day it arrives at my doorstep, next year, will undoubtedly be the moment of truth. I am extremely excited nonetheless! ^^

              If they make a Galacta Knight, I’d be on that in a heartbeat!

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