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Here’s The First 39 Minutes Of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has been released today in Japan and the one and only NintenDaan has managed to snag a copy of the cosmetic title. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer allows you to create your own decorative interiors for houses and other building with a number of tools at your disposal. The game won’t be arriving till October 2nd in Europe and September 25th in the United States. Anyway, be sure to check out the delightful video, below.

32 thoughts on “Here’s The First 39 Minutes Of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer”

      1. That would be nice, but I think Nintendo should just give up on Wii U and move any possible future titles to the NX. If Nintendo has an amazing launch line up the NX will sell well, third parties will come knocking, and we won’t see another Wii U mishap. Of course the NX will also need to have a system with a similar architecture to the other consoles so it’s easy to develop for. Sadly we still have no idea what the NX is, so it’s hard say.

        1. Bro don’t get your hopes up. Sadly, it’s looking like the NX will be another Wii u. Why? Nintendo have said that simply upgrading hardware would be “boring” and that they “want to surprise gamers with the NX”…meaning it’s likely another gimmicky console that recieves no third party suport and has shit online.

          I HOPE I’m wrong on this…I really want Nintendo to succeed SO much.

          Oh, and about abandoning the Wii u early, Nintendo should support it for at least 2 more years otherwise owners like me feel like we’ve been ripped off.

          1. I own a Wii U myself, but still want them to move just bc we know of absolutely zero titles coming to the Wii U after this year besides Zelda. Also they could put more resources into making the NX better. I do fear the console will be another gimmick, because Nintendo thinks they can have another Wii success. Regardless I’m trying to stay optimistic and hope it will be a good, worthy console, that appeals to everyone. My dream console from Nintendo would be a Ninty take on the ps4/ps5 with Nintendo first parties, plenty of games, and a VR headset. I’m aiming for a PS4 myself though, so I still get the best of both worlds. :)

            1. Cool friend. And, as a fellow Wii u owner myself, I think it’s the worst Nintendo console in a VERY long time. Why? Well because…
              No metroid
              No paper Mario
              No kirby (a traditional entry)
              No animal crossing
              No fire emblem
              No fzero
              No warioware (no game and wario doesn’t count)
              No Pokemon (if pokken tournament doesn’t come to the west)

              Hell, even the franchises that ARE represented seem to be somewhat downgraded compared to previous entries…
              Super Mario 3D world-while it’s still a fine game on its own…I really wanted another sunshine or Galaxy…
              Mario kart 8-battle mode is worthless in this one. Increased luck based gameplay (can only hold one item, coin powerup leaves you defenceless, etc…)
              Smash 4 Wii U-No story mode like in brawl

              There are a few titles I love on the system (pikmin 3 is legendary in my eyes)…but there aren’t enough of them tbh…

              1. Very true, but I was trying to give the Wii U a little credit. ^^; Nintendo really isn’t pumping out any of it’s anticipated franchises, and that even applies for the 3DS. We’ve gotten more spin offs and party games than anything else, and while they may be targeted for those families who buy games once a year, they’re real fans are begging for some great solo or online multiplayer option games. Spin offs, sport, and party games aren’t bad, but when you haven’t had an original game put out it’s like a slap to the face.

                1. I totally agree. I just hope this direction isn’t permanent (and ends soon) and this is part of their “”transformation””!

                2. With all due respect man, this mentality is whats hurting the industry as a whole. I don’t mean to come off as saying “RAWGSLDAHGDA YOU’RE WRONG NINTENDO IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!11!!!” or anything, but you sound like you’re just not happy the Wii U is popular and that you aren’t getting the games you want announced announced.

                  This concept that they should just focus on NX is also supercilious as we seriously don’t know what the NX is just yet and it’s very likely Nintendo will still not join the power race or the money hatting of it’s “competition” for the very simple fact that they’ve been the only one of teh three making money for last and this current generation without pissing power steroids. Sony and Microsoft have been loosing money steadily, even with their more popular consoles now, so why should we want Nintendo to follow that?

                  Third parties don’t flock to Sony and Microsoft because of easy to develop for architecture (PS2 and PS3 were known for being rather difficult to develop for yet they were at no want for games), it’s because Sony and Microsoft pay them to get games on their consoles. It’s one of the reasons why the two still aren’t making money for their consoles, why they have paid online, and why they’re operating in the red as opposed to Nintendo.

                  And Nintendo has been excellent at throwing out new titles this generation as well surprise titles. Smash, 3D World, Pikmen, Donkey Kong, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1&2, Wonderful 101, Xenoblade Chronicles X, #FE, Yoshi’s Wooly World, there’s plenty out and coming out that we expected, knew about and are learning about. This entire generation Nintendo announced many games outside of E3 as well, so your certainty of nothing happening beyond this year for Wii U minus Zelda U (somehow ignoring #FE) is also very likely quite misguided.

                  I’m really sorry for coming off as lecturing as I’m sure I do, but this defeatist mentality gamers have developed is not cool. Why not just enjoy what we get, hope for more, let them know we want more, and just play the games rather than try to play “real fan” vs “casual fan”?

                  1. Lol I’m mad because the Wii u’s “popular” (XD) and I didn’t get the games I wanted? Half right. When I buy a Nintendo console, I expect to be getting things like fire emblem, metroid, paper Mario, etc…not just the system seller franchises…

                    With your second paragraph you fail to account for the fact that the ps4 and xb1 are selling far more than the Wii u. Yes, maybe they don’t sell for a profit, but the thing is, I reckon they break even when their fans buy a game or two. Secondly, Nintendo fans just want decent third party support, online, graphics, etc…a third pillar in the industry.

                    Different architecture or not, it takes more work to port a game if you have to account of its weaker hardware and downgrade stuff. Maybe Sony and Microsoft do pay third parties to get their games on their platforms. Shouldn’t Nintendo be doing the same? Imagine being able to play the likes of dues ex mankind divided on the Wii u!

                    Yes they’ve introduced a lot of new stuff however, I believe they’re poorly handled all their other, older franchises that aren’t system sellers like Mario or zelda. Yes, there’s donkey kong country, pikmin 3 and starfox. The problem is…that’s it. Nothing more.

                    I don’t mean to sound like I’m attacking you. I’m just really disappointed with the Wii u.

                    1. Actually, most Wii U games have amazing graphics and there’s nothing wrong with the online services.

                    2. “Nothing wrong with the online services” barely any games support voice chat, no party chat, no achievements, etc…
                      “Amazing graphics” but nowhere near as good as ps4/xb1.

                    3. You’re not lecturing, just taking a stand, same as I. The Wii U may not be a failure, but you can’t deny that the Wii U has its problems. It’s not so much that current Wii U owners and Nintendo fans don’t enjoy their consoles or their current games, but they still have to make products people want. We, as consumers, do have to be patient with Nintendo, but at the same time we are the ones who buy their products and there’s nothing wrong with requesting things or getting mad when Nintendo doesn’t put out. Most of the games Nintendo makes are for all ages, which is fine as long as they don’t force players into a certain difficulty, but there’s nothing wrong with games with darker, more serious plots either. That’s why I said a Nintendo console with a similar architectures to the other two would at least mean at the most Nintendo would have to do is ask the developer to port the game over (with perhaps a small fee). It may be unrealistic to ask for a console with both Nintendo IPs and third parties, (that’s why most people have two consoles) but it would be nice to have to only buy one machine.

                    4. The thing about Sony & Microsoft is… well… they do more than just video games! So the fact Sony & Microsoft is losing money is not a good defense for Nintendo refusing to go with power again like they did in the old days. Nintendo just has their games & hardware (consoles, controllers, amiibo) to focus on. Sony & Microsoft also don’t have plenty of games that they themselves make under their belt. And if I’m not mistaken, Sony’s gaming division is the one thing that IS making money.

                      1. Actually it’s a fine defense against it considering all horse power is doing Sony no favors and Microsoft has yet to earn a penny with the chasing the horse power dream.

                        Quality trumps all, including horse power. All Nintendo need worry about is keeping their games of high quality, widen their library, spread their releases more evenly throughout the year and they’re fine really.

                        I’d honestly argue any gamer who absolutely needs horse power and crap like that should just go PC. Plenty of games there, excellent variety, and you can have all the ram, video cards and terabytes you want at your leisure. Consoles are platforms for consistent quality, not fluctuating like the fluctuating problem PC has do to this or that part not quite being compatible for whatever the game is doing.

                        Plus, for game devs, less power is actually much better. If you can’t do extra particle effects and ultra realistic face crap cause the machine cannot do it, then that’s less money that need be wasted on something that isn’t going to improve the game. All this needing to see all the power the machine is capable of is what’s been bankrupting everyone else except Nintendo for the past two gens and during this one.

                        1. Absolutely not, but I would like Nintendo to put all their resources into the NX to give us an amazing system that does really well. I don’t hate my Wii U, but it definitely isn’t one of Ninty’s best consoles.

                        2. The Wii U isn’t a failure, they should stick to their guns and continue releasing amazing games for the system.

                      2. So far, I’m not impressed. Hopefully that copy of City Folk is still at that place for 14 bucks brand new and sealed still boooy.

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