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Nintendo Has Sold Over 10.5 Million Amiibo (Update 14.7 Million)

Update: It would seem as though even more amiibo have been sold than Kotaku suggests as Nintendo sold an additional 4.2 million amiibo between May to June. This means they have sold 14.7 million.

Nintendo has revealed in its Corporate Social Responsibility Report that they have shifted over 10.5 million amiibo figures worldwide since they were launched back in November 2014. That’s certainly a lot of amiibo and they would have undoubtedly shifted a few more had certain figures not been so difficult to find.

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91 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Sold Over 10.5 Million Amiibo (Update 14.7 Million)”

                          1. because most people are casual “everything” as in, unless you are the very rare “pro” gamer or video game magazine writer, editor or reviewer etc… this is a past time, a hobby… games.

                            If you aren’t making money from this, or not between the ages of 8-16, and playing more than a couple hours of video games a day (or doing anything for more than a couple hours a day that is pretty much a “hobby” because that is what it is when you don’t make money doing it unless it is part of a bogger pursuit) you had better re-evaluate your life and what you want to do with yourself (the general “you”, not you specificially since I don’t know you)

                            1. I can’t believe you actually wasted your time making that comment… You obviously fell right into my blatant trolling.

                                  1. Im a 28 year old baby boooy.

                                    Someone bust out the Moosehead and Zig Zags, its time to live it up for the Babys!

                                      1. wiiu is a EVERYBODY CONSOLE casual to core

                                        lol the controller advancment and choice alone proves that IDIOTS THINKING PRESSING TRIANGLE ON A DUALSHOCK IN A QTE IS CORE GAMING

                                        RETARDED FUCKS

                                      2. So if someone does what they enjoy doing they should reevaluate thier life? I dont get your words of wisdom sir. Here’s mine: Do what you enjoy doing NOW, life is short and death is sudden.

                                            1. YES NINTENDO IS CASUAL


                                              CASUAL YEP CLEARLY SO

                                              Oh 8 player lan partys in splatoon from one wifi box YEP CASUAL

                                              the most advanced sports game controls in existence and should be the sports team standard this gen PES WII

                                              the most advanced and smooth and mm precise shooter controls yep CASUAL


                                              LETS NOT FORGET OFF TV PLAY AND DUAL SCREEN MULTI PLAYER

                                              LETS NOT FORGET FULL COMPATABILLITY WITH


                                              YEP NINTENDOS SYSTEM ARE CASUAL


                                              1. If the actual technology is being wasted and is marketed in such a way that they try to appeal more to casuals, yes. Casual. Just because they put some neat gyroscopic shit and other stuff in their controllers doesn’t make them anti-casual.

                                              2. The Playstation 4 controller is a refined, evolved controller that fits my hands perfectly. It’s an amazing controller.

                                                I for one like the Wii U gamepad more though. I actually think its the best controller ever made.

                                                But I will never understand fanboy bullshit. Why can you not enjoy video games as a whole, instead of choosing one coorporate company to follow like a mindless drone. PS4 has some amazing games and an amazing controller… Deal with it.

                                              3. Not sure if you are aware of this, but Nintendo started of as a Toy Maker. So this is just simply going back to their roots, so to say.

                                                1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

                                                  They didn’t start as a toy maker smart one. They started out as a small company producing and selling Hanafuda cards. These toys don’t add at all to the game imo, I rather see them selling cool videogame gadgets. Here’s an idea.

                                                  This made me think of the gamepad, if Nintendo sold a gadget like this and implement it into their games, it would definitely add to the experience. You can basically turn your Wii U gamepad into a hologram. That’s just my idea.

                                                2. Well, technically they never left thier roots. They never stopped making toys and merchandise over the years. When they decided to make Amiibos it was a perfect fit. They already had the infastructure and manufacturing plants in place. It was quick and easy for Nintendo to start rolling out Amiibos.

                                                3. What Anubis said. They started off as a hanafuda playing card company back in 1889. Making toys didn’t come around til in the 1960s when they were also doing cab services & love hotels. Nintendo’s roots have always been in gaming.

                                              4. It’s sad that they still ignore the fans. Why the fuck do they have retailer exclusives? They should sell them from their site. Why the fuck can’t they get the numbers right time after time. Why the fuck does Dark. Pit sell out in minutes?

                                                1. Im more sad that these fucking toys are considered fan service. Thanks nintendo for these shitty toys, wheres the real fan servuce? Oh you got none?

                                                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                    >>>Don’t make me make a third video (By the way, I don’t care about Amiibos at all)>>>

                                                    1. Haha they really actually fit the roles but im never on here I probably wouldn’t even see it. You get my point on the amiibo crap dont you though. Its sad that thats support and giving fan service. Nintendo has realy bad demsia or something, they forget more and more each gen, now they dont give us yam6es at all but amiibo garbage.

                                                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                        >>>Ever since they announced Amiibos I was never interested and now the same with that mobile filth, I just want games that define Nintendo like they did all the way up to Metroid Prime 3 Corruption>>>

                                                        >>>Though most of us know the Wii U is an utter failure, I still like several games on it but like I’ve said a long time ago, it doesn’t justify the Gamepad since it’s hardly ever used>>>

                                                        1. Its nice to hear such a big in denial fanboy lmao, actually say the wii u is a fucking failure because it is in all fromts. I look at the wii which I hate too but at least nintendo was still true with its games back then and it had way better games too than wii u. Now Nintendo wont even do games right there’s not one game thst made me go wow yet. Its now just party games and recently amiibo games. Uhhhhh. Im not holding my breath on x, I was excited but it seems the game has dumb decisions that held its potential. Fatal frame 5 is a plus I guess atleast we get it and yoshi’s wooly world in not the yoshi’s island original quality greatness I was hoping for. So I dont see the games thing change not to mention we still don’t get much games.

                                                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                            >>>I was never in denial, I just never judged it too fast, but back when it launched I already had some complaints about it, mainly the delays and lack of Gamepad use>>>

                                                            >>>True, no Wii U Nintendo made game have had that “Wow factor” so far>>>

                                                            >>>The NX better be a success or the empire is done for>>>

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                                                          2. Wii U has more amiibo then games lol what a joke,so you buy a console not to play games but to buy toys lol,Im glad i got a ps4 too.

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                                                          4. It shows how clueless they are,the moment they saw Witcher3 and how awesome it looks and plays,and how well it was received sales wise,they saw and really realised how Bad,kiddie,empty and outdated Zelda U looked and played, and they decided to delay it,hahaha, Nintendo doesn’t make industry changing games no more,the last industry defining games they made were on N64 and Gamecube,When they focused on powerful hardware and brilliant software.

                                                            1. This is why real fans hate wii and wii u. I dont consider cheerleaders who tie their self esteem into a brand real fans. I bet about half the people who read these type of comments on here want to kill lmao, they need a fucking theripist.

                                                          5. Amiibo is the beggining of the end.

                                                            As I usually say, they are nothing but microtransitions travested by toys. Sadly, fanboys and casuals don’t see that.

                                                              1. Except they’re beginning to put content already on the disc behind a lock that requires Amiibo to use. Sure, it’s “optional”…..if you don’t want all the content in the game.

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                                                                2. This is exactly the kind of shit I was talking about. I just knew these dumbass toys was all that nintendo was going to focus on because all nintendo fans would fucking buy these like the games they dont. What we get? No games and amiibo games left seriously fuck that. This is why I never would support these stupid toys even if I wanted them because it was obvious what nintendo would do. So Im glad to say im not a reasom for these shitty scamiibo games. The fanboys are lmao. The nx better not be such a piece of garbage, but hopefully we can trade half the fanbase away with some knew fans because even if nx was amazing the nintendo fans would just by toys instesd and stickers.

                                                                    1. Crap… I just realized he’s right. Even if we do get a perfect Nintendo system with all the latest third party games, Nintendo fans would stick to buying mainly only Nintendo games and products. That worries me!

                                                                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                        >>>Well then the so called “Nintendo fans” that are Sonyans and Xbots these days should return if they get all that they’ve been asking for years>>>

                                                                        >>>As long as the empire doesn’t make civilian party games, the less of them we’ll have>>>

                                                                          1. No, but amiibos still aren’t outselling PS4s. Which almost makes me feel like amiibos aren’t as big as a success as they could be.

                                                                            Maybe it is because Nintendo supplies so little of them. If they stocked them all generously, there would probably be even more sales. Maybe double!

                                                                            1. Lemme get this straight.
                                                                              In half a year amiibo sold 14.7 million.
                                                                              In two years PS4 sold 21 million.
                                                                              “No, but amiibos still aren’t outselling PS4s. Which almost makes me feel like amiibos aren’t as big as a success as they could be.”


                                                                                1. Imagine how many they would have sold if none of them were store exclusives, and all of them were well restocked the whole time. I’ve never seen some of them in stores even once. Such as Pit, Marth, King Dedede and Gold Mario to name some.

                                                                                2. Now this is the number of Wii Us that should have sold in it’s first year if it wasn’t named after the Wii, had a few Nintendo games as launch titles, had much better marketing, & was at least multi-platform friendly. I like amiibo but Nintendo should hire a 3rd party to make them so they can go back to focusing on video games for hardcore players. And here I thought the Wii U was meant to chase after them. Pfft! What a big fat fucking lie Nintendo told us! Miiverse being a safe haven for gamers to be social was another lie from Nintendo because the redesign, though looks great, brought some of the most anti-social rules of all to the damn thing.

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