Shin’en Wants To Have FAST Racing NEO Out In December

We are all anxiously awaiting Fast Racing NEO to arrive on the Wii U eShop, but what we still don’t know is when it is going to be released. The game was announced way back in October 2013. The developer now says that it hopes to have the game released in December. That’s the date that the development team are targeting, but with every game release, it could slip. FAST Racing NEO will cost around €10 and €20 and there will be playable demo at launch. You can watch the latest footage of the game in action, here.

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  1. >>>Give us a present we deserve Shin’en Tribe, we need some joy>>>

      1. >>>Hopefully it also stands on its own for future installments>>>

      2. >>>Just be careful if we ever race in the same track, I’ll be the “Black Shadow” of that game>>>

      3. I’m so excited for this game! So many are getting into it and it looks great too! I’ll be looking for that Black Shadow!

      4. >>>Be prepared when that day comes, it’s going to be a “nice” race>>>

      5. Is that a challenge? Because I for one would take it up- you seem like a worthy opponent.

        My favorite machine from F-Zero has almost always been the Twin Norrita, so I’ll probably gravitate more towards the lighter vehicles in this game should weight be a factor.

      6. >>>I’m the opposite, I often go for the biggest ones, good luck>>>

      7. >>>Sorry, I should have worded it better>>>

        >>>I often go for the bigger, throbbing and energising engines>>>

      8. Oh man…yeah! If it’s as fun as it looks, they may have just created a new IP, like you said, for future installments. Damn. That would be awesome. Who needs FZero now! With the way Nintendo has been lately, I’m not sure I want them to make another F-Zero. :/

        Let’s just pretend this is it.

      9. F-Zero along with StarFox is a IP Nintendo is never gonna give full development resources and its sad, instead they want 3rd parties to collaborate on these games like the case is with SFZero and was with F-ZeroGX and how they wanted Criterion to develop F-Zero for WiiU launch. It all depends what devs they collaborate with, but yeah no one wants any chibi styled weeaboo crap *shivers*

      10. You forgot to add Metroid in there… Wait. *reads that last part* Oh I see what you did there!

      11. I don’t mind if they let other people work on their games as long as those games, if they are to be part of the mainline games, stay true to the rest of the series. In the case of Federation Force, if it’s really supposed to be a lead in to the next Metroid Prime game, this reinforces my complaints about the fucking chibi artstyle they went with. If it was a true fucking spin off, like Hyrule Warriors, go the fuck ahead & change the gameplay & graphics/artstyle.

      12. And the fact this game is coming 5 years after Other M flopped doesn’t help this game at all.

      13. well it kinda stands for its own because this game itself is sequel to old WiiWare game Fast Racing League.

    1. oh yeah,2 of the best upcoming WiiU games imo. Hopefully these games get success they deserve.

  2. I’m pretty excited about this game. I’m not into racer games very much, but this looks really fun. I think I’ll have fun, even if I crash a lot. XD

    I haven’t been let down by this dev team yet, and everything they have made so far is fun AND eye-candy… Definitely going to support! Day one for me!

    1. I’m super into F-Zero and racing games like it, but with all the love this game is getting I’m super excited for it too. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and play with everyone. I don’t know what’s gotten into me to be this excited to see everyone’s comments and this game coming out in December.

      1. What’s gotten into you? Well, you said you’re really into F-Zero. This game looks like F-Zero, and as you said, it’s really getting a lot of attention from the Devs and fans.

        It’s a game that looks great, from devs that have made great games. It makes perfect sense why you’re excited. :) Like I said above… Might be best if Nintendo didn’t remake F-Zero… Nintendo’s version woulf look like a streetpass game, and look like DLC from NintendoLand like Federation Force. (sorry if you like federation force, if so, let’s just not talk about it)

        Anyway, it would be like if they were designing an action-adventure that looked polished. Where a heroine flew to alien worlds to discover ancient cultures and fight space pirates. And the devs were known for doing a great job, and you knew it was all you were getting because the real IP had been abandoned. I hope we get a third party to build a spiritual “Metroid” game on par with the quality we’re getting an “FZero” game from these guys.

        Because Nintendo isn’t going to give us one. :/

        I digress. I’m excited for this game. It looks really good and should totally fill our F-Zero hole.

      2. >>>I wonder if that’s what High Command thought, that this would fill the F-Zero slot on the Wii U>>>

    2. Same here. The only racers I’m into are kart racers and futuristic/arcade racers so this game is right up my alley. You’re right about Shi’nen. They are a great development company and highly underrated and it would be a shame for this game to underperform sales wise given how much quality they’ve put into it. I’m buying it day one no questions asked. Seeing as they are one of the few 3rd party developers who are actually trying to get the best out of the Wii U, they deserve our money

      1. >>>I’m exactly for those types of racing games too comrade, maybe we’ll save each other one day too>>>

      2. >>>Supposed to have said “race” and not “save”, stupid glitch>>>

      3. Futuristic racers are the best kinda racing games F-Zero, Wipeout and now Fast Racing Neo, shit this genre needs more games, theres not enough them. Even MarioKart benefitted from Anti gravity aspects. Oh that reminds me also of that upcoming game Formula Fusion which sounds promising aswell.

      4. You forgot Star Wars Episode I: Racer. I miss playing the original. A damn shame EA has been given the rights to make Star Wars games. :/

  3. This will be a day-one buy for me, whenever it releases. Unless my wallet says otherwise at the time.

    I just wonder/hope it will see a physical release. I’m almost out of space on my system and there’s no way this game isn’t at least a few gigs.

    1. I have a 128 gig thumb-drive plugged into the back of my WiiU. Been working great for 8months, knock on wood! Don’t forget jumpdrives work as harddrives!

      1. >>>Going to edit a silly video someday with you as the main one, unlike most in here, at least you still like some things about the Wii U and is not blinded by rage or hatred>>>

    2. In case it doesn’t get a physical release, get an external hard drive before it releases so you don’t have to pay more than 60 bucks to play this game.

  4. likely considering graphics still a small file size shin’in like nintendo are compression masters

  5. Best Christmas present ever. I’m looking forward to buy FAST Racing Neo along with Xenoblade Chronicles X. Both Shin’en and Nintendo’s Monolith Soft can have my cash at any time.

  6. December sounds good target, would be cool to spend christmas holiday playing both StarFoxZero and Fast Racing Neo. Games with challenge, none of those AAA casual games.

  7. Fast Racing Neo, Star Fox Zero, & Xenoblade Chronicles X in the same month will fucking kill my wallet. I hope Star Fox Zero either comes out before that month or gets delayed because it needs one.

  8. I’ll buy this so that I can support the devs of this game, since they obviously worked long and hard on it. I’m more so into racers like Mario Kart, but this looks great too.

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