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Nintendo Explains Why They Use “New” So Much

Nintendo has a blatant habit of naming things as “new”. We’ve had New Super Mario Bros, New Nintendo 3DS, Yoshi’s New Island and many more. Speaking in a recent interview, Chris Pranger, a localization writer for Nintendo, explained exactly why they used the word so much. Pranger says that in Japanese the word “new” is both exotic and cool. So there you have it, that’s the reason.

“In Japanese, “new” is exotic and sounds cool. That is the exact reason why “new” is on so many titles.”

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128 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains Why They Use “New” So Much”

    1. No, it’s too legitimately new. They only seem to use “new” with old ideas, ironically. They were actually thinking of calling A Link Between Worlds “New Legend of Zelda” from what I understand.

    2. The problem with “New” is this: WE’LL FORGET THE SHIT OUT OF IT because it has no decent name… you know? like “Majora Mask” or, “Sunshine”

      “New” is getting old, and I can’t believe Nintendo’s developers and employees aren’t seeing this.

    3. Don’t use it here. It’s not exciting or cool in the States or Europe.

      It was nice for the NSMB games, because it was a reboot of the old 2D Mario franchise, but not on consoles, or other games like Yoshi’s Island.

      1. I concur. I reckon ” Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U” and “for the 3DS” sounds awesome over there too because it has the same effect here: it’s hardly exciting. Buzzwords aren’t as popular as they were in 80s/90s marketing, but I feel people still buy into them – “fusion”, “nitro” and “supercharged” may be corny but they’re still better than “new”.

        I appreciate good marketing and I appreciate honest marketing. However you have to try really hard to argue that in the case of Yoshi’s New Island, or NSMBU. ^^

      1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

        Agreed. But next, the U.S. Needs to explain why they use: “chronicles” and “origins” on everything also…shit is uninspired, lazy and extremely idiotic…

                  1. Explain to me, you find my name to be “lazy”, “uninspired”, and “idiotic”, and yet your name is anonymous.

                    You tried/10

                      1. Actually if you were reading like an intelligent human being then you would know I was replying to Bagel regarding the Wii (mostly Wii U) names where as he described. Then you just replied to me with my name. There for it leads me to believe that YOU were referring to my name to be lazy etc…

                        Again… You tried/10

                    1. That’s dumb. They could at least localize the name as something else, which isn’t a new idea. Because come 2020 it’s going to feel really weird calling any of those games “new” in English speaking regions. Shoot, it feels weird now. It only really worked for the DS nsmb because it was legitimately a revival of 2D Mario.

                    2. Tsk… Tsk… Tsk. I know that they aree a japanese company but you also cater other regions… Jeez Nintendo. I’m a loyal fan but the company have definitely lost its touch. Sad.

                    3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>In the west just use foul language and you’ll sell better, these humans love that primitive language over here>>>

                        1. I concur with that somewhat, but I’m more surprised at how civil this comment thread is. I thought there’d be a lot more hate and crazier banter.

                              1. Fairly ironic for someone with so much blind hate in they’re blood that they pretend to be at war on and in a fictional Nintendo base in the comment section of one Nintendonews site. But hey, whatever man you wanna label people then pretend like insults dont flow out of that nasty usb plug hole. It’s “cool” I guess ! :D

                            1. Stop whining about other cultures. They think it’s cool because it’s in English. They can’t just rename all games because you yankee doodles are never happy with anything.

                              1. Nintendo you really have an iq of a toddler and are about as hip as a grandpa playing with a stick walking down a dirt road poking things saying these were the days. ….. right before he dies of heat stroke and diaper rash.

                                1. Nah man, you got it all wrong! Toddlers are smarter than Nintendo because at least they know when things get stale and move on.

                                  1. Haha yeah they do, see toddlers get sick of barny and move on, nintendo just sits and claps yelling I love you and making the billionth mario game hoping it wont get old.

                                    1. Im sorry your feelings are hurt…… well good for you nintendo yoga is coming out, a new awesome innovative game!

                                      1. No, thanks. that game should be good for you.
                                        If you hate nintendo so much why do you own the wii u? i’ve seen your miiverse profile and your mii looks like a down syndrome little fuck boy.

                                        1. What’s a “fuck boy”…oh wait, that’s you! Just because someone is very critical of your favourite corporation doesn’t mean they hate EVERYTHING they do. Personally, I think the Wii u’s a piece of dogshit, but I still bought for pikmin 3. Oh wait, never mind, your brain is too black and white to comprehend what I’m saying XD

                                            1. do you know that if you don’t add an email then you comment without an account and the avatar is the same for every anonymous guy, right? i say this, because seems like you are a smart kid…

                                            2. Lmao my miis are made to be retarded and two holy crap do I have a talent to give rages to fanboys. One thing I know is if things like comments on the internet inrage you of things then you must mot have enough of a life to find real things to get mad about.

                                              1. You poor child. Did he insult you by criticizing Nintendo? I’d give you a tissue but I ran out when I gave them all away to all the other fanboys that got Nintendo’s cum on their face after giving them a nice blow job like a good little bitch.

                                            3. Yeah, base the name around what Japan thinks when the majority of your revenue comes from North America and other markets.
                                              Japan may think it “sounds cool” – but in this case, it makes Japan dumb.
                                              “New Nintendo 3DS” was one of the worst names for a system. Ever.

                                            4. I could care less what the name is, as long as the game is good. But I agree, from the marketing standpoint, that a bad name is just that… Bad.

                                            5. Unfortunately it doesn’t work as well here in the States. New 3DS is still the dumbest example of simply putting the word “new” in front of something to get the point across that it’s a new thing.

                                              Honestly I would take simple numbering over New nowadays like how the last two Mario Karts have with 7 and 8

                                                            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

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                                                                                    3. I think they used ‘New’ for the New 3DS because when they named the Wii U, America just thought it was an upgrade to the old Wii. They had to really dumb it down for you so you could understand that it’s new.

                                                                                    4. They could change it to something better in America I try to make names for my games that will make it sound exciting like “Obstacles Of The Point” or “Rise of The Mighty Plarites” The New 3DS could have been called “Neo 3DS” or “Yoshi the greatest Mario Character Ever Island”

                                                                                            1. that explains why the “new” super mario bros series sells better in japan.
                                                                                              they should explain why they thought the word “wii” would working this generation LOL

                                                                                            2. Surprising they didn’t just call this generation’s console the Nintendo U, or NU. Then you could have games like “NU New Super Mario Bros”

                                                                                            3. It was the same as with “Super”, remember… Super mario, super metroid, super nes… ” Super” is the old “New”.

                                                                                              This problem with the new super mario and the new3ds had a very easy solution: in the west they should use the word “Neo”, because to us it sounds like how “new” sounds to japs.

                                                                                              Neo Super Mario
                                                                                              Neo 3ds

                                                                                              They sound a lot better and fresh that way

                                                                                              So simply call it Neo and read it Neo

                                                                                              1. The ‘super’ in those games is more to do with the system name and is more closely related to the use of ‘Wii’ in last generation naming. ‘Super Mario Kart’ is like ‘Mario Kart Wii’

                                                                                                I wonder if we’ll ever see a ‘new super Mario Kart Returns’

                                                                                                1. Super mario had nothing to do with super nes. It is like saying that the new super mario is named after the new 3ds. In any case, the succes of super mario inspired the name of super nes, the same way that the nsmb inspired the name of the new n3ds.

                                                                                              2. “Awesome” used to be a cool word to use as well, but somewhere in the past two to three decades it got overused ridiculously and became such a generic, bland term.

                                                                                              3. Honestly every time a Nintendo title has the word “new” in it. It ends up being barely original. But when a title does NOT have the word ‘new’ in it, it’s a lot more original.

                                                                                              4. I thought they already explained this before. Originally, they said that they used the word “New” a lot was because parents would search Google for “New” Mario games or Yoshi games, etc, etc. So the most recent Nintendo franchises would most certainly pop up since they have “New” in the title.

                                                                                                1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

                                                                                                  It was answered, they suggested “Shin Super Mario Bros.” But the Japanese top brass said “what’s wrong with new? Is it offensive in.anyway?” no one could really argue against it other than its not as inspiring as it is in Japanese so “New” stayed.

                                                                                              5. So Nintendo uses “New” because it’s cool in the Japanese language? Wow,… so the hell with the other 80% of thier fanbase huh? As long as it sounds cool to the 20% of fans in Japan…

                                                                                              6. Dumbest reason I ever heard. And not true either. I think they do it to let people know that it’s NEW, and not just a remake.

                                                                                              7. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one here that wasn’t very fond of the constant recycling of the “New” label being slapped on every single thing after the original DS NSMB.
                                                                                                It got old, bland and generic onward from that point.

                                                                                              8. Each game did seam the same, but they had a unique set of levels each and had different power ups. Not to forget the yoshis and Yoshi babies as well. They should have named them differently for sure, though.

                                                                                              9. They just use New in the New Mario 2D sub-series, and that’s just because that’s the established name of the series, it’s not supposed to mean that each installment is fresh, only that they belong to that specific sub-series within the Mario franchise.

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                                                                                              11. -.- Once again, Nintendo shows their obvious favoritism for Japan even though the West fronts most of the money for their bills.

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                                                                                              13. Japan has a fundamental misunderstanding of the English language. The word ‘new’ is an abstraction– it means nothing to consumers. It’s the kind of crap salesmen slap on a rehashed infomercial product airing at 3AM. If you want to signify to consumers that your product is ‘new’ and not the same as the previous product, give it a number!

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