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Disney Infinity Sales Are Sliding

Disney Infinity figures aren’t doing so well these days as Disney’s latest earning report shows that sales are decreasing. Disney wouldn’t really say why it thought that sales were on the decline, but it probably has something to do with amiibo and Skylanders, as both are selling extremely well in the Toys to Life category.

The poor results were attributed “primarily” to weak Disney Infinity and catalog sales. Disney did not provide any hard sales numbers, only saying that “the decrease from Disney Infinity was due to decreased unit sales and lower average net effective pricing.”

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43 thoughts on “Disney Infinity Sales Are Sliding”

  1. amiibos: next!

    Nintendo better focus on developing worthwhile home console games and ditch the stupid amiibo microtransitions!

    1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

      I completely agree. Once these manchildren aquire all of them and complete their little sets, they’re(amiibos) are just gonna sit at the stores halves and collect dust, you know, sorta like the infinity deal, and sky landers…
      Nintendo messed up big, and they deserve to fail…long time fan, but I was done putting up with their poor decisions about three years ago…

      Anyway, just throwing this out there…you know fanboyism is a disease when people who act like they are intelligent use references which if properly dissected actually go as a counter argument to a point they were so adamantly trying to address…here’s an example of some pseudo intellect wanting to sound intelligent but failing to see his statement went completely in the opposite direction that he wanted it to…

      This moron on NintendoLife wrote this quote on why Nintendo does things that they want…”it goes back to what Henry Ford said, if he listened to what people wanted, they would ask for faster horses” he was trying to defend the wii u with this statement and nintendos overall stance on consoles…

      YET. Here we are…people wanted exactly that, faster horses…when comparing to video game platforms…ps4 and X1 are essentially stronger versions of those that were succeeded….

      Nintendo apologist, man, the worst of the worst when it comes to taking the shaft from this company…big of a fan I was, I don’t bend over for companies…I’m pro consumer…

      1. Every idiot now is an ex nintendo fan. Get a pair and if you are going to criticize do it being yourself and not lying.

          1. yeah but every fool like you don’t know what its like to enjoy a great game then shoot heads off. Why not try it before criticizing it. Oh wait, you might have and calling people manchilds because you can’t hang with the real deals.

      2. I know what you mean. Longtime Nintendo fans can’t accept all the mess the company is in because we know how good Nintendo used to be. We lived and experienced the good ol’ company. They entertained us for generations with simple, magic and unforgettable games.

        Fanboys never will understand that, and blindness has hit them so hard. They will never be free of this disease which makes them nothing ignorants keyboard warriors. They rejoice because they are the winners. But, in the end, there will be no winners. We all lose. The company, the fans at heart, and also the fanboys, since their parasitism is toxic and will ruin everything.

      3. It’s one thing to critisize fanboys, but you are critisizing the entire Nintendo fanbase. Your an idiot, and everything you say is merely your self deluded opinion. There is no intelligence in your gibberish, just anti-Nintendo garbage…

      4. Pc sells like 500 miles unit a year, pc still wins over all 3 those companies combined even with previous console sales

    1. There’s a strange belief going around that Amiibos are somehow making games that have nothing to do with them, less polished. The only complaint I have about Amiibos is that it inspired AC Amiibo festival, but who knows that may be a good game. The AC team said they weren’t going to make anything AC for Wii U so I guess Amiibo festival is better than nothing. I’m so hoping for an AC NX!

  2. I bet they are about to explode when the Star wars figures come out. I know Im getting a few even though I dont care all that much about the games

  3. Disney Infinity has some really good figures but ultimately the games are terrible to play. I was watching my little sister play 2.0 and I couldn’t believe how dull and lifeless it looked! It looked like an open world game from the N64/PS1 days.

    It would probably help if they catered to nostalgia like how Nintendo currently is. Where are all the Lion King, Aladdin, and other sets from the ‘golden age’?!

  4. The figurines themselves aren’t badly made but most kids these days don’t know all these characters as the generation before them. Nintendo’s games also appeal to a wider audience, not just kids. Also they can be used in many different games, Disney’s can’t. Some don’t like how the Infinity figurines look, they look more like “chibi” versions of what they actually look like.

    1. the only make them chibi because they are cheaper to produce and make models for, it has nothing to do with art style, realize the characters who already had 3d models from their game are much more detailed, such as the toy story characters

  5. I haven’t found myself impressed with DI. 2.0 was so dull and ugly looking which doesn’t seem to have changed with 3.0. With so many toys to life products i wouldn’t invest in this series anymore. With Lego joining Skylanders and Amiibos, Disney needs to put their best efforts to stay in business.

  6. “the decrease from Disney Infinity was due to decreased unit sales and lower average net effective pricing.”

    It could be because people are saying crap like that.

  7. Disney are crap, with mostly crap characters and over used franchises. That is why Disney Infinity is doing so badly.

  8. it’s also because Disney characters aren’t as big as Disney thought, skylanders and amiibo sell because they are video game characters being sold to video gamers, Disney characters and tv/movie characters being sold to video gamers, you can see the crash, not to mention a lot of Disney characters are not relevant anymore, or have better merchandised based around them, why buy a infinite Arial when it’s super basic and doesn’t look that good and belongs to a game that you won’t necessary get, when you can go into a Disney store to get a real Arial figurine that’s actually detailed and worth having, amiibo and skylanders are detailed figures worth collecting even if you don’t have the game for them, some of characters don’t even have merchandise, making more people want to buy them

  9. A troll trying to be righteous but posts something out of context in a Disney topic… Get a life and move on! Don’t blame Nintendo, blame consumerism. Is this because the PS4 and XBO don’t have these much fun?

    Anyhoo, this is probably one of the main reasons why Amiibos are not design with a specific title in mind. With a range of titles to use them the product is almost boundless and eventually will jump into the NX when it is released. And with mobile, Nintendo can use those models that have NFC reader/writer.

  10. One of the problems I saw was that the actual Disney Infinity games were rather limiting. You could only use specific characters in ‘Playsets’ scenarios and the only mode that supported all characters was the ‘Toybox’ mode which you had to make or download levels in. And there weren’t many playset scenarios at all. All the ones from 2.0 were Marvel themed so even though they released new figures of classic Disney characters like Aladdin, you couldn’t really do much with them.

  11. Maybe if Disney released Robin Hood for the game I would buy it. Heck where are the good Disney characters when you need them.

  12. What’s crazy is that Disney Infinity uses the figures the best. Disney Infinity is MUCH better than Skylanders and Amiibos don’t even have their own game.

  13. Yea, but the actual Disney Infinity game sucks. Thats really the key to the toys to life catagory. If the game is a blast to play, it promotes sales of the figures. If the game sucks ass, who the fuck wants the figures?

  14. I’m surprised the Disney Infinity figures EVER sold well. Then again, I’m just not into Disney anymore. But Skylanders figures are even MORE surprising. Those look SO dumb!

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