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NIS Believes Nintendo 3DS And Vita Have ‘Two To Three Year Left’ In West

Takuro Yamashita, president and CEO of NIS America, believes there’s still plenty of life left in the two dedicated handhelds on the market in the west. Yamashita told MCV that he would encourage developers to abandon PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 development and move their efforts over to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But with regards to the handheld sector he believes that the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita have around two to three years left in them over here in the west.

“Generally speaking about the West, I think the right time has come for major game publishers to shift their line-ups to PS4 and Xbox One.”

“Talking about the handheld devices in the West, PlayStation Vita and 3DS will fade out in the next two to three years.”

“There is still a chance for Vita or 3DS games in the West.”

“I bet you that the small publishers can benefit without having strong competition if they continue to publish games for Vita and 3DS.”


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92 thoughts on “NIS Believes Nintendo 3DS And Vita Have ‘Two To Three Year Left’ In West”

  1. Vita will most likely be Sony’s last handheld. I also think Nintendo’s next handheld will be a part of or launch along NX.

              1. “We’ve also said publicly that we are already hard at work on our next home console and that’s another element we’ll be talking about much later.”

                Whether or not that “next home console” is the NX is unconfirmed, but considering how little we know of the NX, it’s just a name and it really doesn’t matter if it’s home console or handheld console. We know a home console is in the works and that’s the important getaway.

                1. He was talking about the NX specifically which has NOTHING confirmed, other than it is coming and it’s some type of console. Plus I don’t believe anything that Reggie or NOA says.

                  You don’t think Nintendo R&D is working on multiple home consoles all the time? It’s what they thrive on, innovation (failed but tried recently).

                    1. Nintendo never said it would be a home console. They said dedicated hardware. If you think about it is really won’t make sense the launch a “next-gen” system in the middle of a generation. It will be a handheld.

                    2. Why? Just because one handheld failed, doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t make another one. That’s like saying Nintendo should leave the console market because of the WiiU, or that they should have left it after the Gamecube (though, admittedly, it didn’t do as terrible as the WiiU).

                      1. PS4 sales boost Sony’s finances; PS Vita and TV drag it down:


                        Sony’s handhelds might not be as lucrative an investment; it just depends on how much hardware & hardware-specific software needs to sell in order to generate a profit, despite popularity or lack thereof.

                        I think Wii U is still a lucrative investment for Nintendo, despite its lackluster sales. W/ GameCube, Nintendo managed to sell a console that was more “powerful” than PS2 & Xbox, yet w/ a lower MSRP & still profit on GCN hardware directly @ launch, unlike the other 2. Wii U is a different situation (although still built under more practical financial sense). But w/ less powerful hardware, production is less expensive, @ least in the short term. & w/ Wii U’s popular 1st-party software & the popularity of Amiibo, Wii U’s comparitively poor sales manages to generate a lucrativeness for Nintendo.

                        It’d be interesting to see what Sony could do in gaming w/ out their other divisions (TVs, phones, movies); maybe they’d excel w/ dedicated gaming handhelds. & if they could stop relying on 3rd parties so much, maybe we’d see the same PS boon we saw w/ PS2, in terms of variety, gameplay, & Japanese sensibilities. Conversely, I’d also like to see how Nintendo would fare w/ out their own handhelds.

                        1. ‘Sony’s handhelds…despite popularity or lack thereof.’
                          *That is more vital re Sony’s current financial state. Othetwise, they could opt to take a financial hit like, say, MS w/ the Xbox brand. & perhaps Sony could try another handheld in the near future if their finances allow it. But looking @ their situation now, it seems doubtful. 1 could argue that catering to higher raw specs & to some extent the consumer’s whims, & so much reliance on 3rd parties didn’t do Sony in significant financial favors. Aiming for big payoffs can easily lead to huge losses; 1 should not gamble more than they can afford.

                          Then again, the gaming industry & economy has been turned upside-down in recent yrs., so common sense might need to be rewritten, even though past ways are still sound.

                        2. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

                          Funny that Wii U even though Nintemdo are making a profit on Wii U and made a profit on GC they’re considered failures where as nobody really acknowledges the utter disaster that was the PS3, even the Xbox division loses money left right and centre yet it’s considered a success.

                          I own a 360 and previously owned a PS3 so you could argue that the systems were a success in terms of customer satisfaction , but as a business model, not so much.

                          1. Funny because we can actually say the same about the Wii & Wii U. Customer satisfaction, for the most part, was great but the business model did more harm than good. And this is coming from someone that loves those consoles but even I have to admit they might have been successful in regards to profits but failed at other things.

                            1. Hahaha games for vita? I bought the vita on launch day, yew there were decent titles for the firet year then boom nothing, sold it, got it again a year oater still nothing, a year later and theres still nothing. Only games comung out for it is indies…

                          2. ‘Gideon believes the Wii U has 1 to 2 years left in West’

                            Come on, this is just too obvious, the 3ds is at the end of it’s life cycle, we all know…

                            1. Not really. If they would start making exclusives for the damn n3DS, they could squeeze another 2 years out of it.

                                  1. Uh Vita is dead and Sony won’t ever do another handheld lol. Nintendo will always remain king of handheld simply due to Pokémon. As for the 3DS they think it will have a 7 year life span? Lol no. NX is the next Nintendo handheld coming next year. Probably for Japan first and us late 2016 or early 2017.

                                      1. NO IT ISNT ANYWERE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH IS IT FUCKING MORON

                                        NO WERE ON THIS PLANET IS THAT SO


                                        NO ONE ANYWERE ANY PLACE HAS CONFIRMED THAT EVER

                                        1. You should cut back on drinking soda. It’s bad for you, bad for your teeth, and it obviously spilled on your keyboard, because your caps-lock is stuck.

                                          Get a new keyboard, stop drinking soda, life will be good.

                                        2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                          >>>I’ve already proven several wrong about this, they DID NOT say the NX was their next home console, they only said that they are working on one but never said that the NX was>>>

                                        3. I think through it’s failures. The Wii U is gonna stick around a little longer than mist people think. Lol

                                          But I agree the Vita will SHOULD be Sony’s last portable. If they refuse to do anything major with the vita then why keep making handhelds?

                                          The 3DS will always be around just like its predecessors. But I believe Nintendos next hand held will incorporate phone technology (instant messaging. texting. face time? I wish) along with grand scale gaming as well as apps.

                                          E3 2016 is gonna be very interesting for the big “N”.

                                          1. Only reason Wii U will stick around is Zelda. One Sword to rule them all, One Sword to find them, One Sword to bring them all and in the darkness bind them, in the Land of Hyrule where the shadows lie.

                                            1. Except there’s one glaring problem, Nintendo just removed Zelda Wii U from its 2016 line up, no mistake or rumor. They straight up abandoned the port for NX, as I already predicted as everyone denied it. I called it.

                                              1. TBD and removed are two very different things, they are still deciding what to do with the U release.

                                                They abandoned a port that wasn’t even confirmed…So you made a prediction of another prediction.

                                                1. And your common sense (which is obviously absent) should’ve thought that when it’s said FROM NINTENDO that Zelda Wii U is no longer in 2016 line up, should mean that the system no longer will have a standalone Zelda game. The system is more than fucked already.

                                                  1. Common sense? We’re talking about confirmed information, not speculation. tre802001 already explained to you about the release. You need to learn to dissect PR talk for confirming information.

                                                    So first you predicted no NX release, but now you’re saying it’s expected? Make up your mind.
                                                    Here’s my take:
                                                    I expect another TP type release, and the U has been “fucked” since release TBH.

                                                          1. I must make a correction. It was 2015 then changed to TBD. It has never shown 2016 as release date. So you are correct in that. Now if the line up presentation for 2016 which will be in Nintendo’s 3rd Quarter(Oct-Dec) and 4th Quarter(Jan-Mar) quarterly reports does not change the TBD then you may have a point if the NX is a home console which there is no proof of it being that at this time.

                                                              1. No you don’t pay attention as Nintendo never said they were releasing Zelda in 2016. They only said they were not targeting a 2015 release. That is a fact. Show proof otherwise. My proof is the Mini Direct that they announced it is. I have been paying attention to gaming news since 1982. So please don’t try to pull that on me.

                                                                  1. Where is the quote from Nintendo saying that it was delayed to 2016. I don’t see not one Nintendo quote in that article.

                                                                  2. How much do you wanna bet that the new Zelda will be a cross gen release on both the Wii U and NX? Reggie already confirmed that it’s still coming to the Wii U so what are you talking about? The NX could be just unveiled next year and released in 2017 along with the new Zelda as one of it’s launch titles and it’ll most likely be on the Wii U around that same time frame and that could explain the delay

                                                                      1. I’m just speculating that it’s either gonna be a home console or a handheld/home console hybrid platform because a lot of signs are pointing towards to it. I mean come on, DragonQuest X……a game that was already released on the Wii U and 3DS is confirmed to be coming to it. Now why would Square Enix do that? The only reasoning behind that I can think of is that the device has to be more powerful than both the 3DS and Wii U which could translate to it being a home console because a handheld gaming device with better specs than the Wii U or even on the same power level as one would be highly expensive. Case and point, look at the Nvidia Shield that runs at the same price as a refurbished Wii U (roughly $200) and that has Xbox 360 like specs. To be honest I don’t know what exactly the NX is gonna be but like I said all signs are pointing to it being a home console or at the very least a handheld/home console hybrid device

                                                                        1. Good thought on the speculating. As for the Dragon Quest consideration, the fact that is announced for the 3DS and not Wii U could be speculated that NX is just a handheld. Not saying you right or wrong but there is more than one side of looking at it. My stance is I don’t know what the NX is. I cannot even speculate because there is nothing to speculate on. Nintendo has not tipped their hand one way or another.

                                                                        2. And how much you also wanna bet that there will be a lot of retards buying Wii U (if it even happens) when NX will get theirs shortly after as the superior version at the same price but with more content build? No longer any point to buy the Wii U build (again, IF IT EVEN HAPPENS) when NX gets the better one. Just sell that lost cause of a console and save yourself the trouble of losing money and your dignity when Nintendo fucks you all over again.

                                                                          1. I will be buying the Wii U version as I don’t know what the NX is. I don’t buy games to judge if it is the superior version. I buy games to enjoy and play. I am just one person and maybe other people care about that. Just because someone decides to buy a Wii U when a new console is in the market does not mean anything. There are people who are not early adopters. I’m not an early adopter of every console I buy and can be a late adopter of certain consoles like I will be for the PS4. As I will wait until there are atleast 10 exclusives that I like from them. Please don’t name off games since taste in games may be different.

                                                                              1. I do enjoy that Marvel quote you can put up, it has nothing to do with what I said. Thank you for that good laugh, though.

                                                                                1. @dremurf313 I could only wish you’re right about nintendos next handheld but I think those might be lofty expectations. If you’re right then it will be a dream come true.

                                                                              2. i can agree with that but its obvious. i love my 3ds! first gaming console i bought myself and bought all 20 games i own (yes im a big boy) i got a ps4 so i want a ps vita to invest in cause i love handhelds but its a dead market. even tho they get a lot of indie releases and somewhat backwards compatible, im very satisfied with my 3ds. i hope nintendo impresses us with the NX

                                                                              3. NX could be a great console that shares downgraded versions of its games with phones and smart devices nx fully blown game and controls…

                                                                                smart device downscaled game with phone controls….

                                                                                or a dual system or a hybrid or a two system ecosystem

                                                                                id love a two system bundle

                                                                              4. The Vita will not be Sony’s last handheld. Don’t understand why people actually believe it will be. Sony sold over 80 million PSP’s. They are not going to just ignore that type of potential simply because of one misfire handheld system. They will learn from thier mistakes with the Vita, learn from Nintendo success with the DS and 3DS, and will make a kick ass handheld gaming device.

                                                                                You fanboys forget (or just never knew) that it’s competition that breeds innovation and creativity.

                                                                              5. Fack! pleeeease do. XB1 & PS4 are hurting right now in terms of library and variety, I feel WiiU is dragging too as time goes by. I’ve only got 1 or 2 exclusives on each that aren’t Remasters/HD/Collections etc.

                                                                              6. He doesn’t know the Vita’s standing in the West does he? It may be doing well in Japan but it didn’t apply to the West. NIS America may still be localizing games but can they sustain it for the next 2-3 years? Why don’t he eat his own words and stop developing for the Vita and concentrate on the 3DS.

                                                                                The 3DS on the other hand still has 3 years for its lifespan, and 2-3 more after that.

                                                                                He won’t mention the Wii U because Rodea is yet to be released…

                                                                              7. sony and Microsoft has the same issue as Nintendo when the wii U was released and they learn from it. Giving up on PS3 and Xbox360 is not a great move for both of them at the minute. If we take sony for example, PS3 and PS4 coexist quiet well at the minute (nintedno should learn from them and make sure the wii U, new 3DS and the NX also coexist). In fact Sony does not even need to kill the PS3, there is enough exclusive on PS4 which are not on PS3 to get people on PS4 and plenty game to content people on PS3.

                                                                                What Mr Yamashita-san did not take into account is that lot of people don’t have the money to buy a PS4 or a Xbox 360 on day one and the change wil be gradual when people will buy less and less PS3 or xbox360 games.

                                                                                You have a huge market out there and it will be silly for developper to give up on those consoles which bring them money and hoping the consumer will ditch their current console for the new expensive one. Sony still sell PS3 and still support it for a very good reason. Forcing people to buy the new thing does work either, just look at microsoft which try to force us to buy vista and Windows 8 or 8.1. People still run XP or windows 7 cause they like the product.

                                                                                In fact if we look at Nintendo situation, we can say the lack of success of the Wii U is also due to the fact that majority of poeple do not see the need to bin their wii for a wii U (fact confirmed by Nintendo France and published here in 2013 or 2014)

                                                                                Geez I am not an analyst but I have some common sense.

                                                                              8. Considering there are already a ton of comments there is probably no point to mention it, but in my opinion I consider the new 3ds a new handheld. It has an upgraded processor, better 3d, and I think all development should shift to it.

                                                                              9. The people talking as if the NX will be a handheld as if it’s a fact are silly. Same goes for those of us claiming it will be a home console. Both have good thinking, though. The ones that believe the NX will be the next handheld are afraid if it’s the next home console that the Wii U will be abandoned because Nintendo doesn’t really take care of their previous console once a new one comes out these days like they did in the old days. Those of us that believe it’s the next home console are tired of the Wii U having game droughts & want the NX to come out as it will be more multiplatform port friendly. This year’s E3 is also giving us the impression that Nintendo is indeed going to abandon the Wii U as the NX will take it’s place at the end of 2016 or early 2017 because they only showed games coming out this year or early 2016 and never even showed us how many new games will be coming out for the Wii U in 2016, leaving us with only the games we already know about coming to the Wii U. At the end of the day, none of us know for a fact what’s going to happen next year as Nintendo refuses to tell us anything.

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                                                                              11. I think the 3DS has a lot of years left. Look at the original DS. It lasted for about 10 years. The vita is already dead at this point lol.

                                                                              12. Playstation Vita have 1 year left in west, Sony abandoned first party launchs for that system, With the New Nintendo 3ds I give this console even 4 years left, there’s still a lot of potential!

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