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Rayman Creator Has Made One Of The Levels In Super Mario Maker

Rayman creator Michel Ancel has created a special level in the forthcoming Super Mario Maker on Wii U. If anyone is up to the task of designing a challenging and innovative 2D level in a platform game it is Mr. Ancel. You may remember that the official Super Mario Maker UK website said that there were 100 pre-installed levels and that information was quickly deleted. Well, according to Nintendo France it should contain around 60 pre-installed levels for you to play around with. Anyway, here’s a video of Mr. Ancel creating his own level in the creative game.

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51 thoughts on “Rayman Creator Has Made One Of The Levels In Super Mario Maker”

  1. This game will definitely fill a gap in uor hearts.

    I’ll be glad when I finally have have it at my Wii U.

    On the other hand… It is really sad that Nintendo needs to rely on old, yet timeless, soundtracks and sprites to make a contemporary game appealling.

    In time: NSMB and NSMBU are just dogpile. I’ll be grabbing it for SMB, SMB3 and SMW.

    It is a pity that we are not getting Doki Doki Panic (aka SMB2) as part of SMM.

    1. Maybe the reason is because it’s not a “true” Mario game. It’s easily the black sheep of the sidescroller Mario games.

      1. I think the wii u, and ds version of NSMB are fun, i like the wii u version better then the wii one, and 3ds was crap

        1. DS game is the most original. The others afterwards are basically copy/paste of the same crap bosses, worlds, physics and shit. At least DS had its revival feeling, different bosses, minigames and such.

          1. I totally agree. New super Mario bros aren’t really fun mario games anymore. They don’t change anything. I can understand sticking to a formula that works and sells but when there is basically 0 change between the games it’s just redundant. That’s why I like mario 3d world and 3d land games. It’s something different. They were a spin on the original mario formula by adding in 3d to the levels.

            1. Actually, 3D World isn’t that different itself as well. Just ripped out the multiplayer/multiple character thing from Mario Bros. 2 (American version). That’s it. All that’s “new” was Captain Toad levels which were beyond easy as shit and Rosalina who was just thrown in for fan service.

              1. I don’t recall Mario Bros 2 being in 3D. Nor was it 4 players. So your point is moot and irrelevant. Obviously they took inspiration from Mario 2, but the game itself is vastly different. Unless you’re completely blind?

                1. Hello? Did I even said SMB2 being in 3D or was it the 4 characters selection/gameplay ripoff? 3D plane is straight from 3D Land, nothing new. Characters from SMB2, nothing new. It’s basically another Mario game adapting from another game who’s idea was already done years ago.

                  Watch this review; you might learn something and have a laugh:

                2. The best part for me, is that when Nintendo UK bring the Summer Tour to Derby on the 20th-24th of August, I will be at that shopping centre and I will actually get a chance to try out Super Mario Maker. For me, it’s like a slightly late Birthday Present, because my Birthday is on the 16th and I will be there on the Thursday or Friday. I am super excited for it.

                3. SMB2 Was more focused on vertical ascension and the ability to lift enemies. It doesn’t quite fit with the others.

                  1. You know it’s got to be great if Michel Ancel wants to be a part of it. This game just gets better and better the more I keep hearing about it and seeing it. We are only a month away from it’s release and I can’t wait.

                              1. Ahhh see? The “what if” scenario. You guys dread that kind of things because you don’t think or care if Nintendo goes 180 on your ass and I’ve been proven even more right.

                                1. Also the Rayman creator isn’t the whole company, he’s been wanting to leave since he doesn’t really like Ubisofts practices more either

                                    1. I don’t know what world you’re living in, but quitting a job isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers. Not when you need an income.

                                  1. 60 pre made levels, you can upload 120 levels on one file, i mean seems like a real mario game to me. In the 100 marios game, you have to save the princess, JUST LIKE IN A REAL MARIO GAME. yeah, the main bulk is create your own levels, but when you make 120 levels, you can play all the way through those levels just like a real mario game, and i there are three files, like most nintendo games, that’s 360 levels, plus the ones you get to down load. I mean really, stop trying to make apples out of oranges and just enjoy the damn game!

                                  2. This is the LAST Mario platformer I’m going to buy. Thank you Nintendo. Soon we’ll all know how easy it was to soak Mario Fans out of $200 if they bought every “new” super mario brothers platformer. x.x (I was one of them …ugh)
                                    But no more. Me and that Plumber are not speaking for a while. He got enough of my money for the same damn game.
                                    (See, this is why Nintendo fans don’t like me,, Lol)

                                      1. I hear that! They should not have milked us by spamming the NSMB’s. Shame on me for buying them all, but I OD’s on Mario to the point I didn’t give a shit when 3D Land and World came out.

                                        I will probably buy this. Maybe. But I swear to God it’s my last Mario for a long, long time.

                                        1. I bought them all too (unfortunately), but I wouldn’t say the “New” series is over saturated at all. They’ve only ever had one “new” SMB game per console, unlike other franchises who release multiple similar games in a franchise during one console lifespan (I’m looking at yoooouuuuu Assassin’s Creed). I think the “new” SMB games seemed saturated because the 3DS one and the Wii U one came out very close to one another. They’re tight, and well designed games, but they feel souless and make me, personally, tired upon playing. But I have to say, 3D Land and 3D World deserve nothing but praise. The games don’t look very different, they have the whole “plasticy” Mario aesthetic the series has come to embrace, but damn, they’re really fun. 3D Land just has a very personal touch to it, it’s a great experience that feel full, and has a lot to offer for a personal handheld game. On the flipside, World is GREAT with friends, and it’s a lot of fun to speedrun. I don’t know your tastes, but if you’re bored and want a 3D platformer in your life, pick one of them up. 3D Land is my recommendation, as it’s got a waaaay better solo player experience. Anyway, I think we can all agree that the Galaxy games were some of Mario’s finest moments. I don’t think we should forget that.

                                          1. Correct, one per console, but with the NSMB…the consoles were in transition, so they launched Verrrry close to each other…bang, bang, bang… Again…I can’t fault Nintendo entirely for this one…my dumb ass got caught up in the excitement and I didn’t realize what I had done until it was too late. I blame myself for that.

                                          2. I think this is partly the point of this game. Instead of releasing more Mario games they’re just releasing the engine and saying ‘here, knock yourself out’

                                            Now, they won’t have to release new Mario games, they can just release paid dlc levels and possibly new Power Ups.

                                                1. Truth is, I got NSMB for Wii because I wanted me & my cousin to relive the days of playing Super Mario World but while on the level at the same time, & I got NSMBU because it was the only game I actually didn’t own, or was interested in, from that free game thing they were doing awhile back around the time Wind Waker released. So I probably never would have gotten into NSMB at all if not for those cases.

                                              1. I wish I could provide a link but I recall an interview with Michel Ancel a few years back, I think when Rayman origins was released where he talked trash about mario games and stated he never enjoyed Mario games or felt they were any fun. I believe that was his inspiration for creating Rayman to begin with.

                                                1. That’s not exactly true.
                                                  He didn’t enjoy the newers ones (who can blame him) and felt like they missed tight controls and an attack button. that’s where he got the inspiration for the recent Rayman games (origins, legends and the mobile games)

                                              2. Its crazy when people say that Mario Galaxy is one of the best Mario games or maybe the newer ones. I have the game and find it to be very fun, but really the being on rounded planet’s tosses my whole view of the games out the window. I like it, and will beat it. But Mario Sunshine was like blueberry ganja. Just to damn good.

                                                1. I didn’t care much for Galaxy either. However, Galaxy 2 is my favorite Mario game. It doesn’t overuse the sphere planet and pullstar crap like the first game. It’s more traditional platforming, but with cool gravity mechanics every now and then and the best implementation of Yoshi ever. Plus awesome powerups, like Cloud Mario. Just an amazing game, much better than the first imo. Plus more challenging.

                                                  1. Galaxy 1 has a thousand times more atmosphere and a much better story than Galaxy 2, it’s also much more carefully put together.

                                                  2. I agree. I don’t see why the big fuss for a Galaxy 3. If Sunshine had gotten the sequel & Galaxy didn’t, I bet the positions would be reversed & people would want Sunshine 3 instead of Galaxy 3. After all, as you said, the first Mario Galaxy was fun but it was pretty annoying at the same time. I miss Super Mario 64 & Super Mario Sunshine.

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