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Here’s Some More FAST Racing NEO Action Along With Details

One of the games that seems to have impressed attendees at this week’s Gamescom conference is FAST Racing NEO. Blogger NintenDaan went hands-on with the futuristic racing title during the event and has written up his experience with the title. We heard last week that Shin’en is planning to release the game sometime this December on the Wii U eShop.

  • One of the new courses called Sunhara Plains, there are flame torches everywhere and being hit by one of these is brutal
  • Another track to is Daitoshi Station, which is set in space
  • An open area where you have to fly between various asteroids and there is a very little room for error
  • At another point in that same course, asteroids are also trying to crush you and that will stun you
  • Storm Coast made hefty use of the switching mechanics and took place in the pouring rain
  • Kamagori City was incredibly short and every lap was over in roughly 35 seconds. It brings you to a deserted city, complete with grafitti and green everywhere you look
  • Cool touch is that you might spot an old Nanostray boss in the background
  • Shin’en has said that other references can be found in the final version
  • The stages shown so far aren’t how the final cups will be
  • Full game will also feature a variety of modes including the Championships, Multi Player, Online Play and a harsher Hero Mode
  • Neo will not feature various smaller challenge levels, but promises that the other options will keep players engaged

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15 thoughts on “Here’s Some More FAST Racing NEO Action Along With Details”

  1. I’m also becoming more and more concerned how no one seems to talk about gameplay anymore. Gamers talk about themselves, stream themselves, talk about how they are awesome and how others aren’t, but the love of gaming is being replaced by love of ourselves. It’s like gaming is de-evolving into a type of social media.


    games looking great

      1. This one and Yooka Laylee look pretty good, it’s good to see indies not being greedy, disorganized asswipes; it’s just too bad that that’s the vast minority.

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