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UK Charts: Rare Replay Enters In At Number One

This week’s UK sales charts are now in thanks to GFK chart Track. It was Rare Replay which took the number one position this week with thirty classic titles from the UK studio. This is Rare’s first UK number one video game since Banjo Kazooie launched in 1998. With regards to Nintendo titles, there wasn’t a lot to write home about. Splatoon and Yoshi’s Woolly World remain in the top thirty and Mario Kart 8 clings onto number forty. You can see the top twenty, below.

6. FIFA 15
9. F1 2015
16. WWE 2K15
18. FAR CRY 4

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78 thoughts on “UK Charts: Rare Replay Enters In At Number One”

    1. Oh, you mean Microsoft owned IPs that used to be on then N64 are now suddenly re-released on the XBox One through the Xbox 360 ports? No oOo

      You are too smart….

            1. Encyclopedia Dramatica

              “nope, we shall continue to roast you till the end of time”.
              guess what, sasori?. Is what we will do to you forever and ever :)

              your friends at the ED forum

            2. yeah and originally those games were not devoloped by microsoft, you can say whatever you want to say about nintendo but this new “rare” wants to live in the past.

              1. That’s the general ploy; they’re trying way to hard to convince you to buy their faulted DRM cable box just because it happens to have the very game many Nintendo fans have graced and loved since N64 (Conker). I’m not falling for that shit. In fact, my cousin still has the original with N64 so I’ll ask him for it. Fuck Xbox.

                1. Hmm…good point, I still have my N64 and the cartridge…if they are not upscaling graphics, I could try to find a way to plug it into my system…getting harder to plug old systems into new TV’s and receivers tho.

                  1. The DRM that’s in front of your Xbot ass, swept under the rug and tricked to think it’s gone. Example: Long installing wait times which directly involve the console scanning the disc..which was part of the controversial 2013 X1 DRM you dumbass.

                  2. I don’t think that’s the case. They’re not trying to appeal to Nintendo fans, they’re trying to appeal to video game fans. By that I mean those who don’t swear allegiance to any company and just want to play good games. That’s the reason I bought this, even though I already own several of the games on it on their respective consoles.

                    1. xD I’m glad I’m not the only one tempted by Rare Replay to get an Xbox One solely for those awesome N64 games. And when the day comes the XBox One is cheap as hell, new or used, I might just give in & buy it along with Rare Replay. Of course, I’m only interested in Blast Corps, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Perfect Dark, & Conker’s Bad Fur Day in that collection. The fact I never even beat the games I mentioned, aside from Conker’s Bad Fur Day, makes the urge even harder to resist. I might be tempted to give Perfect Dark Zero a try just to see what all of the fuss was about it being bad.

                  3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>Xbots and Sonyans are only successful when they either steal our games or technology>>>

                    1. PlayStation Move was in development before the Wii, dude.
                      Just saying… Sony never saw the need to release it because they didn’t think it’d catch on until Nintendo did it.

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>Ipso facto, they only released it when they saw the empire’s success, whether it was “in development” before the Wii is irrelevant>>>

                          1. Since when? If it’s not around the same time or before Wii’s concept was conceived right after GameCube came out, then yes Sony did copycat as well as M$ to steal Nintendo’s Thunder. Otherwise, you would’ve seen Kinect, PSMove and Wii Remote compete all in the same year (2007) and not 3 years later from Wii’s release.

                              1. To be fair it was mentioned in the article that there’s not much to write about Nintendo in regards to the sales figures.

                            1. Back when the first xbox was out I met some really cool fun people we played rtcw a lot and we would always talk about the n64 and how much fun it was because of all the 4 players games games like battle tanks bomberman64 goldeneye starfox smash perfect dark and many others but the 1 game we wanted to play the most was bad fur days mp modes and we always side one day it would get a remake and it did live and reloaded and it had a new mp and it was trash now almost 10yrs later we get this trash.

                              1. How is this trash? Perfect Dark is in Rare Replay and while it may contain the N64 version of Conker, it’s still a great game. These two along with the Banjo titles make Rare Replay worth it.

                            2. The Nintendo logo is edited out it says Microsoft’ studios. Hate them all u want but they’re focusing on games and doing a damn good job for exclusives. Gears remastered killer instinct rare replay halo tomb raider scalebound crackdown .

                                    1. that’s the point! they are trying to sell nostalgia and ironically xbots and ponies say the same about nintendo, it’s unfair that microsoft are trying to sell this “new rare” like if they were the original and beloved rareware.

                                      1. All of those games are dude bro shit games. Except Tomb Raider that will come to PS4 next year. So fuck them.

                                        1. U say that cuz they’re not on Nintendo sorry dude bro us call of duty FIFA and Madden dnt hate Microsoft’s is doing big things with games. I love Nintendo BTW just being real and enjoying my xbox one also.

                                        2. How the hell is Scalebound and Killer Instinct Season 3 dudebro games? lol. I wish that i had an Xbox One for only Killer Instinct Season 3 and Rare Replay. Fuck Nintendo. I hate them after their awful E3. I’m so glad that i bought a PS4 the day after Sonys Conference, i would be fucking starving game wise if i was stuck with the Wii U. You Nintendo fanboys are all blind!(Well all fanboys are blind) I’m not going to give a shit about Nintendo until they show of the NX. I’ll 100% buy it at launch and see what happens from there. If they fuck it up then fuck you nintendo you’ll never get any money from me.

                                        3. I agree, next year is XB1’s time to shine! I have more preorders on XB1 games than I do for my PS4, Wii U and 3DS combined for next year.

                                          1. It was never confirmed for XB1. It might as well only come to PC, after the PS4 version, just like it was the case with the original FFVII coming to PC after it came out on PS1. Or maybe it will come to PS5, who knows? Knowing Square Enix, I wouldn’t be surprised if the remake comes out in 5 years, so it would be just in time for the PS5, lmao.
                                            The point being, the FFVII hasn’t been confirmed for any platform other than the PS4, XB1 is pure speculation.

                                                1. Look at all them first party Nintendo games that no one else will ever have.

                                                  Oh you don’t care? Yea you do all anyone says is Nintendo go 3rd party since 1997! Lol it’s never gonna happen cunts

                                              1. only worth the money because it includes games from their early years and the Nintendo era. Do not mind about the microsoft years. Sometimes it’s like phil spencer is living in Nintendo land. And no, i do not intend to offend for xbox fans.

                                                1. How is that a bad thing that he lives in Nintendo land? Obviously Nintendo dsnt give us what we want lately but Phil gets it.

                                              2. It’s funny that some people complain that we don’t get more N64 games ,when they never even bought the ones that we already got. Maybe If they actually bought them, then we’d be getting more.

                                              3. This list is funny it’s almost like the uk just started playing video games and is completely clueless about quaitly and all 14yr kids and man children.

                                                1. Gaming tastes is the least of the U.K’s problems. How about that idiotic government we have over here. How about this nation becoming more and more obese. How about many that live in Eastern Europe not working at all (There are some that work and I respect them) and being able to come over no problem, while those from outside of Europe having to wait upwards of like 2 Years to get over, dispite the person that is trying to get them over working their ass off.
                                                  After all of that, I don’t think Gaming is too much of an issue here.

                                                  1. here we go, you read the conservative newpapers (or the title) and don’t make you own jugement. So far, immigrant cost us 400 millions but bring 2.8 billions to the economy. 50% of them come cause employer in th UK ask them to come. The majority of claim benefit are BRITISH.

                                                    Now as far as nation’s priority goes, the nation is too worry about where they going to spend they holidays or how expensives the booze is. I am not even going on how selffish, racist and rude the nation has become (especially in the south).

                                                2. Rare Replay makes the Virtual console look like ass. 30 games on disk for 30 dollars. Sorry nintendo, your old games aren’t worth as much as you think, especially digitally

                                                3. Reincarnated Sasori Obinna: The Divine Puppet

                                                  It is quite sad that the best thing Rare has done for Microsoft is release a greatest hits compilation with the latter stuff releasing on Xbox being pretty crap anyway ya but sad this isn’t on Wii U . Not a system seller though but congratulations to Xbox owners for getting Microsoft to finally something useful with Rare ya

                                                4. ARGH!!! I want Rare Replay but I don’t trust Microsoft when it comes to the video game industry! I guess I will wait til I can get the XBox One for less than 200 bucks to get Rare Replay. Hopefully Rare Replay won’t be hard to find at that time. If it is, looks like I won’t be playing it or getting XBox One. Either way, it’s going to be a win for me but a loss for Microsoft since the cheapest XBox Ones will be used consoles. Oh wait. I’ll most likely buy Rare Replay new so that will at least be around 30 bucks going to Microsoft. Oh well. Small price to pay to play the great Rare games that were on the N64.

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