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MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey Reveals Her Favorite Pokemon

Famed mixed martial artist (MMA) Ronda Rousey recently participated in an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit, where she revealed that her favorite Pokemon is the Psychic-type and legendary Mew. Rousey also said that if she had to choose a Pokemon to fight as an opponent in the octagon, she would select the Fighting-type Throh because she believes it would prove to be a challenge for her.

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36 thoughts on “MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey Reveals Her Favorite Pokemon”

          1. Well if she actually wants to fight them, why hold back because she’s a woman? She obviously wants the man to fight her if she’s going to fight them.

        1. While this is total twinkie filling news it’s obvious because MEW whoops hardcore ass! My favorite as well, really tied with Porygon. Ok, hell I semi respect this lady now. All the fighting bullshit is just her “job”. Toss some pillows into that circle’d square and I’d watch it maybe.

          1. I’m glad people like you don’t have any real control in the United States or other progressive countries. Otherwise, we’d be stoning homosexuals & transexuals for being different while forcing women to stay in the kitchen at home wearing dresses & being slaves to their husbands & children 24/7. “Toss some pillows into that circled square and I’d watch it maybe.” is such a chauvinistic comment because apparently you can only enjoy a woman fighting if it’s in her underwear with a pillow. I would think I’m reading too into that sentence but you’ve made it pretty clear you’re against homosexuals, transexuals, & women being important in anything that takes the attention or power away from what you view as “real men.”

        2. so again… this is news? Im a little concerned we’re now reading the second article in less than two weeks on this young woman’s pokemon preferences. I dont consider it news.

            1. Yeah from gen 5 and forward I wouldn’t know anything about. It’s hard keeping up with all these Pokemon games.

                1. I’m a fan of Pokemon but I own all the current and last gen consoles and its nearly impossible too keep up with all these games let alone knowing all the Pokemon.

                  1. Alright guys, chill out- it’s not bloody breaking news or anything, but it’s Nintendo related, and it’s interesting. If you don’t like it, don’t read it; you have no obligation to read an article that doesn’t interest you in any way. God damn, people don’t just want to be spoon fed these days, they want it all perfect.

                  2. Most of the people whining about this article either are jealous of her because she’s famous or are chauvinistic men that think women are only good for sex, doing house chores, & tending to the children & hate to see a woman getting more attention than a man.

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