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GameStop Exclusive Amiibo Retro 3-Pack Available For Pre-order

GameStop and Nintendo of America have tweeted that the GameStop exclusive amiibo Retro 3-Pack is now available for pre-order. You can either purchase it online or drop into one of your local stores. The amiibo Retro 3-Pack will set you back $34.99 and comes with R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, and Duck Hunt figures.

61 thoughts on “GameStop Exclusive Amiibo Retro 3-Pack Available For Pre-order”

      1. I am............ Batman!!!

        You do realize, it is cheaper if you buy these three Amiibo in a pack than buying them one by one. It’s 35 dollars. Amiibos cost 14 dollars in NYC. Let’s do math, 14, 14, 14. That’s 42. So 42 or 35? I had to break it down since you’re a moron and just not American.

        1. for in box collectors it will be an eye sore though, I would rather have them individually boxed for the extra $7 honestly.

              1. I do. I save the American versions and I open the Japanese box. It’s worked like a charm. I only want Duck Hunt so I’ll save the three pack and order an import to use.

              2. I love Nintendo and all, but they’re a BIG part of the preorder and exclusivity problem like holy crap. Talk about anti consumer practices.

                1. I am............ Batman!!!

                  It’s stupid but smart. Nintendo is not in the best of marketing with other stores like GameStop or Bestbuy, etc. They give exclusivity to stores like GameCrap, Toys, etc to ensure they sell their products in the future. I went to a few gamestops and the Nintendo section isn’t there; it doesn’t exist and you only see X1 and P4. Stuff like that is because certain companies like GameStop aren’t banking on making money with Nintendo. The Amiibo stuff is like a good faith to keep GameStop honest and still pushing Nintendo products.

                    1. I am............ Batman!!!

                      Nah. See my name. I am….. The dot dot part is to add the thought of who I might be. And then I say Batman. Then people know I’m batman. You can be robin. Just don’t be Todd or I won’t get you from the joker and you’ll die. Spoiler.

                          1. I swear they charged me but lol I honestly couldn’t say at this point who charged me for what amiibo online retailer-wise

                        1. It’s still available days later? What did I spend an hour and a half in line for Saturday morning then?

                          My amiibo hunter friend owes me BIG time for that…

                          1. boo hoo an hour and a half lol people wait far longer for these and many other things an hour and a half ain’t nothing and you meet cool people usually at camp outs so make the most of it

                        2. I thought about it but no thanks, I just want duck hunt & game & watch, R.O.B looks useless to me and his visuals don’t interest me.

                        3. I love you Nintendo, but are you really going to fullfill all of these orders? All orders online will probably be canceled very soon…… sometimes expected.
                          If the stock is great then, hey, you people who ordered it online won’t need to worry, lol. I’m buying the pack later down the line if a restock is presented by Nintendo

                          1. Store stock was released about a month ago for these 3 packs….stores will only take as many preorders as their getting in stock, and considering the stock on these seems to be 30+ for most stores, that isn’t a huge issue.

                          1. Jesus Christ, 2 hours?! I went to my local gamestop around 8:45am, and 30 minutes later I was out the door.

                          2. I’m very surprised. They still haven’t sold out yet. I guess they’re going to be common… For a limited time I guess.

                          3. They never said it wouldn’t be sold online, it was just that initial pre-orders on 8/8 would only be sold in-store, probably to avoid crashing their website.
                            Also, they under advertised the event and over estimated stock quantities.

                          4. Believe it or not a lot of people aren’t getting it simply because they do not want them in a three pack box, and ruins the look of their in box collection.

                              1. That’s really not cool to say, what do you care if someone likes to keep them in box. The out of box amiibo collectors are always talking shit about in box collectors for no reason. Like seriously what do you care. Why are you happy if they aren’t? No in box collectors ever said anything to out of box collectors but out of boxers have issues for no reason. And not all in boxers are scalpers, some just like the box and how it looks. I am an in box collector but get two of the ones I want to open. I really think it’s pathetic of the out of box people to get all pissed off and make hashtags like #freetheamiibo. I could say I hope all the people collecting OUT of box got defective ones that don’t work. But wait that would make me an asshole like the out of box fans so I won’t wish for them to all be upset for no reason cause I’m not a selfish asshole.

                              2. I did kind of want them separately but I guess its fine, I
                                wont be taking them out anyway. If Mr.Game & Watch gets a single release id buy him again. Kinda crap they
                                didn’t make it clear as to them being boxed together. Oh WELL, I got them mwahahaha!

                              3. I got my pre-order in, let’s see if they can actually deliver. I need to set up an actual shelf for these things soon, I’m running out of desk space for them. Maybe I should try to set up something my actual R.O.B. can sit on too so he can chill with his Mini Me… Mini Mii? No… Mini Amii…bo? Gotta work on that one.

                              4. Whioe Nintendo has eniugh time to keep making these Amiibos they need to be making game after game for the NX whilr its currently in R&D. But nintendo is stupid not to learn off Wii U’s mistakes how it lacked launch tittles. I’d get started on Pikmin 4 knowing it takes a long time to makem also i hope they are currently thinking of underground levels like Sublevel 1-25 lik2 Pikmin 2 had. And thought about the Purple Pikmin while its in R&D. But knowing how slow Nintendo is, the game aint started development. Its probably not even going to max out NX anyway.

                              5. These were already available for 2 days. I, my niece, nephew, sister and brother all preordered one on Saturday. But I thought this was only an in-store preorder? If I knew they were available online as well, I would have ordered 2 for myself.

                              6. Also they need to be thinking of 4 to 6 gigs for gaming for NX. Thwy need to be thinking of 6 to 9 cores. They need to be thinking of 8 player online. Its better to do this in R&D then a server to add features to correct dumb mistakes later when it should have been corrected in R&D. Once a product is finished and on sale it can’t be changed. Change shit now.

                              7. Also next 4 player Mario game, they need to be thinking of online. They also need to be buying PD4s, Xbox One, Apple products and take them back to their R&D and break them open and see whats inside.

                                1. Oh yeah is that what they need to do? Thanks for enlightening all of us. Im sure you’re a programmer, or have a background in console design right? See heres what I think YOU need to do: Stop acting like you know shit. You dont. You dont have a fuckin clue what your talking about. Theres much more hanging in the balance than just making a kick ass machine. They have to think about demand, and the price per unit, things you dont think twice about when your blurting out your half incubated thoughts on what “they should do”. 9 cores?? Do you want this thing to cost 600 bucks you lunatic? Its so easy to pretend you have all the answers. If it was that simple they’d of done it a long time ago. Nintendo is about making quality consoles that dont cost a fortune. Its one of their 3 pillars. Value. Do some research before you make an ass of yourself again.

                                2. I’m disgusted that these aren’t getting released individually in North America. Duck Hunt and R.O.B. were some I wanted 2 each of (so I can open one of each). And for some reason, these particular amiibo are FAR over-priced on eBay. Even the Japan and Europe imports.

                                  1. Give it a little time. I’m sure the Japanese and UK versions will drop in price once more get into circulation. Pit has dropped significantly on Amazon. (All versions)

                                  1. Yes sadly good thing I want 2/3 but game and watch is a nice bonus being customizable and all. I went in store ticks me off that they secretly put them online, but gives a good reason to get out

                                  1. Lol. Shit, like that newer generations have no appreciation for. Waiting in line for concert tickets, movie tickets, ect. Black Friday doesn’t count. It’s funny when people complain about graphics and frame rates. It’s like: “Do you remember Atari 2600?” I had the one with metal switches. Lol

                                3. The reason european imports are expensive is because in america, say the amiibo were $15 in total. Most stores sell the amiibo between £12-£15 which comes to around $20-$25 so reselling to americans is not a good investment

                                4. What else Nintendo needs to do while NX is in R&D is make sure it doesnt have a slow CPU like wii u does. It was quite stupid to have a slow CPU for 2015.

                                5. I’m so glad not to be into amiibos. This is so ridiculous to make exclusives and make the prices flourish on ebay. I hope that the amiibos are going to disappear in a near future, I hate to see them every dame day on video games news sites.

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