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Nintendo Explains Why They Won’t Annualise Franchises

There’s a lot of video game franchises that are annualised, these include FIFA, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and numerous other titles. Some people wonder why Nintendo doesn’t take the same approach with their beloved franchises. However, Scott Moffitt, Executive VP of Sales at Nintendo of America, has told The Examiner that they prefer to keep their games fresh and that if necessary they can release additional downloadable content for titles like they have done with Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon.

“We tend not to annualize our franchises, there’s not a new Mario Kart every year. What we’ve tried to do with the Wii U is first, create a fully featured really enjoyable game that has something for everybody, has surprises that you’ll discover as you play through levels and it gives you a good amount of quality entertainment,” Scott Moffitt tells us.

“For fans who love [Mario Kart], we’ve released extra content over time so that it keeps the game fresh and allows them to experience more than they could when they originally bought the game. That’s the approach we take, rather than annualizing the franchise, we are periodically releasing new courses, levels and features that keep people playing. We see a huge surge in gameplay hours on Mario Kart when we [release new content],” said Moffitt.

“We take different approaches with different franchises. If you look at the Pokémon franchise, we have released multiple core games for 3DS.We like to give Pokémon fans something every year, but something like Mario Kart or Smash Bros. there may only be one version of that franchise in the whole console cycle,” Moffitt tells us.

“It all depends on the franchise, the developer and what new ideas they can bring to the franchise to move the gameplay forward and keep the franchise fresh. I think we always need to innovate and we need to always bring new ideas and new thoughts, but they have to be sufficient enough to justify the next release. Small, incremental changes may not be worth a whole new release,” Moffitt concluded.


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71 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains Why They Won’t Annualise Franchises”

                1. Great choice of words. Your parents must be so proud of you. And you guys wonder why there are trolls here… No one can have intelligent arguments here.

                          1. What’s good about it though? It’s a fucking generic space shooter! Yes it may be good as its’ own thing (next level games is developing it) but the game shows nintendo’s biggest flaw-they don’t give a shit about their fans.

                          2. if you wat to criticize this guy you can do it without slurs. That really just makes you look bad. even if he is wrong… which he is.

                          3. I mean, you haven’t played it yet, I’m sure you’re upset that it’s not a real Metroid game, but from what others who have actually played it have said, it seems like it’s charming and addicting. But even if it isn’t any good, that’s like one game versus the thousands of good ones they’ve made this year, and the 30 years before this one. Your argument is weak.

                            1. Just because a game series is anualize doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It also goes both ways, just because a game series isn’t anualize doesn’t make it good.

                                    1. Yeah. Actually, between Emerald and Diamond/Pearl, there was also a bit of a 2 year break as well. I expect a new version or generation Pokemon game by 2016 celebrating its 20 year anniversary.

                                        1. Even if the next game doesn’t release the year after the previous but 2 years after, it’s still effectively an annual franchise because there are more instances of it releasing every year than every other year. So he did not prove himself wrong.

                                        2. he mentions pokemon in the article, I hate it when people leave stupid comments that are addressed in the article

                                            1. Not to say they own them but the majority stake is with Nintendo. They can still do whatever they wish with their Franchise but they stay with Nintendo because they know it’s universally popular and successive under their wings.

                                          1. “Small,incremental changes”
                                            Pokemon has largely been the same game slightly revamped. I wish they would stop doing stupid crap like adding a useful feature in one game then literally removing it in the next. Why the hell do you remove the Battle Tower from ORAS because it was “too hard” when in the last game you had cheating shit like the Battle Mansion?

                                              1. Or letting the first Pokemon in our party follow right behind us in HeartGold & SoulSilver then removing it in Black & White. I guarantee the next Pokemon game is going to remove the ability to use a Pokemon to soar the sky later in the game like OR/AS let us do with Latios & Latias.

                                            1. “Small…change say not be worth a release” oh piss off with that logic! That exact mindset is why we got federation force over an actual new metroid! Nintendo is fucked up!

                                              1. and what if federation force is actually enjoyable, just because it’s not a main Metroid game it will automatically be bad

                                                1. Leave it to trolls to twist my words XD if you read my previous comments you’d realise that my hate for the game (the majority of it anyway) is because U.S. Metroid fans have to wait even longer for a proper instalment and it hurts that THIS was made but a core title wasn’t. The game on its own looks…generic to say the least.

                                                  1. We can’t read your previous comments because you’re under “Anonymous”, so heads up. You should stop criticizing others for “twisting your words” when they could be anyones.

                                                2. one or two every gen or 5 years

                                                  every year no BULLSHIT leave that to cod and fifa for the DERPY CASUALS

                                                  mario galaxy is a fine example of DOING IT RIGHT

                                                3. Thats because Nintrndo is stupid. If you been hearing from your fanbase since the Gamecube and wii for Starfox and Metriod, why didnt Ninte do already had thought about making those games when Project Cafe was in R&D, then you’d have a stronger launch tittle. But Nintendo is stupid so.

                                                4. Also stupid for not already starting on Pikmin 4 the minute Pikmin 3 went on sale. Yet they did it when Gamecube wss out.

                                                  1. You’re calling a company stupid when most of your posts are hard to understand because of your piss poor grammar?

                                                    Yeah. Okay. Real smart guy you are, huh?

                                                5. Also stupid for not thinking about Mario Galaxy 3 when 3D world was in R&D. Stupid for not thinking of a 3D Donky Kong.the minute Tropical Freeze went on sale. And lastly stupid for gaining the rights for King K Rool and just using the skin for a Mii costume and not thinking of the actual character when the Skin was in R&D. Nintendo is so stupid they dont even know how to use R&D. Because if they did then wii u sales would have sold like Wii and Ps4. But Nintnedonis stupid so.

                                                  1. K. Rool is owned by Nintendo…
                                                    Seriously, you can’t call anyone stupid without looking at yourself first. You have no idea if Nintendo is working on anything you mentioned or not.

                                                6. Good. If Nintenfo went the Yearly Release direction, then unlike the Call of Duty fans and Fifa fans, I won’t be buying the next in the franchise every single year.

                                                7. Personally, the one Smash and Mario Kart and Animal Crossing per generation of system is a lot better than them constantly releasing a new game every year.

                                                8. Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has to shoulder everything from beginning to end for all the IPs they have. It was even a better move to allow other studios (not owned by the company) to develop the games under their supervision of course. Can the PS4 and XBO sustain themselves without 3rd Party support?

                                                  It’s funny how some people think that because they have a valid reason that they are right can just call those who think otherwise stupid. Like they can do better if they have to run a big company like Nintendo. Like “Ooh Pikmin 3 is released let’s make a new one…” like that decision is made by only one stupid person. No. Nintendo, just like any other company has to go through channels before they can start developing something new. And yes, most likely Mario Galaxy 2 had to go through the same red tape before they could start production. The same red tape that most likely caused a lot of wrong decisions in promoting the Wii U.

                                                9. Why do the humans (inklings) in Splatoon have black around their eyes? I’ve always wondered that. They look like they’re wearing glasses.

                                                  1. The blooper squid in Mario has similar eyes, so assuming Nintendo likes recycling art styles, the splatoon kids will look like the blooper squids.

                                                  2. More companies need to follow this lead. The American video game culture can bank on a COD, Assassin’s Creed, NBA 2K whatever, FIFA, & Madden EVERY YEAR!!! This is why they see sales drop offs the following year because all of it becomes the s.o.s. aka same ol’ shit!

                                                  3. I call BS. If Nintendo had other franchises other than Pokemon under their wing that sold like hot cakes, they would have it on an yearly release.

                                                    But honestly Nintendo makes great titles that take time to develop. They don’t have the resources to pump out the same quality in an yearly fashion. Quality over quantity. Which I’m glad because I don’t want the same rehashed crap like other developers year after year.

                                                  4. No one is asking for their franchises to be annualised, they are only asking for Nintendo to support every single one of their consoles with, at the most, one new entry of each franchise that they own. Is too much to ask for A Zelda, F-Zero, StarFox, and Metroid on the same damn console instead of having to buy multiple consoles just to have a chance at having new versions of those games, oh wait! that would be too much like right.

                                                  5. To be honest, Nintendo’s approach is rather novel. They are essentially doing what most companies did back from 1970-1999, they let their games build momentum. Yeah, I know there are impatient people out there that are wanting games done THEIR way, but not every company is going to work that way. I really feel prompted to say “Do you work for the company? Do you OWN the company and tell the company what to do?” No, we as fans don’t OWN the company, all we do is encourage the company make their path. Yes, I know as a fellow fan that waiting and longing for something as substantial as a game with substance is sometimes really tedious, or finding out for yourself that the game you waited for isn’t wholly what you expected, but there’s only three things you CAN do, either take it for face value, deal with it or bawl and throw a fit like a spoiled brat till you get what you want (this option is not the most effective one).
                                                    Companies have their own methods of doing things, but they do so to give people an enjoyable experience, they realize that not every game is for everyone, there’ll be haters and impatient pups that’ll throw a fit, they know that there will be people who would still enjoy the experience of the games regardless. But, if all you do as a fan is complain about a game without trying it out first, you’re just making the games less enjoyable for others who WOULD otherwise enjoy it.

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