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Luxurious Zelda 3DS Carrying Case Added To Club Nintendo Europe


Club Nintendo members in Europe have got yet another reason to be pleased, providing they have got some stars, as Club Nintendo Europe have just added a luxurious Legend of Zelda Nintendo 3DS carrying case. The extravagant case isn’t cheap and will set you back 4,000 Stars. Still, it’s a very nice item to be gifted.

Emblazoned with the iconic Hylian Crest from The Legend of Zelda series, this neat carry case is just the ticket for pencils, toiletries – or even a Nintendo 3DS and some Game Cards! Fashioned from dark green nylon, it features a useful carry handle, plus a gold-coloured zip complete with two slider grips – one is stamped with a Zelda Heart Container emblem, the other with the Club Nintendo logo. Don’t forget it the next time you set off on an adventure! Dimensions approximately 19.5cm x 12cm x 6.5cm.

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45 thoughts on “Luxurious Zelda 3DS Carrying Case Added To Club Nintendo Europe”

      1. F you Nintendo of America.. Why couldnt it have been Reggie that had died instead of Iwata. Life is unfair…

        1. That’s super gross. You don’t have to like how Reggie runs the company, but wishing death on him is taking it too far. Have SOME form of decency.

        2. Uhh hello! y is this in erup onlee? im so mad! Mother wudve loved that four a birthday gift because i love her because she loves zelda because she plays the games because she love it!!

            1. Uhh hello! dont forget about mii AKA Link77 because im ur frend and wii r frends and frends are never forgeton! :) ps those imposters nede too back off and leve mii alone or else Mother says she wil bring in reinforcment!!

              1. Uhh hello! I was wongfully ban and I dont love it! i maid some mistakes in mii past butt thats the old mii. Im just hear to disckuss nintendo because I love them and spend time with all mii frends in the comunity :3

            2. This item is awful for carrying your 3ds in. it is way too spacious. and your 3ds will get knocked around. its better used as a bathroom product kit.

              1. Shut up you fucking idiot club Nintendo was supposed to be done months ago so Americans have every right to be pissed eat a dick you fuck. And I’m not even American.

                1. Nope, it was actually pretty clear that CN wouldn’t be shut down before the end of September. Only certain services, such as including codes in new games, were going to be ceased over the months, before closing the whole thing – they never said we wouldn’t get new stuff after announcing the shut-down.
                  Well, that’s how it was with NoE, at least. Not too sure how NoA handled the situation.

                2. Please NOE, stop adding stuff that I don’t f*ckin’ know why weren’t on NOA…Oh wait, I just answer my doubt, thanks NOA!

                  1. So… how is Club Nintendo working in Europe now? Are they still able to cash in coins and get stuff like normal? I can’t even tell you how many games I’ve bought since Club Nintendo America capped off that I’m never going to get any credit for (within Club Nintendo, or presumably their next thing). Such a shame.

                    1. They’ve stopped including codes in games months ago, if I’m not wrong, so you didn’t get any points from new games. No points for digital downloads either. If you, however, had some unused codes or bought older games that still had codes in them, you could use them.

                  2. Japan Announced their closure early but NoA closed CN way too early than the other regions. To top it off they only gave crappy games for absurd amount of coins, and didn’t even reduced the amount before the end of CN…

                    I’m not counting on getting a good CN replacement from NoA… they should probably replace Reggie, soon.

                    1. They actually did reduced the amount of coins certain games were worth, but they did it within 3 to 4 weeks before club Nintendo of North of American was closing. It was a horrible move, because people had either already spent their coins or were unable to get anymore. Coins weren’t being given in new games and the deadline had already passed to register any others that were left.

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                  5. I don’t care for the bag because it’s pretty ugly. Though I do have to question why we don’t seem to get much. What’s going on with NOA?

                    1. What’s going on at NoA? Stupid monkeys throwing feces at each other is what’s going on over there. NoA should not be getting it’s ass kicked by NoE as they should be equal in awesomeness. And NoJ should not be kicking both NoA & NoE’s asses, either. The favoritism from Nintendo needs to stop all around because it’s bullshit.

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