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Nintendo Files Patent For Game Console Without Optical Disk Drive


Nintendo has filed a patent application for a stationary game console without an optical disk drive. The patent also says the console features a controller with a display screen and “Speed Control Processing.” All this could very well be describing the NX, but the only way to know for sure is to hear confirmation from Nintendo itself. You can read an excerpt from the patent below:

An example system includes an internal hard disk drive storing a program and/or data, a communication unit transmitting/receiving a program and/or data via a network, and a processor executing a program stored in the hard disk drive to perform game processing. Theexample system is not provided with an optical disk drive for reading out a program and/or data from an optical disk.

Update: This summary of the patent was created by NeoGAF member, Sinxtanx

  • I simply “translated” the patent to the best of my ability, cutting out the fluff. There’s a lot of fluff.
  • It’s a game console! The example console has no disc drive. You connect it to a television and play video games.
  • The example is totally of a Digital-only console but this in no way restricts any other NX hardware to be exactly that, says patent. Digital-only can be made on the cheap tho, says patent.
    Passage literally confirming NX device with disc drive (bolded is my notes):
  • Other hardware configs need not neccessarily include an HDD. (Like, say a portable device? Hmm?)
  • Has HDD, Internet, CPU, GPU, RAM, like a home console would
  • OS Kernel has its own memory, and it’s fast so the console can boot faster
  • Can check if the main OS has been tampered with by checking additional storage and restore corrupted high-security data
  • OS has full multitasking support
  • You can download games to the console
  • Games installed to HDD
  • Games have code for more than one hardware configuration and the hardware determines what code is the right one to run (NX is a platform like iOS, duh it has this)
  • External hard drives can be connected and you can install games to them
  • Can emulate different HDD read/write speeds primarily for games that have special code for external HDDs, can seemingly pretend that the HDD is an optical disc as well. SPEED CONTROL
  • Controller with rechargeable battery (Pro Controller?)
  • Interesting passages:
  • Controller with screen. GamePad support? Could be new controller, too. Will probably have at LEAST the functionality of the GamePad.
  • Can charge the GamePad equivalent by plugging it into the console.
  • Save files are stored on the HDD O_O OMG WOW
  • Bolded could be interpreted as being the oft-touted “high texture download” option.
  • Can read/write SD cards. This allows for retail distribution or OS updates using SD cards. Really any data that you can think of putting on an SD card, can be used. No confirmation of anything.


155 thoughts on “Nintendo Files Patent For Game Console Without Optical Disk Drive”

    1. Uhh hello! this is nothing knew!!! the gameboy! gameboy advense! nintendo DS, DSI, 3DS!! They make concoles without disk drives all the time. report sum reel news MNNs!!!! <3

      1. So we are getting cartridges again? I think this is the first console with download only, which is fine by me if they have sales and a wish list feature that emails you when a sale happens.

        1. imagine the definitive console.a console where you don’t need optical device or cartridges, you simply play the game in rel time trough internet.this way the life cycle of the console is incredible extended and there can be huge difference graphically speaking between one game and could run games like halo o the order and even games like super mario 8 bit.THIS is the future.WELCOME NX

          1. Not everybody has the Internet, and even my high speed internet can be shoddy sometimes. If a digital only console only or a “streaming box” as you say, is the future, then count me out. It would never work.

            1. I hope it never is the future, regardless of how good our internet becomes. The idea of a fully digital console has so many flaws. Even worse if it were strictly a streaming device, meaning you’d have to have a stable internet connection at all times in order to play your games on it. No thank you.

              Streaming technology has its uses, but this is not one I want to see, where you can’t physically own games anymore. If anything, it only benefits the companies selling them, it has no benefit to the consumer what so ever, other than the convenience of digital games at the cost of so much else.

              I’ll take the pain of popping in discs or cartridges for the little amount of freedom it offers as far as ownership goes. I rarely ever buy digital because of this, and in most cases only because its digital.

    2. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

      Presenting the “New Nintendo Wii Fuck U” with 20gb of Hard drive , And with the no disc drive games are downloaded from the Eshop at $49.99 a pop gaming has never been more easier to play together with Mario party Amiibo Adventures & Amiibo Racers which will retail for $59.99 each The Console itself will have the same graphical capabilities as the Wii U and will be sold at the fair price of 599.99 which comes with the “New Nintendo Wii Fuck U tablet controller which has even more functions that will utilize the true power of this new console such as 3d recording for up to 2 minutes of Hd footage and a new browser service called Ninten-net which is run on a 56k modem.

      (No offence guys just playing about)

    3. ps4 is so weak my pc is way more powerful then the ps4 its such a dumb old piece of junk why did they make it so weak it looks like the pc won the war sony dose not give a shit about its fans o well!

    1. Gear Games Interactive

      Very interesting, could you give us a link to the patent.
      I’m very intrigued by a cartridge based console, as the Nintendo SNES and N64 was my favourite console growing up as a kid

        1. Gear Games Interactive

          It mentions that the console is stationary if you took the time to read the patent in the sources below.

          Also, Handhelds are described much differently in the modern gaming industry as just Handheld devices, they’re technically “consoles” but the term console is now being used to describe a stationary piece of machinery rather than a portable device.

          I don’t understand why you’re getting annoyed by my comments.
          I consider handhelds as a platform of their own, that doesn’t mean I have a distaste for them, I just don’t consider them consoles. You wouldn’t called a Tablet a “console” or a smartphone, so why a handheld? 3DS now a days can play YouTube videos and recently Netflix and possibly Crunchyroll so it’s really more than a handheld now a days, it’s more like a unique smart-device with it’s own OS and games.

          So don’t get annoyed at the fact people have different views on what a console is or isn’t.

        2. Now in today’s gaming industry terms, handhelds are often described as ” portable gaming devices ” not ” consoles “

              1. Gear Games Interactive

                I notice in the patents that they might have a DVR system built into it.
                So it could possibly be the NX.

                1. Also from the patent it appears that if this is the NX that it will come in two forms of hardware, a home console and a handheld but most likely sold separately. Remember the late Satoru Iwata stated that he wanted the home console and the handheld to be like ” brothers ” in a ” family of systems ” meaning that both platforms will most likely share the same OS and seemingly the same game format (cartridges). It’ll be a very similar concept like what Apple has done with the Ipad and the Iphone to where both platforms will share the same apps, media features, download only games, etc. We are for sure to find out more information at E3 of next year

                  1. Gear Games Interactive

                    That’s what I’ve been hearing and it sounds good.
                    I think the console will be more powerful than the handheld, but the handheld will be using chips that could be found in a high end tablet to be able to play the NX home console games in 720p at 30fps, whilst the home console can run games in 1080p at 60fps. This could explain why they are going for a SD Card-like format.

                    You think about it, a normal blu-ray stores up to 25GB, a dual layer blu-ray stores up to 50GB. Now, with modern technology we are able to create 128GB SD cards, this could mean that developers can utilize the space to import two sets of assets.

                    I would love to get my hands on a NX dev kit but it’ll probably cost me a lot of cash to purchase a dev kit.

    2. Gear Games Interactive

      He also forgot that this system could have a DVR built in like the PS4, Xbox One and Windows 10.
      I read into the patent and it mentions a “Recording Medium”, this could mean that this system might be able to record gameplay. Hopefully, Nintendo relaxes on their YouTube Policies for people wanting to record their gameplay on the NX and upload it to YouTube.

    3. If you read the source is almost clear that the card slot is NOT for games. Games are wireless downloaded or loaded from a external hdd. That makes me think that this could be the QOL device; BUT the compatibily with games “from games aparatus with optical drive” and some thing that could be the gamepad confuse me.

      1. So… we’re back to the SNES and N64? Have they figured a way to put more data on a cart than on a disc?

        1. Gear Games Interactive

          128GB is a maximum for SD Storage so this could mean Nintendo might allow developers more room to create unique games and add in more features.
          I feel like it could spell the end of DLC for Indie developers and developers who wanted to add in features that they couldn’t have dreamed of back on the blu-ray/DVD format.

      1. Nintendo’s games are never that big so I don’t think the storage size of the cart would be an issue. If it’s a card-based system, I can’t say I’d be too thrilled but I can live with that. If it were to be an all digital console, I will probably be skipping Nintendo’s next console.

        1. True but because they aren’t doesn’t mean they wont. Next Mario Console Game is probably gonna have huge words and way more exploration . Think an Open World Mario game. That’s crazy. I’m sure Nintendo won’t go all digital since not all games require Internet to be on all the time (looking at you destiny) there next system looks promising…. hopefully they don’t disappoint

        2. Not competing nor par with PS4 or beyond, doing the whole “innovate” BS again, possibility of remaining region locked and now this? NX is gonna die in its ford reveal week.

    1. Pretty much called this. No the system would come in a media (comes with blue ray + all key accessories like gamepad and sensor bar) and a digital (no disk drive and most likely just a classic controller)

      Also this again confirms it well have a handheld version and home system so games can be made for both with ease.

      It also sounds like cross buy well be a thing from the start.

        1. Gear Games Interactive

          From what I’m hearing, it sums up the NX as this:
          – A Cartridge based Console
          – Updated gamepad with possibly new features
          – x86 processor for the speed processing
          – Announcement in 2016 (Possibly E3 or sooner than that)

          1. No, the patent is… weird. The card slot is NOT for games, it is statment in the patent that games are downloaded wireless or loaded from an external hdd. But it is compatible with games from “game aparatus with optical drive” and it says it is compatible with something that appear to be the wii u’s gamepad.

        1. Gear Games Interactive

          But it isn’t stationary.
          If you look at the patent it mentions the device is stationary, this means that it’s most likely an updated Wii U without a disc drive or the Nintendo NX Cartridge based console.

  1. This sounds like it could possibly be the death of my video game life. Or at least, my Nintendo gaming life. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Gear Games Interactive

      According the the Patent, this might be a Cartridge based console as it mentions a “Card slot” and it seems like it’s linked to how people will be able to access their games.
      So Physical NX games are still going to be available so don’t worry, the boxes will be a lot smaller and easier to manufacture and buy, plus, with the 128GB SD Cards coming in at around £28 to £30, it’ll be easy for Nintendo to have someone like SanDisk to help create a unique NX cartridge instead of manufacturing and putting in research into make an optical disc.

      This will also mean the NX will be the most quite console on the market.

      1. The patent says explicity that it can download games wireless and froma a external hdd. Also says that the card slot can serve to update internal software. I don’t know where do you read is a cartridge based console.

      1. Thats stupid. Why go to a freaking cartridge? Oh yeah 3rd party is going to hope all over this. Thats why N64 gamecube lacked 3rd party. They always want to be different? Damn just make a powerful system.

        1. Forget it. NX is already fucked.

          1. Not on par with the latest most powerful console? Check
          2. Trying to be “innovative” like Wii U; in a bad way? Check.
          3. Doing away convenient media output in favor of their lame ass money-saving ploys like micro CDs or expensive/inconvenient cartridges? Check?
          4. Possibly remaining region-locked? Check

          Yup. NX is a definitely fucked and Nintendo is done for and so am I.

          1. “I’m going to believe every single thing I’ve ever heard about the next Nintendo console, even though no information has actually been fully verified and no one even knows what it is and how precisely it will function. That is both sane and prudent!” – You, 2015.

        2. To be fair, cartridges actually had an advantage vs discs when it came to N64 vs PS1, load times being the biggest thing. The problem though was the limited capacity the cartridge could hold (mostly because it would cost to much to make cartridges with large amounts of space. GameCube had the same capacity problem with its small disks.

          If cartridges could hold the same capacity as the current disks used (which they can) at a reasonable price (which I hear is the problem), it would only be a good thing to use.

  2. No discs…if that’s the NX then Nintendo is screwed. The eShop is way overpriced…no Amazon, no eBay, no GameStop.

    1. You are aware that they could be reverting to cartridges in the same way the 3DS is going with. The flash drives, SD Cards, and the like can now store FAR MORE data than CDs now and at a much cheaper price. There is a flash media slot available within the patent data. This also means, the console will be cheaper the produce since these remove-able storage carts are cheaper to produce than CDs. That means faster loading times, a faster running console, and games that won’t be face space limitations like CDs.

      Also, the console and handheld teams are working together on this. Infact, there have been theories that it may be a hybrid of sorts. Either that or two versions of the NX, console and handheld. By having it cartridge based like the 3DS, it could mean both versions will share the same exact library.

      HOWEVER, this news can also mean a new model WII-U that has a larger hard drive and a lower sale price.

      1. The only thing that may be smart about cartridges is if the Gamepad has a slot so it can be independent like a handheld for games. But other than that its stupid and risky. How they know Xbox 2 and PS5 are not going to contine with CDs and if they do NX will sufer 3rd party.

      2. Nintendo sure is stupid. They going to do this with no idea if PS5 or Xbox goong to do this. And if they dont NX will be the 4th console in a row with lack of 3rd party. Stupid.

    1. Odds are, they will be bringing back cartridges because it’s now cheaper, a faster running console, and a massive storage space for game devs to work with.

  3. What have I been telling everyone? NX IS THE NEXT HANDHELD. It’s the 3DS Successor. No Nintendo handheld has ever nor ever will uses discs lol. Or Nintendo is going back to N64 Cartridges which would be sweet…getting NX games in N64 boxes lol. Or lastly and most unlikely, Nintendo has once again invented their own thing, like how Wii U disc’s are an improved Blu-Ray disc that Nintendo created.

      1. And is the term stationary used in such a context that it writes off any chances of this being a portable device?

        1. Gear Games Interactive

          Yes, the fact that it states the display is on a separate controller lead me to believe that this could possible be a home console. A handheld portable device wouldn’t be classified as “Stationary” in the patent.

  4. The most interesting part of the patent is that it appears that there’s a SD card slot in place of where the optical drive would most likely be at which could be indicating that if this ” stationary console ” is indeed the NX then that’s mean it will be SD card based instead of being disc based. SD cards are more efficient than discs. They have faster loading times, ten times the memory of discs, and they are cheaper to develop for but the only thing scares me is that putting games on SD cards could result in bottlenecking issues as far as games being ported from disc based consoles goes and they may scare off 3rd parties unless of course Nintendo has something special planned with the NX that the gaming world isn’t prepared for and will agree with. I could be wrong but if this patent is what the NX will be it could really blow up in Nintendo’s face if it’s done wrong. I really hope they know what they’re doing

    1. Gear Games Interactive

      Never stopped Capcom from porting Revelations to PS3 and Xbox 360.
      So I don’t see why it can’t work the same way round because SD cards are mainly a storage medium just like CD based storage devices such as Blu-Ray/DVD. Though, Nintendo could make it so that Developers will have a much easier time porting their games over the NX and possibly add more features into the game that was impossible on the current generation of consoles.

    2. The patent doesn’t say that load games from the sd card. It says it can download games wireless and load them from an external hdd. Also it says, explicity, that “This can realize [refers to card slot], for example, version upgrade of the first basic program 24 and the second basic program 25.” I think this could be more related with QOL.

  5. Nintendo is gonna be doomed. Oh, no no no not because of this. Because are fanbase is so autistic and don’t appreciate what they get. We are the enemy of Nintendo people, it’s our fault for letting nintendo become confused. Iwata is now happy he doesn’t have to put up with our fanbase anymore.

    1. Gear Games Interactive

      I don’t understand why Autistic Spectrum Disorder has anything to do with Nintendo.
      Please, do not use that as some poor accuse to attack someone because people with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) tend to see things different from you.
      I myself am consider High Functioning, this means I’m capable of doing everything that a “normal person” can but I do still have trouble with over-stimulation.

      Also, aren’t you forgetting that Nintendo fans aren’t all the same, I love Nintendo but I’m excited for Federation Force and I thought Paper Mario Sticker Star was fun. I love Nintendo games but they do pull some outrageous stuff at times.

      1. My apologies bro, I guess I’ll go with confused crybaby jackasses. They’re are 2 types of our fanbase. The first one is people who appreciate what Nintendo puts out and enjoy what they come up with. The second one is fans who bitch that Nintendo needs to be on the same line as Xbox and playstation. And want to compare them to these other gaming companies. I can’t stand our fanbase at all because of this. After this was announced people kept saying this will be the next wii u and failing to meet expectations. I for one love this idea because it’s something different they can do. Can I have your guys opinions on how this needs to work out. Because of now I am literally done to talking to our fanbase and actually just wanna forget Nintendo completely.

        1. Gear Games Interactive

          Don’t let the vocal minority distract you.
          Nintendo are a great company that do tend to trip once in a while but I still love them no matter what. I just ignore the rabid fans and talk to the fans who truly know what Nintendo is about, fun.

          I would indeed like a console from Nintendo that is on par with the others but I also want Nintendo to give me all their wonderful games to go along with it. They don’t need to compete as even Phil Spencer and Major Nelson have stated that they too love Nintendo, despite them being from Microsoft Xbox.

          I’m looking forward to the NX because with this new information being released, it’s making me hyped for the system.

        2. One aspect of nintendo is their surprises. You never know what they come up with next and that is kind of exciting.

    2. So you call Nintendo fans “autistic” (which is a serious condition which lots of people, including me, suffer from) all because fans don’t “apprieciate” what Nintendo does. Does what? What have they done to even TRY to satisfy their consumers? The Wii u is another gimmicky piece of shit with bad third party support, graphics, online, etc.., and the serious lack of franchises like animal crossing and metroid……I think a fanboy like you gets the point by now.

      1. Nintendo has guts. They put something new out there not even knowing how it will be received. Gotta admire that courage.

  6. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

    If this turns out to be somekind of 3DS player that has a “High settings” option like a Resident Evil Revelations and Monster Hunter 3 kind of vibe… I’d be totally on board with that.

  7. If this is true, then the NX has already failed! Once again, Nintendo tries to be different and that once again makes it hell for third parties to port their games. Just like n64 carts vs ps1 DVDs, GC minidiscs vs ps2/xb dvds….and now NX carts vs ps5/xb2 dvds….the former two had terrible third party support you fucking fanboys. When will you wake up?

      1. Doesn’t matter. The fact that the games are stored in SUCH different methods to competition, what do you think with third parties? Will they take the time to work around the different coding for porting their games? Nope. They’ll do what they’ve always done-ignoire Nintendo completely.

        1. Gear Games Interactive

          Actually, with DLC becoming less of a thing thanks to games like Witcher 3, Splatoon and so on, developers are seeing they don’t need DLC to make the games they want. With the new SD Card-like platform Nintendo will use, developers can add far more features than they could on the PS4/Xbox One.

          Don’t forget, Square has been backing up Nintendo a lot recently with 3 games already considered/announced for the NX. This is most likely down the the positive feed back they received from developers at E3.

          In other words, Nintendo could make the NX the next Wii/NES by creating a whole new way to not just play games but what medium the games play on. If the NX proves popular, the PS5/Xbox Four will most likely follow the NX much like how they did with the Kinect/PlayStation Move.

          1. 1.Whether or not dlc is really becoming less common, it’s impossible to deny that the situation is far from that of “nobody cares about dlc much and would mind if it wasn’t possible on a console”. Dlc is still a VERY common thing with games these days and, if third parties can’t Nicole and dime their consumers on Nintendo platforms, will likely fuck off elsewhere.

            2.The Wii u had TONS of developers saying good things about the Wii u, that it would have a future…look how that shit turned out!
            The truth is was that gamers knew better-they knew that, a gimmicky underpowered console was very unlikely to have a good future with third party support. And…they were right!

            If the NX is another “innovative”, underpowered console then it doesn’t matter what anyone says. You know that it WILL have a piss poor future of third party support.

            1. You have no idea if it is “underpowered” and if there is no optical drive, games could just be downloads, which would preclude developers from making games for the console

    1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

      Third parties are gone, I wish people would wake up and realise this.

      In order to get the batmans, the watchdogs the destinys, the CoDs and the assassins creeds need to be selling first, This is how the AAA scene works, if you want game X and game Y then you need to eat a shit sandwich in order to get them.

      You can already see the path Nintendo are taking, indies, smaller in house projects and working more closely with Japanese 3rd parties.

      Unless it’s a game like Just Dance, skylanders, Lego or guitar hero (basically cheap to produce) then Western AAA developers just are not going to figure.

      1. Gear Games Interactive

        Actually, Sqaure is porting some of their AAA games to the NX.
        One of which is a MMO Final Fantasy game which was only really released on PC, PS4 and PS3. So actually, third parties just got scared off.

        I really wish people would stop bring negativity to Nintendo websites and realize that gaming industry is also a business.

        1. Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games have been on Nintendo systems for a while though and I did mention Japanese developers (Which sqaure basically pretty much are).

          Tomb Raider though is a different kettle of fish.

            1. Angry? I’m laughing my arse off at you pathetic drones mindlessly defending daddy Nintendo…that’s the whole reason I even comment in the first place…just to see what pitiful excuses for Nintendo you frauds come up with next!

          1. But the interest in the Wii U wasn’t this apparent as is with the NX meaning I don’t recall 3rd party games being announced for it when it was only codenamed ” Project Café “. I’m not saying that the NX is guaranteed to be getting massive 3rd party support but for Square Enix to be showing this much interest so early in the NX when it’s basically still just a concept is a very positive sign

  8. Gear Games Interactive

    For the person constantly saying “Oh it’s a handheld” take a gander at this:

    “13. The stationary game apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the game apparatus is compatible with another game apparatus comprising an optical disk drive for reading out a program and/or data from an optical disk, and a processor for executing the program read out from the optical disk to perform game processing, and an interface for the hard disk drive is same as an interface for the optical disk drive in said another game apparatus.”

    Seems to me like this system really is a console but what interests me is that it could be possible for the NX to be backwards compatible with not only the Wii U gamepad, but the whole Wii U itself. That must be one of the features that gives the console that “new concept” name.

    The NX is a console that is backwards compatible with another console which is amazing.

    1. That is awesome. I won’t need a wiiu but with no optical drive my WiiU could connect to the new console (wirelessly or not) and I can still play wiiu games so the game life of wiiu continues. Perfect

  9. I think this is great for Nintendo and everything but it kinda saddens me that we won’t have disc versions of Nintendo games….whatever lol I’ll get over it eventually.

    1. Nintendo:”oooolhhh…baby…oh yes OH GOD! Oooooooohhhhhhhh” *splurge*

      Stop sucking nintendo’s tiny dick ya corporate slave!

  10. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Good, it means High Command may finally let me use human brains as backup energy when I want to conserve my own>>>

  11. Just another fuel for the trolls who have games on their PS4 and XBOs, but not having fun playing so they do what they do best… troll.

    I sure wish that if this is the NX that it is not a full-on online only games because that will be alienating gamers who have bad internet connection. The memory card based games could mean Nintendo will not be paying Sony any royalties just to use BD (Sony is making money for every XBO game discs sold) and will have more than double the capacity in storage.

    One thing nobody mentioned is that the NX could have a smaller form factor than PS4 and XBO.

    1. I thought that too but according to an Intellectual Property lawyer,

      “You cannot get a patent on the existing product just because you improved/changed it.” – J.E. Whitaker

      So I guess this is no Wii U Mini.

  12. I just hope whatever it is, that it’s 3rd party friendly. Nintendo cannot support a home console alone. They proved that the last couple years. Six months with no games in not acceptable.

    If this new system scares off 3rd parties then we will have the Wii U all over again.

    1. i don’t care for the competitors games, and i spend over $1000 easily a year on Nintendo, so i don’t think they care about other people’s games. in fact they have quality control, which the others lack. they are a luxury console. i don’t see microsoft or sony printing money with first wave decks of 100 animal crossing cards to be followed up with more decks. look at amiibo. everything they do is for the long game and very intentional. the hype is very real. nx is going to make it so the PC based games can be played on it so you don’t need any of the alternatives. and if you have the alternatives it sounds like it’ll let you plug it in.

      1. Pfft, hahahaha! Nintendo gave up on quality the moment they started giving us expensive bundled paid DLC (Smash 4) & on-disc locked content held back to prolong the game with false momentum & interest (Splatoon.) Next gen Nintendo should regain their contract with EA & let EA help them go even further into the dark side. Giving away free on-disc locked content is just a stepping stone to making people pay for on-disc locked content. Nintendo is trying to be sneaky with it so when it happens, the fanboys will be too stupid to realize Nintendo has become EA’s twin.

  13. It sounds to me like it has an SD card slot like its predecessors. Nintendo has been trying to get people to buy games digitally, so to me this sounds like they’re making that mandatory, which would be awful. Time will tell.

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  16. Am not buying the system regardless I don’t like how Nintendo didn’t try with the wiiu yes it’s games that makes it worth buying but they could had did better an am not supporting a company that gives up so fast the wiiu should get a 5 year life cycle but because Nintendo want to show more love to the 3ds when they knew the wiiu had less games an didn’t try to increase it mays it their fault

    1. You want them to keep steering a sinking ship? That’s not a smart business decision no matter how much we want it.
      I purchased the U on release, then bought the Zelda version on release, and I have NO REGRETS. It delivered on the first party titles I wanted.

  17. We won’t have to worry about this if Nintendo fan base wasn’t the worst an stop being ass holes an buy a wiiu it’s a amazing system with great games but Nintendo fan base being who they are they just refuse to buy it like it’s isn’t at least 10 great games on it







  19. Annnnnnnd the everyday consumer rages at how it’s online only. Not to fully understand what they are ready. YAY THE INTERNET LEARNING YES?
    But this looks like a step in the right direction and something nintendo will do to “innovate” hamming

  20. This is great and all, but until Nintendo drops some truth bombs ill pass on all this. Just want to know if they’ll be taking part in the console wars and actually pushing the new home consoles limits.

  21. I hope there’s some sort of physical media, even a cartrdige, as I’m a game collector. When there’s no more physical media I’ll quit gaming.

    But I’m finding a lot of stuff being thrown around about media in the comments. Here’s the facts:

    50GB current standard
    BDXL format allows 100 GB & 128 GB
    BDXL: Theoretical life of 2000 years

    Standard ~32GB, that’s where it starts
    Current max 512GB (~$500)
    2TB theoretical limit
    Life varies on use, ~10 years+

    Read write speeds vary too much as it depends what standard the manufacturer goes with in the reader. Also both types are currently being actively developed so there’s not one better than the other really, just personal preference.

  22. I’d love card based games. All digital would mean a pass for me. I love Nintendo, but I only buy digital at an extreme discount. Digital-only products carry less value to me. Realistically speaking, they carry no (monetary) value after they’ve been purchased.

  23. Just to clarify something because there is a lot of misunderstanding in the comment section:

    >>The patent does NOT suggest that the card slot is for games. About the card slot says:

    “This can realize [the SD card for the card slot], for example, version upgrade of the first basic program 24 and the second basic program 25.”

    >>The games are obtained wireless via or from an external hdd.

    ” Even the game program 26 is created on the assumption that the reading and writing speed is set for the external HDD 6″ “The multiple programs executed in parallel may include various programs such as a program for displaying a menu screen, a program for accepting change of setting for the game apparatus 1, a program for downloading the game program 26 and a program for browsing the Internet.”
    “The stationary game apparatus according to claim 1, comprising a connection unit to which an external hard disk drive is detachably connected, wherein the program and/or data concerning a game received through the communication unit is stored in the internal hard disk drive or the external hard disk drive connected to the connection unit. ”
    READ THIS—>>>”] In recent years, high-speed communication such as ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) or optical communication has widely been spread. Such high-speed communication is utilized to allow a server apparatus or the like to distribute a game program to a game apparatus. When a game program is obtained through communication, a user can enjoy playing a game using a game apparatus without purchasing a recording medium such as an optical disk. “>It appears to be compatible with the wii u’s gamepad:

    “The game aparatus comprising a wireless communication unit performing wireless communication with a wireless operation device having an operation unit and a display unit, and wirelessly transmitting/receiving information concerning an operation accepted by the operation unit and information concerning an image to be displayed on the display unit.”

    I though this could be:

    -> “Wii U emulator” of the NX or
    -> The NX will have 2 models, one with optical disc device and other without it.
    ->An all digital Wii U version (unlikely, maybe to offer a price’s cut)

    First I tought this could be related to QOL but someone said this came from other division.

    Nice day.

  24. I don’t care if it’s a handheld or a console or a handheld-console hybrid or even a wearable hat that plays games. Give me something that has games cuz clearly Wii U has been kicked to the curb!

  25. Considering that this is an example system, I wouldn’t think that the gamepad is going to be the controller, rather it’s just a placeholder in the patent.

  26. The NX will probably be a very powerful handheld, matching the wii u in graphical visuals. think about it, Nintendo is a japanese based company, where everyone is moving to mobile gaming. It’ll be like having the wii u in the palm of your hands…..! I just made a funny without realizing it.

  27. Unless this thing will have a universal account system where our digital games can be stored on an SD card or HDD & be put on another console as long as the SD card or HDD is attached to it, fuck you with this patent, Nintendo.

  28. And I see some people are already defending Nintendo for trying to go digital only when it wasn’t long they were calling Microsoft & Sony evil for trying to go digital only. The bias of Nintendo fanboys. It’s okay to do bullshit & shady tactics as long as it’s done by Nintendo, right, fanboys?

  29. I hop e Nintendo is thinking what PS5 could be like before considering it to be slightly more powerful than PS4. It would be rather stupid to still make a future console slightly more powerful like wii u is over ps3.

  30. Can’t you all idiots wait for an official announcement? What if this is fake, or just and idea, or their new handheld? Nowhere it says it’s the NX, hell, all those weird QOL patents and we never heard anything from that! Seriously, there some weird info about a console, and everyone goes to their usual, NINTENDO IS DOOMED mode. >.>

    1. Considering how questionable Nintendo has been the last decade, you can’t really blame these people. Unless you’ve been blind to the things Nintendo has been doing wrong.

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