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Spanish Retailer Has Shovel Knight Amiibo Listed For Use With Super Smash Bros


Spanish retailer XtraLife has recently put up a listing for a Shovel Knight amiibo. What is also interesting is that the amiibo is set to be part of the Super Smash Bros amiibo lineup. Now we all know that we were able to choose who we wanted to see added to Super Smash Bros in a recent ballot. There’s a possibility that Shovel Knight was the winning character and therefore Nintendo has decided to release him as an amiibo. Of course, this is all speculation at this point.

Update: Shovel Knight developers claim that the listing isn’t accurate, but they would love a Shovel Knight amiibo.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

36 thoughts on “Spanish Retailer Has Shovel Knight Amiibo Listed For Use With Super Smash Bros”

      1. Dammit! Thought it was too good to be true when I posted it. It’s very odd that the retailer has created a listing for it on their website though. I’m trying to rack my brains as to whether they have leaked stuff in the past, but I’m coming up blank.

        1. You dont shove up a listing because you find a picture of it online through, who’d find a picture of a fan-made Ridley amiibo and go “Oh, do we sell this? Better put it up just in case”

          Either its a Placeholder, a Troll, or a Darwinian level of idiocy…

        2. Below the fake pictures it says: *Imagen no definitiva.
          Meaning: *Not the final image.
          So maybe they’re using the fanart until it’s confirmed.

          1. On amiibo alerts instagram page they said that the person who put it up said that they got a paper saying to put it up

        3. isn’t the the smashified design in the picture or are the just using that as an example and it isn’t the “actual box”

        4. Did Shovel Knight get voted in as a DLC character in Smash? If this is true this will be great and could be a strong indication that Bayonetta and possibly Shantae will most likely follow since they were very popular with Nintendo fans on the Smash Bros ballot polls……… least in North America and Europe

          1. Now I take that back. This resembles the same type of art that’s done by the Smashified team but why would a Spanish retailer list this? Oh well we’ll find out in 2 months who won the ballots

            1. If this happens then it will be a testament to people’s stupidity.
              Smash Bros. is supposed to be about legendary characters, not the flavor of the month.

                1. I think the same could be said about Quote from Cave Story. One does not simply talk about the indie scene without bringing up Cave Story as it’s regarded as legendary as well.

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