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Ace Attorney 6 Has Been Announced

Capcom has today confirmed that they has been busy developing a new game in the Ace Attorney series. Famitsu reports that Ace Attorney 6 will feature a new game system that enables quicker gameplay. Attendees at the Tokyo Game Show will be able to get hands on with the game later this month. The game is currently in development for the Nintendo 3DS.

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11 thoughts on “Ace Attorney 6 Has Been Announced”

    1. They are a Japanese company, so it is usually most likely that every game is released first in Japan. But at least, they should localise it quick (it is not a big game, like Xenoblade X) and release it soon after the JP version in America and Europe.

    1. DD’s ending was really crappy in my mind. I didn’t feel that it was a good game compared to 3 and 1. 2 was kind of a short decent game. Apollo Justice was filler for Dual it would seem.

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