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Mini Splatling is Coming To Splatoon

Good news for those of you who are on the look out for a brand new weapon in Splatoon as Nintendo UK has announced via Twitter that the Mini Splatling will be coming tomorrow. No doubt this is going to blast to use, but tricky to master.

Thanks, Fred

35 thoughts on “Mini Splatling is Coming To Splatoon”

    1. I’m hoping this version will be a lot faster in the charging and firing rate, then again it might be a bit weaker and have less range than the original version….
      Then hopefully they bring out another version that takes a longer time to charge and the firing rate is a bit slower, but it has a longer range and it hits even harder than the normal version.

      But that’s just my thoughts….. :P

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        1. Maybe if it was strictly deathmatch mode but in terms of how splatoon multiplayer is played. Is this gun really effective? I doubt it.
          Add bonerjams on wii u
          Lets play!

                1. Try thinking of something original. Rather than recycling what I said to you, just with different names. Troll harder dumbass.

                  1. bucket and splatling are cool,but take a lot of practice to be effective

                    i prefer the more precise weapons excluding sniper i hate sniper

                    1. You kidding? My first match using the Slosher I splatted 12 players and inked 1400 points worth of turf. The Slosher may genuinely be broken.

                      1. Not OP, just overused. I never felt like I had a big advantage or disadvantage depending on the team its on considering how easy it is to shoot a kraken to keep your space.

                        1. Exactly- “Keep calm and fire at the head of the Kraken”

                          Or try to lure it into a trap- managed to do it twice on Camp Triggerfish, players charging at me fell right through the rope ramp into the water.

                            1. Dynamo is decent, but it encourages lazy play and bad habits. Also the charge up time is so slow that you have a ton of time to react before they even release. Best roller is either carbon or original roller personally

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                          3. The original splatling is basically a jet squelcher with higher firing rate.

                            This one kind of defeats the purpose of having high range and firerate as a tradeoff for charging an automatic weapon.

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