Mega Man May Star In His Own Movie

It looks like Mega Man may be heading to the big screen after a go-ahead from 20th Century Fox, according to Tracking Board. They will be partnering up with Chernin Entertainment to create a fan film based on the franchise that originally began in 1987.

Of course it’s still early days so details are minimal and there’s still a chance it could fall through, however, with Mega Man’s fan base there certainly shouldn’t be any problems in gaining appeal for an upcoming film based on him. We will keep you updated with any further details that come to light in the coming months – and let’s hope we see a Mega Man film in the near future!



  1. Dude shut the hell up. Natalie is my girlfriend don’t make me bitch slap you in front of all these people.

    1. I think this will probably just end up being rumors like the Zelda and Mario movies were. It would be really hard to make a good Mega Man movie..

    2. Lol. Who are you trying to argue with? Yourself?

  2. Hooray! Another crappy movie because America just loves ruining Japanese Games! Mainly in film.

    1. Seriously though, I just saw the Mario Bros movie. You can easily call it, “Crappy Cringe Movie.”

      Now with moths and creepy shrunken heads!

  3. Lol mega man died due to poor sales not because capcom is a bunch of dicks. Do your fucking research dick riders.

  4. Now Nintendo just needs to get someone to make an awesome Metroid movie to rival Mega Man when it releases and we’ll be golden.

    1. ||Nintendo should surrender themselves to our supreme power once they fall, then we shall recreate Metroid into our own image……

      1. Are you Tetrarch by any chance? If so damn, you werent such a fanboy after all.

        Anyways i kinda agree with you and by looking around the gaming industry, your wish may very well come true. Consoles are becoming more and more pointless, since most ppl these days own PC with decent specs unlike 10-20 years ago, when consoles were compromises for mass audience who didnt have PC´s or PC´s capable of running games.

        Look at all of the 3 right now, Microsoft is pushing their 1st party games to PC´s and XboxOne/PC connectivity.

        Sony is putting their faith on cloud services.

        Nintendo is going mobile.

        In a sense they try to make money outside of their own hardware´s. Honestly i can see future without consoles within 10-20 years. Games will be played through cloud or from Steam like services on PC or mobile and whatnot. Its not the future i favor by any means, i have kinda losing interest to gaming, but this is the way things are heading probably.

        1. ||There is nothing to agree on, only to embrace it……

          ||The future is ours alone and nothing can stop that from happening no matter how sturdy your pointless efforts are exerted……

  5. it was already produced a very good low budget fanfilm by eddie lebron of Megaman i donated and got the original Megaman costume of that Movie

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