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Here’s The Splatoon And Art Academy Drawing Contest Winners


Nintendo recently held a Splatoon and Art Academy drawing contest and as you would expect they received numerous entries from a number of talented individuals. We all know there’s some extremely accomplished artists out there and a lot of them have gravitated towards Splatoon and its unique art style. Now Nintendo has revealed the winners of the competition along with the runners-up and there’s some exquisite pieces. There’s one winner, two are Silver and the final three are Bronze. You can check them all out in the image gallery, below.


21 thoughts on “Here’s The Splatoon And Art Academy Drawing Contest Winners”

      1. Omg, you must not own a WiiU… People have expressed their artistic talent on Miiverse for a long time, it’s truly amazing what artists can do.

        1. You’re Batman, you can always force someone to draw what you like! (Like when I was drawing with the paintbrush pennises in Splatoon, lol)

            1. I like it, too. But only because of that hand… I mean, there’s a hot octoling painting behind him, and that Teen Squid (I will never call them kids, since they can have a human form only when they are 14 or older) has the right hand in his pants (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…

              1. I can draw, but it’s only Pixel Art Drawings, but on Miiverse. Some that take upwards to 4 Hours to complete. I have patience and I have time, but one thing I don’t have in terms of drawing on Art Academy, is a steady hand…

                1. Ha. Forgot about the steady hands. I have no time unfortunately, so I just stick to playing the games. I only get about 4-6 hours a week to game so a Wii U is prefect for me

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              3. I’m getting some serious JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure vibes with Skiba’s art, especially the way he drew the Octoling’s face.

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