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Kid’s Dream Comes True As He Meets Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime


A 10-year-old boy from Winnipeg has had his dream come true, thanks to the Dream Factory. Shea Sparling, who has a life-threatening condition called polyarteritis nodosa, has always wanted to visit Nintendo of America headquarters and meet Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. Thankfully he had his wish granted and spent the day at Nintendo of America’s HQ at Seattle, Washington. He even got to play a game against Reggie at Mario Kart 8 along with his older brother Declan. Here’s what they all had to say about Shea’s dream.

“When we met with Shea about his dream, it was so wonderful and adorable because he was so specific about what he would like to do for his dream,” said Grace Thomson, executive director of the Dream Factory.

“We had so much fun,” said Shea’s mother, Carole Dufault, “They had signs welcoming us and we went on a tour of the building. We met with Reggie and the kids even played a game of Mario Kart with him.

“He was so gracious and relaxed and spent time chatting with Shea, answering his questions.”


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95 thoughts on “Kid’s Dream Comes True As He Meets Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime”

      1. IWuzUnderEstimatedBEEOTCH

        Both those dudes look sick, like the type to cause mayhem at a public place with a deadly weapon. Lucky for me they live in Canada. No second ammendment for them, haha!

        1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

          I should have crushed you the day you lay incapacitated whence your head quiver under my hydraulics… I left you to return to the earth, and yet here you stand, littering with your opinions.

      2. Reggie should be the newCEO of Nintendo, for his compassion to the kids of today and always listening to the fans of the old days. If not Reggie, then Myamoto should be CEO.

        1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

          Reggie would be suitable.
          But it’s Japanese tradition to keep within Japanese management.
          Miyamoto would be an excellent successor, but he is aging, that is why he stepped back from the Zelda series, because he doesn’t have enough time for work, he is pretty much retired.

            1. Reggie could still very well be the CEO of Nintendo Of America but yeah they will most likely make someone that is young and Japanese the global Nintendo CEO like a Masahiro Sakurai or a Hideki Konno

            2. Miyamoto said before he hasn’t seriously considered retiring. He’s having to much fun still. Last time it was brought up he said people misinterpreted what he said. He just wants to do smaller jobs and experiment and train young devs to think like him. He still helps with Zelda to. He is plenty busy still. Now he is co-prrsident with Takeda so he has even more on his plate now.

              1. Naw. Sakurai is whiny enough as it is with having to work so hard & so much on one game that he himself doesn’t have to work so hard on since he’s got dozens of other people to help him lighten the work load.

                  1. No. He’s whiny because he has an entire team to help take the load off of his problem yet doesn’t because he wants to hog up all of the work. Plus, we got enough of Nintendo lying to us this gen & if Sakurai is in charge, we’ll be trolled on top of being lied to.

                    1. I love you Namie, always telling it like it is! Reggie is just a tool and after his statements towards fans in recent months screw him.

                      1. I do and dont blame him for that… Reggie is basically the only spokesperson [you barley hear anything from NOJ and not even a whisper from NOE ], so Reggie has to respectfully cover up and hide all the necessary details/games.
                        That said, When it comes to his opinions though… they can sometimes be annoying and naive. And as for him being new CEO?? Um.. I’m not too sure how that would work, as he is already prez of NOA and needs to be fluent in the jp language for NOJ.

                        1. Yea, I understand he has to do all that business talk and whatnot, that it’s his job as a representative to make things look as positive as possible for the company he works for; but because he is the “main” public representation of Nintendo, he has to be extra careful about what he says. I just don’t see any other representatives screwing up as badly as him. Reggie keeps being so obviously dishonest with people and barely ever admits Nintendo has done things wrong – instead, he just blames others. Really not the best way to represent your company, imo.
                          Have you read IGN’s E3 interview with Reggie? No joke, worst interview I’ve read in a very, very long time. The things he said made absolutely no sense, and he kept contradicting himself and Nintendo’s previous actions, it was absolutely terrible.

                          1. Im sorry but this kids a fuckin idiot if his dream was to meet Reggie “the tool” Fils-Aime. Now i tell you what, if the clergy had the opportunity to represent Obinna in a face to face meeting with Reggie I would most certainly go for the shove a bic ball point pin right through the adam’s apple techique. Sure i would be cheated out for 20-25 years of my life but in my ears it would be worth it. He’s such a waste and Obinna Sasori Mii does not have pity for this waste of air. He destroyed our beloved Nintendo along with the ‘Iwata the Rotton”….

                          2. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                            ||While the servants of Nintendo continue to expectorate their aimless arguments, this young boy is satisfied by only getting one wish come true……

                            ||It’s despicable how one little unfortunate sick boy proves the other servants to be such exausting frauds of whimpers……

                                1. This is definitely “Commander.”
                                  Looks like he overdosed on Phazon and took an evolutionary jump.

                                  Still, I’m too lazy to be a PC gamer, I want the convenience of a console, not needing to worry about upgrading every couple years.

                                  But Commander? I think he’ll be happy there.

                                  1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                                    ||This “Commander” you speak of hasn’t been around for some time now, but, I can see why some of you believe I am him……

                                    1. You replicate his mannerisms PER-fectly, and my instincts are almost never wrong, but, I can concede that Commander is certainly no longer among us. ;)

                                    2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                                      Many of the problems root from our underlings; of one branch or the next. Goombas, Deku scrubs and Geema. Though lately, there has been an influx of grunts from opposing nations. Rejects, exiled from their homeland taking refuge. Some of them can be assimilated, others converted. Though most are simply terminated. Our empire welcomes all kinds. And those who cause trouble shall be tourmented by endless replies, and then terminated once Sickr notices.

                                      1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                                        ||That is only the beginning……

                                        ||Everything that you see around you is part of the grand plan……

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                                      2. Soooo…basically they are discriminating. The only reason that kid is there is because he has a disease. And the only reason I’m not there is because I don’t have a disease. I’m not a hater, all the more power to that kid….but it is an observation I thought I should share:P

                                        1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                                          ||It doesn’t surprise me at all that you Terrans would promote your own selfish agendas over another that got granted a wish because it is sick and you’re not……

                                          ||Terrans are unsavoury creatures with zero empathy for the other members of their kin……

                                          1. Not all terrans are bound to human restrictions. Wolves like myself simply live without human agenda or hummiliations. Just living day by day, and happy for this kid.

                                              1. The fact he keeps changing his name as if he evolved to a new form has gotten stale. This is like his fifth time this year alone I’m pretty sure.

                                              2. Uh, I don’t think you should be viewing it like that at all. The kid is faced with a life threatening disease, also, he’s a child. It’s like fulfilling something he may never see. Meanwhile, (I have no idea how old you are but…) eventually, you can find your own way of visiting NOA, whether it be by some sort of special request, or by working there yourself, you had the chance that kid NEVER had, the chance to GROW UP and find a way to NOA. I know you probably meant no harm by it, but I don’t think this is “discrimination” at all. His odds are far worse than yours.

                                            1. That was so nice of Nintendo. Now that boy will cherish that special moment for the rest of his life and that should make Nintendo feel real good. Much respect to Reggie


                                                POOR KID DIDNT KNOW IF HE WAS GOING TO ORGAZUM OR HAVE HIS WILLY COME OFF


                                              2. GUYS THIS HAS BACK FIRED, THE KIDS PERANTS HAVE REPORTED TO POLICE REGGIE SODOMIZED THE BOY,AND SUCKED ON HIS TINY Piipii like a preast at sunday school….

                                                reggie offered the boy limited edition amiibo to keep his mouth shut

                                                nintendo are finished

                                              3. Nice story but I’m wondering , just “a” game of Mario Kart ? I know Reggie is a busy man but I hope they played a few games for the little boys sake :)

                                                1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                                                  As much as I’d like to, I wouldn’t have anything to say that hasn’t already been said a hundred times. My fluency in Japanese wouldn’t help either. I just want an autograph and picture, and be on my way.

                                              4. Happy for the kid but Reggie? Really? Are young kids really into reggie? No wonder nintendo sucks. When I was his age I was all about Shigsy cause, you know, he created games and all and wasn’t just a a figurehead. Anyway, I was just at NOA Headquarters a week ago (couldn’t go inside cause that’s not allowed, but got a few pics of the place).

                                                  1. Then I don’t know what to say. He has the internet. If he knows who reggie is at 10 years old and not Shigsy, that’s a huge problem since kids back in the 90s knew who he was WITHOUT the internet. Fact is, most kids today have shit taste.

                                                1. Even fucking Nintendo has it’s moments. Makes me remember why I used to hold thrm in such high regard, even if this is as much in Nintendo’s favor as the kids.
                                                  I’m really happy the sick kid and his family had an amazing day tho.

                                                      1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                                                        You will stay and defend the pop-star galaxy within the Nintendo military branch, as it is the closest nebula to the Metroid Branch. I would hate to think what would happen if it were to become unguarded.

                                                    1. That’s nice. Reggie might be nothing more than a mouthpiece puppet but least he took some time off from his “busy” schedule to let a sick kid experience his dream.

                                                      1. That might be his problem. Probably too nice to let people that are dragging NoA through the dirt go. When an employee is making you look bad 24/7 & not even trying to fix things, it’s time to fire their ass.

                                                    2. Nintendo Of America is in Seattle, Washington? I thought it was Redmond? Every time I wrote letters to Nintendo, the address was always Redmond, Washington.

                                                    3. What a waste of wish. I mean, I know it was his wish, but his wish was to meet someone who represents the games he likes and not the guys that actually were involved in the games? -_- oh well.

                                                    4. It’s really awesome that he got to meet Reggie and see the Nintendo office! At the same time it’s so sad that he has a life threatening condition. I can’t bring myself to look it up and see what it is, I can’t imagine it’s pleasant.

                                                      1. I’d be happy just meeting him so I can tell him he’s doing a shitty job at Nintendo & kick him right in the nuts for dragging Nintendo of America through the shitter.

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