Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Is Developed By NDCube

A recent listing on the Australian Classification Ratings Board reveals that the upcoming Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is being developed by NDCube. If you are not familiar with the name, this is the developer behind the successful Wii Party and Mario Party series. Seems as though the team is sticking with what they know. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is due for release at the end of the year.

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  1. This game better be good! This is the only game I felt at E3 that was truly worth complaining about. Federation Force I understand, but I think it looks pretty cool as its own thing. This just looked boring even as its own game.

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      1. I’m not defending it. I’m just saying if you take Metroid completely out of the picture, it is my OPINION that the game looks pretty fun. People can have different opinions, it’s alright.

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      2. Well that’s YOUR O,P,I,N,I,O,N so you can think what you want. To me it’s looking good so far. I might just pick it up if I have the cash, and am not buying all the Wii U games I want. I still gotta preorder Mario maker, Starfox Zero, Xeno X, and Yoshi.


      3. I wonder how many people would like Federation Force if it didn’t have “Metroid” tagged to it. I mean, I totally get it, Fed Force is a totally stupid excuse for a Metroid game BUT on it’s own, I agree, it could be a very good game.


      4. Remember Codename STEAM? No? That is probably the reason they almost never use completely new IPs. And this looks good enough as a Metroid Prime game, I have always wanted a co-op hunters. And this is almost what I wanted. Don’t let my dreams be dreams and give me the game, just do it! This game was described by Tanabe as the 2011 movies about Thor and Cpt. America, and that it was the spin-off game to set the scene for the big one, just like Thor and Cpt. America did it for the big movie, The Avengers.


      5. He dared to put ChibiShirtForce on the same pedestal as the awesome Marvel movies? Tanabe really is full of himself, isn’t he.


      6. You just want to be on the hate bandwagon, don’t you? Else, you would like to look at more than that 1 minute trailer…
        Anyways, I only find the Soldiers to look a little more chibi, the enemies look pretty much like in Metroid Prime. Watch the Treehouse Live. And you don’t know how good the game is SINCE IT IS NOT EVEN OUT YET, and it will likely be either good or great. The latest projects of the studio are Punch Out!! (Wii) and Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3DS), and both were amazing. So I think that this will be great, or at least good. I never cared about the artstyle. And you should just wait until more info and footage is released. Many people have been wanting Hunters 2 on 3DS, and this is better! The graphics are better, the controls are better and it will probably have a good campaign. And some people did not like those movies, you know? Wait for it to release, play it, then judge it. You should be ashamed of your stupidity, sir. SMD


      7. Oh look. Another Nintendo fanboy mad I’m dissing daddy Ninten

        I want to be on the hate bandwagon? You’re clearly ignorant. I was one of the people hating on it the day that joke of a Metroid Prime game was shown. Federation ChibiShitForce is utter shit. Don’t like my opinion? Too fucking bad. Now run along. Nintendo is waiting for you to bend over & take it up the ass like a good little bitch.


  2. They are terrible with the main mechanics, but their mini games tend to be very good, but we haven’t seen any mini games so its just the boring side of the series

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      1. I don’t think the 4th is gonna happen even though Mike Myers did play Dr. Evil to roast North Korea’s ass for cyber attacking Sony.


  3. The game nobody asked for.
    Super Mario Maker in the other hand looks great. I wish i never sold my wii u, i want to join the fun


  4. Sounds about right…

    I really do hope that Nintendo’s own EAD team is working on a new Animal Crossing for home consoles, though… If not Wii U, then please within the early launch window of its successor…


    1. Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Wind Waker HD, DK Country Tropical Freeze, The Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3D World and Bayonetta 2 (If you’re old enough).


    2. Pikmin 3
      Wonderful 101
      Zombie U
      Mario Kart
      Lego Undercover
      Wind Waker
      Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
      New Super Liugi U (because the shorter time gives a hell of a challenge)


  5. Ew, more ew, & even more ew. The fact this game needs you to own every single amiibo card & figurine to get the full experience of this game was already bad enough but it’s also being made by the “Let’s fuck up Mario Party” dev team? Yep. This game went from bad to worse.


  6. watch half of the people talking shit about a game they don’t even know about other then “videos” and “half ass online info” are the ones who will buy it, this shit talking happens with every game that comes out for whatever system, and most of all the people who said “I am not buying this low grade game” or “i wouldn’t spent my money on such a lame game” end up being the ones who got the game, So continue with this…whatever this is, because it wont stop whats going to happen in the long run


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