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Recent Nintendo America Job Posting Mentions Nintendo Directs

A recent job listing published by Nintendo of America states that the company is looking for someone who edits video/audio for TV commercials, game trailers, Nintendo Direct, web content, demo kiosks, internal and external presentations, and general marketing purposes. It seems reasonably likely that Nintendo will eventually want to build on late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s throughly enjoyable Nintendo Direct presentations which were a great way of speaking directly to Nintendo fans.

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31 thoughts on “Recent Nintendo America Job Posting Mentions Nintendo Directs”

  1. IWuzUnderEstimatedBEEOTCH

    Get that one chick from the three house to do them! You know, the one who’s on the wrong side of 30.

    Don’t get that lifeless duo, you know, fag and flat face…haha! That’s a classic moniker…made funnier cuz of the truth of it!

      1. It has been lacking lately… no real news of any worth. Its been dead since Iwata passed away, like Nintendo died at the same time.

        1. It is hard to get back at making directs after the person DIRECTLY (I always read anything that is direct in mr. Iwata’s voice; may he rest in peace) involved in the presentation. We should wait to see how they get together.

        2. They’ve announced lots of Direct worthy news lately, but they’re just not ready yet. Directs was Iwata’s thing, so he’ll be hard to replace.

      2. Well, I guess this prolly says they have no plans to put out a Direct in the next month or so. Crap, man! I wanted some new info! Well, let’s hope when it finally comes we’ll get some juicy Zelda U details!

              1. Unfortunately, you may be right. Still, I think they should keep them going in order to keep his memory alive, even if they are missing a crucial element.

                  1. i think nintendo direct will be much better to see a new one by now but it wont be the same without iwata but im sure the new host will be much better then any other host.

                    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                      sonicgalaxy27: “I think Nintendo Directs would benefit from a fresh face. Still, it just wont be the same without our great leader Satoru Iwata. However, I’m sure the person Nintendo cast as the new host, will be better than hosts chosen for most modern TV shows.”

                      1. well true but nintendo said they are gonna find a new CEO by october if they can’t find one then i don’t know whats gonna happen to the company.

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