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GameXplain Shows 5 Secrets In Super Mario Maker

GameXplain has posted a video showing 5 secrets found in Super Mario Maker. It includes menu features, Mario’s reaction to the item eraser, sound effects, and also random FAQ questions found in the user manual. You can check out the video on GameXplain’s YouTube channel here. Have you found anything else whilst playing Super Mario Maker?

25 thoughts on “GameXplain Shows 5 Secrets In Super Mario Maker”

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            1. I think Sm4sh’s menu layout was worse- had I not known Classic and all the single-player modes were under Games & More before launch, I would have wasted minutes looking for them.

            2. I would rather find the secrets myself. I don’t understand why someone would want to watch videos like these. It takes all the fun of discovery away…

              Gamexplain should change thier name to Gamespoilers.

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                      2. I feel sad seeing Mario Paint icons in this game, knowing that it actually would have BEEN a new Mario Paint had they decided to go in that direction. I hope it’s still a possibility. Mario Paint was more special than many give it credit for.

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