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Squid Wars Coming To Disney Infinity 3.0 And Looks A Lot Like Splatoon

It seems as though gamers on other platforms will soon get to experience something resembling Splatoon as Disney Infinity have just announced Squid Wars on Twitter. Understandably some people on the internet aren’t too happy with it, but I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. The downloadable Toy Box invites players to pick up a ink gun and ink as much turf as you can. You can watch a video of the mode in action, below.

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132 thoughts on “Squid Wars Coming To Disney Infinity 3.0 And Looks A Lot Like Splatoon”

        1. It’s a user created level showing off what’s capable of the toy box mode. And Disney featured it.

          Oh who am I kidding. No one’s going to see this and everyone is going to spurge out over this.

          1. Exactly, this is only meant to show how creative and free you can get with their robust creation tools. The name is an homage – they aren’t hiding anything. You are supposed to see this and think “wow, I can be as clever as the Nintendo guys with this, I wonder what I can come up with”

          2. I actually didn’t know this. You, sir, have restored a little faith in Disney for me. Haha
            But really, thanks I had no idea.

          3. Remember the whole “Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is a Smash Bros Rip Off” thing from years ago? Well think of that and Times it by AT LEAST 10 and you get this.

            1. Yeah, this is obviously directly inspired by Splatoon. Doesn’t even try to hide it with the name.

              Can’t say Splatoon wasn’t inspired by other games too though (although not as blatant); de Blob for example.

              1. Well it seems that everything is inspires by one thing or another. However I feel like Disney just tried to cash in on splatoons success squid wars bring nothing new to the table

                1. It’s just a side game for Disney Infinity in the Toy Box mode where basically anything can be made. It’s not a selling point for the game. So I can’t say they’re trying to use it to “cash in” on anything Splatoon related.

                        1. This literally looks like a prototype of the alpha of Splatoon. If your gonna make a rip-off, atleast make it a good one.

                          1. IKR? I would be embarrassed to release this. I’m all for a graffiti shooter sub genre to emerge but this is just a terrible and blatant jab at Nintendo

                        2. so far we have knockoff versions of Splatoon in Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, and now Disney Infinity. the other two did no damage but Disney is using this to promote their game and Im pretty sure that breaks copyright laws.

                          1. It doesn’t. And honestly, it is just a simple level created using the Toy Box feature of the game. It just shows some of the things you can create within the Toy Box. This had to go through legal for approval.

                        3. I was mad when I read this… And then I watched the video and didn’t care anymore. That was possibly the most BORING and STUPID ripoff of Splatoon imaginable!! If your gonna rip something off ATLEAST DO IT RIGHT!! THAT IS AN INSULT TO SPLATOON, AND INFINITLY MORE BORING!! Wait didn’t I say I wasn’t mad?


                              1. This is not intended to spit in Nintendo’s face. It is a simple leve, with slightly similar gameplay. This had to go through legal to be approved. I work for the studio that developed Disney Infinity. Although, I’m not really onboard with releasing levels that pay homage to other games, when I’d rather release levels that are more original, this level still had to go through the proper channels to be released…so here was no face spitting at Nintendo.

                              1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

                                But…Splatoon main premise ripped off De Blob!

                                Shitty amiibo that give cave dwelling, smelly, neackbears purpose in life is a Disney Infinite ripoff, which is a skylanders ripoff…

                                Who the fuck is original anymore? We live in a world were idiots praise this stuff, idiots fuel this garbage. It’s the minority that complain, and even less is the minority that complain and actually stay true to their conviction.

                                Anybody who purchases federation force migh as well purchase this…seeing as FF is just a rip off of every team based shooter that has existed…world of hypocrites and weak minded followers.

                                Lucky to know, I’m unique, therefore I am superior!

                                1. Yeah but one thing is to create something similar whith a different purpouse (like amiiboos to skylanders), the other is to completely rip off a game mechanic and make it 100 times worse, also copying one of the stages. Who the hell buys this shit anyway? It looks like garbage and plays even worse. And people say Call of Duty is a bad game…

                                  1. What’s to say your way of thinking is original. I am sure others before you have said it, and you probably have been inspired by such. Aren’t you just another remix of other’s work? Isn’t your personality based on those who influenced/ raised you? There is a reason why the creative industry is difficult to get into after all.

                                  2. De Blob was about colouring the time and saving it from the bad guys who were taking away the colour and making everything all Black and White.

                                    Splatoon is about Squids who fight each other with their ink and fight against the Octarians who just want to take over the world.

                                    Don’t really see much similarities, are you feeling okay or are your trolling skills not as good as they used to be so you need to rip off over troll comments.

                                  1. And a bad one made by a big company. I know that most big companies live by copying the ideas of others, but I would have expected Disney to make one that at least does not look like a straight copy that cuts all features of the original and is just the basic gameplay on a map that is worse. And bad controls.

                                2. This should be copyright infringement! Nintendo can easily win a lawsuit against Disney infinity for this! Not only is it using the same map but it is calling it squid wars too! Nintendo better get them!

                                  1. The thing is Nintendo doesn’t care. Does anyone really think this will hurt splatoon’s sales? No. Splatoon will still sell because it is the superior game. Nintendo didn’t care about smash rip offs, they’re not going to care about this. There’s no need to sue anyone because it’s not worth the time or effort.

                                    1. Another thing to consider is that near everything Nintendo’s made that caught on has been imitated constantly ever since it was made. Nintendo invented the D-pad, and now every video game system needs one to this day. Super Mario Bros. popularized the idea that games can have endings. The Legend of Zelda made game saves a standard. Super Mario Kart created the kart racer. Super Mario 64 created the collection platformer. Pokémon gave birth to Spectrobes (which, I think is worth mentioning, was made by Disney Interactive), Fossil Fighters, Dokapon, and Yo-kai Watch. There’s the already-mentioned Super Smash Bros. and the Wii Remote. Once Advance Wars came out in English, other companies tried making military-themed grid-strategy RPGs. The Vita got its own half-baked version of WarioWare. Animal Crossing got ripped off via Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times. During the Blue Ocean period, Nintendo made Wii Sports, nintendogs, Style Savvy, DS Navi, and Brain Age, all of which have been imitated to smithereens (look at those Lumosity commercials; they are blatant imitations of Brain Age). The biggest one of all would probably be Tetris, though it’s not completely Nintendo. Games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled, which dominate mobile gaming today and earn billions of dollars for their companies, owe their existences to Tetris. You can also argue that the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and other such VR headsets are suspiciously similar to the Virtual Boy in appearance and interface.

                                      It’s not an issue of if Nintendo would be borderline plagiarized, but when. I think by now, Nintendo’s used to it, and they all know that none of them can really hurt Nintendo.

                                    2. They only sue good games that copy their games and would hurt their sales. (That Mario 64 remake was literally Super Mario 64 with 3D World textures, models and everything)

                                  2. Squid? Ink? Paint Turf? Could it BE anymore of a ripoff. There’s going to be a HUGE Backlash from this. Mark my words…

                                  3. They’ve done the video game developer equivalent of copy-pasting a paragraph out of someone else’s college essay and into their own, then turning it in and pretending like they wrote it all themselves. Completely, utterly shameless.

                                      1. If you took the time to read the description, the uploader himself said this “I do not think Nitendo copy cat this. ” It’s only a 30 second job.

                                          1. The game was never actually released so how could Nintendo have copied it? Inspired by? Maybe. They took more inspiration from Super Mario Sunshine, as stated. But no, Splatoon is not a copy of anything.

                                          2. No, they just copied a phrase of that essay and put their name on it. This is just very basic gameplay from Splatoon with Disney characters.

                                          1. Wow. That’s a straight up d&ck move. I’m actually surprised Disney felt the need to do that. I know Infinity is a pretty crappy game line, but I figured they made enough coin off of the figures alone that they wouldn’t feel so blantantly threatened. Hopefully they get enough backlash from fans and from Nintendo that they back off that idea entirely.

                                          2. If this was made by one of the users in the game, I’d be ok with it.
                                            But the fact that Disney themselves made this, obviously to rip-off Splatoon… Just wow.

                                          3. The video may be a user created level but Squid Wars? Turf? Squidiest kid? Come on, they’re not even trying to be subtle. And Disney approved this shit?!
                                            Lawsuit inkoming (get it?) I hope.

                                          4. Lmao… this cheap Arowana Mall crap looks so boring, yes Splatoon isn’t the best game but at least you can have lots of fun, this looks so empty and uninteresting.

                                          5. It’s created from Disney Infinity Toybox. You mean that all the games made from Little Big Planet and Spark should be facing the law suit too? Way to jumping the gun to start a shitstorm. Bet none of you were shouting at Ubisoft for making a pacman game in Super Mario Maker.

                                            Nothing to see here besides a company promoting a players creative work of making (copying if you may) a similiar game with another games toolshop.

                                            But yeah, it looks shitty compared to the original game, for good reasons.

                                            1. Actually it says it was created by the Disney Infinity Team right under the picture. As long as it’s free, I see no harm. If it does cost money, then I do see a problem.

                                              1. The problem here is that they are promoting their own game with it.
                                                It’s like saying “”Hey! Come play our competitor’s game and level for free using our system!” .
                                                It’s copyright infrigiment if they are being promoted by other people’s intelectual propriety.
                                                Another thing that really made a lot of people iffy is the fact that they didn’t even name drop Splatoon, going as far as saying their team created that level, which is a blatant ripoff of an actual stage in Splatoon.

                                                And not even going to comment about the fact that Disney is a big company, unlike other people ripping off Splatoon for lulz-modding purposes.

                                            2. “Let’s take advantage of the Xbox One and PS4 owners that want to play Splatoon. We can steal the idea, make a half assed rip off and still make more money than Nintendo did with the actual game.”


                                              HOW IS THAT COMPARABLE TO RIPPING SHIT OFF IN A TACKY DOGSHIT WAY



                                            4. What a joke people’s need to grow up Disney did not ripp nobody off because the colors gun been out from Disney 1.0 where it was use to colors the block so people need to take a chill pills and grow up because Disney infinity been out and the Nintendo game just come out and I been a gamer for almost 30 years so please chill out already with your bs

                                              1. Thank you someone say it because it would be lawsuits everywhere for every games that been copy off each others alot of peoples wanna jump the gun so fast on this one

                                              1. That doesn’t look like Splatoon. I don’t know why anyone is getting mad… except people who play Disney Infinity. I can see them getting really mad at this HORRIBLE looking game mode.

                                              2. Wow is it that hard to consider it an easter egg? Calling it squid wars was a dead giveaway to splatoon and you guys act like they made it a full videogame! For real its not that deep….

                                              3. LOL that’s a really sad attempt..well I don’t think Nintendo has anything to worry about…but yea poor disney infinity players that they get such a mediocre game mode…

                                              4. To be fair it’s content created with content already available in the game……much like the TF2 Splatoon mod…..but considering this was made by the dev team of the game itself? That’s a little legally worrying.

                                              5. Lol so they’re just gonna re-create other peoples’ games in their game? If we’re being honest though it looks pretty weak anyway. The real Splatoon would’ve flopped if it played like that.

                                              6. It’s weird reading these comments though… If a fan makes a Splatoon fan-game, he or she is applauded. If the fan who does it works for a company, it’s considered a rip-off.

                                                And for those who haven’t played Disney Infinity, the whole deal with the toybox is like a custom game/stage creator, akin to LittleBigPlanet.

                                                1. I mean, even the naming of this thing is obviously a shoutout. It would be like some recreating a level of Castlevania in Mario Maker and calling it Mariovania or something like that.

                                                  Unless it’s an effortless Chinese rip-off, the naming of everything is definitely a fan project but that can’t call it Splatoon because that fan works for a larger company.

                                                  1. Thats because you can expect a companies dev team to be forced to work only for profit at all times, and if that isnt the case you have to fire their manager, because he isnt doing his job at slave driving the dev team.

                                                    If this is a free pr thing for nintendo then they will get their well deserved backlash from their higher ups, and if not, get their well deserved backlash from the community.

                                                    Some things just dont fly in the industry.

                                                2. Nintendo steals the idea for NFC figures from Skylanders after rejecting an initial partnership years ago and watching them successfully make millions.
                                                  And now Disney Infinity is stealing the entire idea for Splatoon from Nintendo after it’s their best-selling Wii U game. Haaaaa.

                                                  Original ideas are just… about…. dead….. ermm, a… ideads.

                                                  1. Skylanders’ execution is horrible imo since you have a paywall for every character in a friggin game. They might make craptons of money off stupid whiny kids with it, but that doesnt make it a genuinely good concept. At the end of the day whoever does it the best is going to bank in on it the most. And that one is clearly going to be nintendo, since their approach is flexible and designed for longevity.

                                                    1. The only reason Nintendo will make the most money is due to their already multi-decade existing fanbase, and how they consistantly release throughout a year with near monthly figure releases pulling strings on all sorts of mini-fanbases within the main nintendo fanbase with every release. Skylanders, due to their fanbase’s 5-year-old existence, has a smaller capacity for purchase, with a fanbase less based around collecting, and more based around unlocking gameplay, and sharing figures with each other. With amiibos there’s very little permanently unlocked within the game upon scanning in, and often skins require each and every seperate amiibo to be unlocked. Whereas with skylanders, it simply requires an element, and simply having a friend come over with different elements than yours can easily unlock the full game with a grand total of 8 figures. They’re different NFC figurines, with different fanbases, and different levels of collectibility, comparing them is a tad pointless in this regard, as it always boils down to them being very different in almost every way, and wether you like it or not, putting someone who has collected an entire collection of amiibos in a better light than someone with a full set of Skylanders would just be silly. There. Steam out. Feels better.

                                                    2. New Super Mario Bros U is the best selling WII U game. 4.3 million copies sold. Granted Splatoon has some time to catch up, NSMB was a launch title, and Splatoon is definitely the more impressive game, but ahem… get yur facts straight guy. ;)

                                                  2. I don’t much care about ripoff games a year or two down the line, they’re pretty much the norm. But Splatoon just came out at the end of May. That’s some BS.

                                                  3. Nintendo will probably try to sue Disney for this. I would be surprised if Disney didn’t already own Nintendo, though….they seem to own everything else.

                                                    1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

                                                      Why would Nintendo sue them? This isn’t the first time another company took one of Nintendo’s ideas & made their own game using them. Look for Ophelia’s long comment on here to see what I mean.

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                                                  5. Sasori is dead, long live Sasori

                                                    Disney, Apple, Microsoft …. Trash companies that are unoriginal yet you people glorify them and keep them in business. Everyone saying lawsuit , but everyone created these monsters and everyone continues to support their ways hence the money poring out their asses. You people are to blame for their existence and their power…

                                                    1. You do know we basically need Microsoft and Apple right? As in without Microsoft, you would be using a shittier OS on your computer and without Apple you would be using a shittier OS on your phone.

                                                  6. Wow the developers at Disney Infinity really let their imagination loose to create a truly innovative game. What courage! It really takes balls to create something truly original like this when you don’t know how the public will react. Unfortunately nowadays, because of the pressures of the market, many developers simply opt to produce clones or copy known concepts/gameplay styles from other successful popular games. But not YOU Disney Infinity! You have surpassed yourself and made something truly Unique! BRAVO!!!

                                                  7. That looks like…

                                                    It kind of looks like that’s…

                                                    Oh yeah that’s a shoddy recreation of Arowana Mall.

                                                    ….seriously? Like, really?

                                                  8. There has to be more to this story than meets the eye. Looking at just how un-original and blatent this rip off is, my gut reaction was “Nintendo should sue the fuck out of Disney. This is obvious copywrite infringement.” Not because they stole the gameplay mechanics, but because they are using this to draw attention to their game. Now while I thought that at first, when I saw that the level was almost a replica of Arowana Mall, I realized there was something else going on here. This isn’t a rip off, its a tip of the hat. Its Disney saying, “respect” to the big N. Back in mid June,( around the time Splatoon launched ;) ) the VP of Disney Interactive, John Vignocchi, was quoted saying he hopes Mickey Mouse and Mario would be able to meet in the near future. These are two companies with similar goals when it comes to entertainment, even if Disney is much more villainous in its approach to business. They know that Mario and Mickey are two of the most recognized animated characters of all time, and it would be a tragedy if they weren’t to cross paths at least once. Yes I was IRRATE when I first saw this, but Disney isnt known for doing shitty copy and paste jobs like this one, and I can only imagine there is a deeper meaning here. Perhaps Nintendo gave them their blessing to make a splatoon style sub game before they started working on it. I think these two companies are on too good of terms to start a war by insulting the creativity of the other’s work. We should take a step back before we assume the worst, maybe this is a good sign for the future, not a spit in the face of Splatoon’s developers.

                                                    1. Uhhhhhh what planet do you live on? 7 million amiibos sold (in the u.s.) since they launched in November. I know that ppl buying something doesn’t prove its worth, but they are collectables, they dont unlock anything you need in order to fufill your gameplay experience, and they look nice. People enjoy them. I dont know wtf your talking about saying this shotty piece of shit is better than the amiibo line, Amiibos make the entire Disney Infinity game and figures look like a money pit with no satisfaction.

                                                      1. I live on earth how about you :)
                                                        “They don’t unlock anything to fufill your gameplay” uhh have you seen, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, Mario Maker, Codename Steam, Smash, Shovel knight etc etc
                                                        Plus if they didn’t, less people would buy them, and well nintendo probably wouldn’t release them, because they only seem to release mario toys

                                                        “They look nice” That’s your opinion, I don’t think so. Zelda, Marth, Shulk, Ike, Robin, Lucina, Peach, Charizard, Olimar, Bowser Jr, Bowser, Link, Ganondorf, Silver Mario, Golden Mario, Palutena, Pit, Dark Pit, Inkling Boy, Squid, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, DeDeDe, Samus, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer and Mario’s paintwork don’t even come close to the good paintwork and detail in a character like say, Sabine Wren or Hulkbuster

                                                        “I dont know wtf your talking about saying this shotty piece of shit is better than the amiibo line” First, Dont needs an apostrophe to become the word “Don’t” and wtf needs to be in capitals for the because it’s an Acronym. Lastly shotty? That isn’t a word, what do you mean? Shot me? Shooty? Shot? Shoot? I know you don’t mean shitty, anyone above the age of 10 knows not to say “Shitty piece of shit”

                                                    2. god help us if Disney ever tries to rip off Pokemon. Pokemon is its own company and they have no reservations about suing the fuck out of anyone who mildly abuses their IP or steals their ideas. I hope Disney does try that, because I would love to see the Pokemon Company take them to court and win. That would be more satisfying than catching mewtwo.

                                                    3. Doesn’t even have squids.

                                                      TBH, I wouldn’t mind if graffiti shooters took off as a genre and various different takes on the splatoon formula appeared, but this is an utter crap splatoon clone, at least make it decent and don’t call it squid wars if it has nothing squiddy about it.

                                                    4. Also, I don’t think Nintendo would sue, Miyamoto idolizes Disney, he would probably fire the legal team (or quit if unsuccessful at that) if they tried to sue Disney

                                                    5. This is just sad. Disney Infinity is running out of ideas… next thing they’ll do is make all Disney games available to the Infinity figures… hello, Amiibos. XD

                                                    6. Because Nintendo totally didn’t copy Disney Infinity and Skylanders with Amiibo, right? It’s sad that they can’t sell their own console and have to sell toys to their users. Even worse are the users who are over 16 who buy them. Seriously, what do you do when you have guests over? I wouldn’t be caught dead with those at my place. Guarunteed way to not get pussy. Think about it, you’re paying in installments of $12 to not get pussy. And before you start on about how bitches love pikachu, gamer bitches are disgusting, out of shape, acne riddled, yeast infected bitches.

                                                      1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

                                                        You were doing good but then you lost me when you started being a bro-dude gamer douchebag. You should have stopped after the second sentence.

                                                    7. That looks like shit. Disney couldn’t shit out an original idea. Disney has become lazy living off of other intellectual properties. Marvel was the beginning of the end of Disney. Fuck Disney!

                                                    8. Wow this looks so generic and boring, you’re no at all able to interact with the paint like you are in Splatoon. Not to mention being only restricted to ‘painting’ in squatre tiles

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                                                    10. Hey remember how Goat Simulator has Flappy Goat in it? Lets get angry about that. Frankly the fact that people say the map is a rip off should be taken as a compliment by the Infinity Team (Fans of Infinity who are contracted to use the ingame engine to show off and inspire what can be done with the Toybox by anyone who has the game) Clearly they did a great job creating a tribute to a great game. Personally I’m recreating City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2, it’s one of my favourite levels ever, and I am enjoying the challenge of getting the details just right. Will it be as good as the original? Probably not. Will it be an attempt by Disney to cash in on Sonic? No. Will anyone else enjoy it? Maybe. If Disney promotes it, who cares? The sad thing is most of the hate comes from people who have no idea what Infinity is, they don’t know and they don’t care.

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