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Super Mario Bros Is Officially 30 Years Old

Super Mario Bros. is officially 30 years old. The platforming classic was originally released three decades ago in Japan on September 13, 1985, for the Famicom. Interestingly, the North American release date for the game is still a mystery, but at least we know 1985 was the year it came out. Europe and Australia didn’t get the game until 1987. Nintendo is celebrating the beloved franchise with a range of special products, including the new Super Mario Maker, which allows players to create their very own Mario levels.


77 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros Is Officially 30 Years Old”

  1. Happy 30th Birthday Mario!!! And Peach…and Bowser…and Goomba…and Koopa Troopa…and Hammer Bro…and Cheep Cheep…and Blooper…and Buzzy Beetle…and Spiny…and Lakitu…and Brick Block…and Question Mark Block…

  2. Damn, but my copy of Mario Maker hasn’t arrived yet and the NES is broken, so to hell with that. This week I was working on my first FF7 playthrough so I’m going to feel like a traitorous Sonyan. I need to be eradicated from existence.

    1. I’m just happy that you wrote “playthrough” instead of walkthrough or Lets Play. Playthrough really is the best descriptive word for playing through a game.

      1. I though “walkthrough” was derived from the phrase ” I’ll walk you through it.” As in walkthroughs literally being a guide for a lost player.

        1. True. But I feel the word Playthrough is the best term if a person is recording themselves playing all the way through a game. The word “Let’s Play” just sounds like they’re going to play for a little while, then quit.

        1. Happy 30th birthday Mario Bros.!
          Sucks that we had to wait till ’87 but at least we had Atari 2600 and Commodore 64, which is nice.

        2. Is this ONLY for Super Mario Bros, or Mario in general? Because Donkey Kong was the very first game with Mario.

          This makes feel SO old.

          1. As much as I loved the original Super Mario Bros., I never cared about it anymore once SMB 2 and 3 came out. Which were both vast improvements.

          2. How could the north American release date for super mario bros be a mystery it came out the same day the nes was released here because it can with the nes.

            1. Everyone, please check out my first proper created level. I created the very first level from Donkey Kong Country on the SNES – Jungle Hijinxs! Took me a good while tonight because I wanted to perfect everything as much as possible with placing etc. I hope you all enjoy it! :)

              Course Code: 993B-0000-0032F3E5

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