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Splatoon Web App Now Supports Twitter Functionality

The Splatoon web app that was released back in August, now has the functionality to send Twitter notifications each time you are online. The app’s original use was to allow users to check out the current level rotations along with other features such as showing which friends are online.

The app is still in Japanese only, but can be used in any region. The web app will generate an image to post to Twitter, like the one that Cubed3 tested out below:

You can check out the web app here.



4 thoughts on “Splatoon Web App Now Supports Twitter Functionality”

  1. I don’t do Twitter, but still interesting.

    Can’t believe its only available Japanese text. But I should probably learn more languages just to be more connected with the world.

    I would like to learn German and Italian, but being stationed in the States it’s more essential to learn Spanish.

    Oh well. Sorry for my wander mouth. See y’all next time.

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