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CoroCoro: New Pokemon Info Including New Zygarde Forms And New Anime Pokemon XY & Z

The latest edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro has revealed a batch of new Pokemon related information. Zygarde is getting three new forms and the green blob you’ve seen floating around the internet is actually Zygarde’s core form that acts as his brain. Zygarde’s second form is Zygarde 10% which is a dog like form. He will also get Zygarde Perfect Form which is a golem like form.

The publication also announced that Greninja will be getting a new look for the forthcoming anime, but we don’t know whether this is a form, mega or a mutation. To round things off there’s also the new anime which is titled Pokemon XY & Z. We don’t know what Z stands for, but I will let you make your own guesses.


Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


47 thoughts on “CoroCoro: New Pokemon Info Including New Zygarde Forms And New Anime Pokemon XY & Z”

        1. Yeah especially when he hasn’t aged for shit, somehow doesn’t remember his own fucking adventures, PKMN and PokeDex history and his current voice acting sucks ass. I miss Taylor doing the voice.

          1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

            So that’s how they “rebooted” Pokemon… “Oh the main character doesn’t remember anything before this episode so we’ve rebooted the franchise.” Lame. Lame AND pathetic. Rebooting like that is what good writers like to call shitty writing skills.

            1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

              They should ditch Jesse & James, too. Those losers have been in the series long enough. Meowth, on the other hand, should either be the third member of a new duo or go to the main hero that should replace Ash. If Meowth is to retire with Jesse & James, replace Meowth with a new Pokemon that can talk. Preferably one that isn’t a legendary or mythical Pokemon. It has to be a common Pokemon like Meowth or it just won’t have the same feel.

            1. Idk how I feel about this. 3 years after x and y they decide to release z. It better have some changes and not be the same exact thing as the other two

              1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

                Agreed. Game Freak better pull a White2/Black2 with Z if this is the next mainline Pokemon game to be released.

              1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

                lmfao That was great since it follows the other guy’s comment about Zygarde being Pokemon’s version of Dragon Ball Z’s Cell.

                1. It’s based off of some mythology, like every other legendary Pokemon, but I’m too lazy to go into detail because I barely understand it myself. It does seem random that one form is a dog, another a snake, and another some giant mecha. haha

              1. The image of the new green pokemon that was floating around was obviously zygarde. it looked and was shaped exactly like a baby version of it so no surprise there. A dog form however, now that shit sounds hot. A green/black dog could look pretty fresh depending on how they do it.

              2. Can’t wait because it basically means Z is happening next year :) which is better than having gen 7 for the 20th anniversary IMO.

                1. If we’re going to talk an anniversary game, A pokemon red or blue remake for new 3ds would be better. Just use the same formula from ORAS but take advantage of the faster processing and facetracking 3d to make it all 3d. Plus Mega Stones, contests, and maybe an end sidequest to get mew. Possibly even a red blue squeal kind of like what they did with a link between worlds.

                  Or at least release anniversary VC OF Red and Blue with patches And online cable trading. Or even without trading and fixes and doing a direct VC port. Something at least.

                  Just my thoughts on it.

              3. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                Well that’s great. Zygarde was overlooked by Xerneas and Yveltal, and now he gets a second chance.

                1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

                  He sure has a lot of incomplete forms, though. Zygarde Core, Zygarde Cell, Zygarde 10% Forme, & Zygarde… 50% Forme(?). Which all culminate into Zygarde Perfect Forme. My god! This is almost exactly like Dragon Ball Z’s Cell! Only this version has 4 incomplete forms instead of 2!

                  1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

                    lmfao I was right in calling X/Y’s Zygarde by the name of Zygarde 50% Forme! Just read the details for how Zygarde Perfect Forme comes to be & it mentions X/Y Zygarde as being it’s 50% Forme.

                2. Yes yes yes. Whatever. It’s cool. But what we really want is a new GAME. If these things aren’t in the new games it’s useless.

                3. Sickr, you didn’t mention the fact that the Greninja was called the “Ash Greninja” in the corocoro article. It’s likely that it will be a form as apposed to a mega evolution due to this naming and look. It’ll be a lot like the Spiky Earred Pichu from Heartgold and Soulsilver.

                4. Game Freak needs to get their shit together already, tired of every recent Pokemon game having frame rate problems. And this better be fresh, not something almost identical to X&Y, also tired of they’re played out formula.

                  They make no effort to fix this shit either, they really piss me off as far as developers go. I couldn’t believe it when Ruby and Sapphire still had these issues.

                  Mainly why I’m really looking forward to Yo-kai Watch, and hopefully it takes off big here. Then Game Freak might actually stop being so lazy all the time when they see they have good competition.

                  1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

                    When you put it that way, I am not going to be anti-Yokai Watch anymore. Game Freak, AND Nintendo, need a swift kick in the nuts to try better with future Pokemon games. I hope the Yokai Watch anime does the same for the Pokemon anime. It’s time they get out of their comfort zone & let go of Ash Ketchum & Team Rocket’s Jesse, & James and bring in a new main character along with new stalker antagonists.

                5. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

                  Pokemon Z better be like White 2 & Black 2: a sequel instead of an alternate retelling of the same story from X/Y. Oh & Z’s backstory should fuse the stories of X & Y into one instead of being exactly like White 2 & Black 2. Y Z & X Z look like they’d be crap names.

                  Oh & now that I’ve thought more about it, Zygarde is a fusion of Frieza & Cell from Dragon Ball Z. The incomplete forms of Zygarde have a Cell vibe to them, no doubt, but the first 2 complete forms, in the shape of a dog & snake form respectively, of Zygarde give off more of a Frieza vibe as they are no doubt more like transformations than they are incomplete forms.

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