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Splatoon: European Splatfest Is Messy Bedroom Vs. Tidy Bedroom

Nintendo Europe has today announced the theme behind the next European Splatfest for Splatoon. Yes, the theme is Messy Bedroom Vs. Tidy Bedroom and you will have to pick a side! The proceedings kick off on Saturday, September 19th at 6pm and ends on Sunday, September 20th at 6pm. Which side will you choose?

Thanks, Lazara

20 thoughts on “Splatoon: European Splatfest Is Messy Bedroom Vs. Tidy Bedroom”

  1. What the fuck has been going on in Splatoon? The past day I’ve been getting a ton of disconnects and super long waiting times in the lobby

    1. Hmm. I was having the same problem yesterday too. They probably just ran into a problem with the servers or something.

    2. Same here. What’s most infuriating about it is the fact that you still lose rank points, even if the disconnection is caused by an error on Nintendo’s part. Extremely annoying.

        1. lmao, yea, I don’t really get it either. Apparently, the amount of points you win/lose after a match depends on the rank of your opponents. Meaning, if you happen to play against people with a higher rank than yours, you’ll earn more than the average amount of points if you win (or, lose less than the average amount if they win), and respectively, earn less than the average if you win (vice versa, lose more than the average in case of defeat) against a team with people on a lower rank than yours. It’s kinda confusing I guess.
          I don’t know, it seems like a stupid system anyway, as you shouldn’t be battling against people of higher ranks (I remember having to play against S and S+ players as an A- myself) in the first place. What’s the point of getting kicked off your lobby when ranking up then? The matchmaking really has its flaws.

        1. Because science and art is a totall nonbiased splatfest where no way in hell 80% will pick art over science and lose because all the plebs are on art.

        1. I think they should stop making splatfests so often and just make it like a monthly thing, so they won’t run out of ideas so fast

        1. “So how’s your room today, Charlie?”
          “So tidy and clean!”
          “Sweet! You know me and mine, messy as always.”

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