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Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Coming to Japan December 26th

Nintendo has today confirmed that Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem will be launching in Japan on December 26th. First print copies of the game include DLC for costumes from other Atlus games. The costumes include Shin Megami Tensei IV’s Walter, Devil Survivor 2 protagonist, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth’s Rei, and Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City’s Princess.

There’s a Fortissimo Edition that will be made available for Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. For those interested this comes with a special illustrated box by toi8, a six-track OST, original art book, and original DLC costumes. There’s another bundle which includes lyrics cards from six characters, a pair of sticker sheets, three “Support Quest” DLCs, and a 32GB Premium Wii U console.


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71 thoughts on “Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Coming to Japan December 26th”

    1. Bug off. Nobody wanted a fantasy game with normal ass characters we already know and have seen 1009748746 times. This is a new story, new characters. It’s much better. It’s made by fucking Atlus.

      1. its much better because its atlus? yea because everything atlus makes is perfect right?. The characters we got are even more generic.”It’s much better” better than what?

          1. the majority of the people of the fanbases wanted a game with the characters we know otherwise there wouldn’t of been an outrage, go read the comments in the first SMT X FE trailer and tell me people actually wanted this

            1. I honestly don’t what people are complaining about i mean we weren’t promise anything to begein with the first trailer was just a code trailer to let people know that the project was been work on kinda like the first trailer for metal gear rising this is not like Overstrile to Fuse where we were shown the first product characters and basic plot to later change it
              Honestly people should stop judging the game before even playing specially when the game is not even call SMT X Fe but Illusory Revelation Fe
              With honestly at the risk of ignate the rage of my fellow SMT fans and been kick out of the fandom i think this game was the best Course of action cuz otherwise we could have end with the cliché crossover story of the meet fight later figth together a new thread
              Plus i think the game has a shot of been good while atlus is not flawless they know how make and RPG

                1. True but let’s be honest if we go for classic universe crossover i still don’t see how it would have end up like the guys at the cathedral of Shadows podcast ( great podcast for SMT fan check it out if you can) said gameplay wise i can see it but story wise…eh
                  Honestly Majin Tensei would have been a Much BETTER idea for FE crossover than SMT considering how similar Majin Tensei is with FE

                      1. But that isn’t really enough though….again, I just want to play fire emblem on Wii u. I thought that this cross over might’ve been a fire emblem game gameplay wise but that didn’t happen….sigh. Fuck U nintenshit!

                        1. They said from day one it would be a ‘proper’ RPG and not a SRPG so I have no idea why you thought that.

                        2. I really cant take this game seriously .This just looks like… Generic anime fanservice game. I love anime, and heck, I don’t even mind fanservice if it’s done right. But this… It just looks like magic highschoolers fighting in bikinis and lingerie.
                          They already put off alot of fans who wanted to buy this game

                          1. i’m not worry hell i have play enoug of the SMT/Persona franchise to not be deceive by the look of the game specially knowning the lyrics of the song Reincarnation of the first trailer despite how happy the tune is it has a very somber lyrics which brings me to belive the game will start quite inocent to later take a darker turn kinda like Madoka Maybe

                              1. Madoka didn’t do it well either hell was very obvious by the opening and moody atmosphere that the show was gonna turn dark from the Star honestly rebellion did a better Job at fooling people just sayin

                              1. It’s not a Persona game, idiot.

                                I swear I wish I could just punch everyone that calls this game a Persona game. It’s a huge lie.

                                1. Honestly i don’t know why they call it persona since persona has more enfasis on story and personal bonding illusory Revelation Fe looks more like it would have a dark undertone hell the lyrics on the song Reincarnation from the trailer despite the cheery tune has a better somber lyrics which makes me think the game will start inocent and cute then that one thing will happen and the game will take a darker turn after all atlus like to play with tropes of the JRPG genre

                                  1. Yet why haven’t they shown off anything dark or something if the kind? Oh wait! Because they’re trying to appeal to waifu-loving thirsty weeaboos like you shitheads XD

                                        1. Most likely too boost sales as much as the SMT fandom doesn’t want to admit it, SMT has always been a problem to market in the west the best example of this is SMT Nocturne as it need to Put Dante(this is where infamous Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series came from) to boost the sales of the game hell it was thanks to Persona 3 that they series was finally started to take more Ground hence the reason why i think SMT IV switch to more animesque art style

                                          1. japan prefer cute things ove gritty stuff since there is no stigma for cute and soft there while in here in the west people think cute and colorfull equal kiddy or inmature this is the reason why a lot of japanese game change the boxart to make it more “Hardcore” this why kirby American boxart gets mock alot and this why people completly lost their shit when that catgirl was added to the tekken games (seriously that happen)
                                            Fortunately this gets averted in europe a little bit better but either way this why we rarely get some japanese release as publishers think western gamers won’t like them this i like atlus and Nintendo since they don’t give a fuck about that

                                            1. I fail to see your point, SMT was very popular in japan because it was because it was the very opposite of you just said, Nocturne changed the way JRPG’s were played forever

                                            2. How the fuck is it not a persona game? Whatever it is, an actual fire emblem with shin megami tensai characters as well could’ve been awesome! But nope…just another stupid anime with lots of shitty singing and occasional fire emblem cameos…joy…

                                              U mad weeaboo?

                                              1. I honestly don’t see how the crossover would have been good story wise gameplay i can see it but story wise i honestly don’t see the game Working without resorting to the cliché story of the crossover of they meet fight one another then they join to fight and original thread specially taking into account how different the universes of FE and SMT are
                                                Honestly Majin Tensei would have been a better idea For a FE Crossover but since Majin Tensei is pretty much death i don’t see it happen

                                            3. Those DLC outfits do look pretty tempting, especially that Walter costume. Not like I hated the game to begin with, but my girlfriend is the most hyped for that special edition given that she’s a Class A weaboo (loves manga more than comics, sleept with a dakimakura of all things, speaks full Japanese sentences at times or Engrish, etc).

                                                1. Actually, I’ve already done so a few times (thought that truly depends on her mood). What does she do when alone however is rather expected given her attachment to Rule 34 of all things.

                                                  1. How’d you find someone like that anyone? It’s pretty damn rare to find girls that are into anime, games, etc… at least from my experience. I guess you just got lucky then…

                                                    Anyways, have you ever heard of Watamote?

                                                    1. Let’s just say I wound up with her by accident, mostly staying in that friendzone for the semester until she came up front to me. Should’ve been listening to my colleague back there since he knew that the signs were obvious and I sadly didn’t listen to him. So I guess lucky would indeed be the word to describe my situation. XD

                                                      I’ve heard of Watamote however, but never got around to watching. Many say that it was good however, while some said that it’s one of those shows that insults you soon as you see it. I might think about checking it out later though.

                                                      1. Watamote is mainly praised as the main character tomoko, a high school student, suffers from severe social anxiety and results in her basically having no friends. In each episode, she tries to carry out some sort of plan to get friends…usually failing in the process (well, it is a dark comedy).

                                                        Surprisingly, tomokois an extremely relatable character and is basically the entire reason why the show is praised so much.

                                                        1. Sounds pretty good, much like the type of problems several anime fans deal with in reality. I’ll definitely check in out after finishing my speech work since Tomoko does sound pretty deep. Thanks for the recommendation.

                                                        2. …so much negativity. well i’m looking forward to this game. from what we’ve seen so far I say that Atlus still has quite a few tricks up their sleeves. And besides if was too much like SMT it wouldn’t do too well since SMT is obscure to many people,imo.

                                                          1. Lol this game was supposed to be for the fans of both series and you wonder why there is so much negativity, when they are pandering to the otaku fanbase instead of their actual fanbase

                                                            1. Say what you want but doesn’t change the fact that SMT still needed Dante and Freaking Persona 3 to gain more ground in the west Also this is the kind of Attitude as why the SMT has a bad rep

                                                                1. its just like how fire emblem wasn’t selling until they turned it into a wafiu simulator ,I don’t blame them for taking this route, pandering to otaku’s is the easiest way to make money with less risk, all it shows is that they don’t care about their previous fanbase

                                                                  1. People that don’t like this games is fucking retarded, not because they need to like it but because they NEED to give it a chance. Hardcore fans, my ass. I been playing SMT from a long time even during the bad times and i welcome this to the Franchise. It will be sweet to kick the haters asses when this game get good ratings
                                                                    Also it doesn’t matter if the idiotic part of SMT fanbase doesn’t want to admit it it’s thanks to persona and DMC that even the series gained more steam in the west since it has always been a problem to market in the west thanks to the spin off and extra material hell let’s not even bring the books into account
                                                                    This kind of mentality of going oh “it’s weebo shit lol” is more inmature of what the supposed pandering game do
                                                                    Listen one thing is not liking the direction that franchise take an another saying is ruin FE and SMT are not ruin but idiots elitists that can just not accept change will truly ruin this two franchise in the future

                                                                    1. I guess you haven’t playing long enough lol let me correct it for you, Persona got more steam because they had put the SMT logo on it, SMT already has an established fanbase unlike Persona which relied on SMT logo to gain most of the SMT fans. If you played SMT long enough you would know this. Just to let you know this game is no longer part of SMT or FE after being associated with it for so long because of the backlash of fans not wanting it(you didn’t even know that persona is not part SMT. Not every change is good, I don’t know why you think every change is good, what are you going to say if this game gets mediocre reviews?.This just looks like… Generic anime fanservice game.
                                                                      It just looks like magic highschoolers fighting in bikinis and lingerie and are pop stars.This game could of been done differently.
                                                                      They already put off alot of fans who wanted to buy this game

                                                                      1. It’s definitely part of the franchise… It’s a direct spin off from MegaTen and while it no longer carries the SMT name in the West, the underlying mechanics that make it SMT are all there. There are a load of SMT spin offs and all of them are different in a number of ways but they are still part of the MegaTen franchise.

                                                                          1. Yeah blame it on that then why they remade them for psp without social links since if that’s the case it would make sense to add them? Face it bub this has nothing to do with Weeboos or Pandering SMT just didn’t sell well until nocturne and that was thanks to Freaking Dante even then Persona 3 is what gain attention Also Decades of convenience updates make it really, really hard to play older SMT titles. The changes to fusion in SMT4 and P4G with skill selection alone.

                                                                            1. I’ve been playing SMT IV recently, and man, I wish that I could put down some fucking quest markers or something on the world map, or at least have a decent view of the world map, because I dropped it because I just got too frustrated trying to find where the fuck I’m supposed to go.
                                                                              The game itself isn’t even that hard, the enemies just hit harder and you get less money so you have to grind more and keep running back to the barracks way too often. Dealing with the bosses is super easy too. Save at the boss door, cycle through elements and attack types to gauge the boss’ weaknesses and level and either clutch it out or die and reload the save and rebuild your party to demolish the boss. Rinse and repeat with every boss.
                                                                              Also, recruiting demons is the most finnicky bullshit ever, there’s no strategy for it, it’s just dumping money and items and hoping you’re not losing a turn as well.
                                                                              All in all, I just really don’t enjoy the gameplay very much.
                                                                              I love the setting and story of SMT, but man, is the gameplay boring.

                                                                            2. when it was remade, none of the people who worked on persona 1 and 2 still worked for Atlus, so didn’t do any drastic changes to it. My point still stands. Nocturne came out 2 years before P3, it had nothing to do with p3 and it also had higher ratings than p3

                                                                          2. I eonder when the West will receive the game? think the game looks pretty good, and I definitely hope they bring over the special editions. The combat system of FE, the exploration of SMT, and an interesting story based on music.

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                                                                          4. I love how all the old smt fans get salty because P3 and P4 got so much love and keep complaining it’s not like the rest of the series. Guys it’s a spin off, it’s supposed to be different. They added socializing and in my opinion better art styles and the like to make the game more unique. P1 and P2 didn’t have that so…oh well.

                                                                            1. All games are related in so far as they share similar elements. SMT is a subseries of MT While Persona, Devil summoner, Devil survivor, DDs, and more are a subseries of the SMT series. They localized persona 3 and 4 with SMT in the title since most people outside of Japan would not know that it is a subseries of SMT. Persona 5 and I Persona 4 golden are no longer being localized with SMT on the cover because the series gained its massive following not as a subseries of SMT but as its own individual series as Persona.

                                                                          5. Oh my goodness gracious are their a lot of condescending elitist SMT fanboys on this site. Its a spin-off for christ’s sake, its not a legitamate part of either SMT’s or FE’s history. It’s trying to be its own thing which is why both series have been merged together into something that’s not entirely SMT or FE. If you dont like it, you don’t have to make it your life’s mission to get your point across, otherwise you just sound like a whiny brat.

                                                                            1. People should be able to express their opinions on products without being called “whiny brats” (this makes you look like a fanboy). I’d say the main reason for the hate is that people were expecting it to play like SMT or fire emblem…it basically plays like persona with a few fire emblem cameos chucked in there. Can you see now why people are disappointed.

                                                                              And don’t worry, we won’t be buying this weeaboo trash unlike you.

                                                                          6. The SMT has its own fair share of ” weeaboo fanservice crap”. Dont say its the most serious dark rpg that all other series must try to amount to. There are penis, boob, and vagina monsters. In fact one monster, Lady Diana is made up of boobs. That’s total waifu weeaboo fanservice crap. I love SMT myself but I cant deny it has lots of needless ”otaku pandering”. FE X SMT has regular people in bikinis and swim trunks, how is that more fanservicey than Mara the giant cock monster. The term whiny brat is reserved for those who post salty comments 7+ times.

                                                                            1. No one can be “whiny” over videogames because we don’t owe those companies anything-we’re just consumers expressing our opinions. What’s actually happening is fantards like you going “WAAAAHHH too many negative comments!! wAAAAaAAAAaAH”!

                                                                              The fan service pandering, whilst present somewhat in all games, has gone into fucking overdrive in this weeaboo shit fest of a game. There’s a difference between having grotesque monsters and having anime girls dance about naked. Then again, you probably jack all of over that shit XD

                                                                              Also, there’s a thing called the reply button…heard of it?

                                                                          7. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

                                                                            I think the problem is many fans of both franchises were expecting the usual type of crossover where two separate universes merge & have an assorted group of characters from both franchises fight against each other at first only to eventually work together to save their respective worlds from total destruction. This was the mindset many people hyped about this crossover had. When it became the exact opposite, half now hate it while the other half likes it.

                                                                            When they first announced this crossover, they should have specifically told us that this wouldn’t be the usual crossover. In fact, they should have told us this would be more like Kingdom Hearts with an anime story. If they had done this, there still would have been people hating this game but not to the extent there is now. I’m so glad I didn’t getting hung up on one specific idea for this “crossover” game or I’d be among the people hating this game.

                                                                            And no, I’m not against the people that hate this game for whatever reason because it’s not their fault Atlus AND Nintendo led them to believe this game would be an actual crossover that brought two different franchises together to be equally represented. They have a right to complain about being misled by these two companies. This is why you shouldn’t announce a video game that’s just started development with nothing more than a teaser trailer that doesn’t even show any of the game’s actual gameplay or story. When you do, you have no one else to blame for the backlash but yourselves, Nintendo and Atlus.

                                                                          8. The game looks interesting. I definitely enjoy the music. Also the tree house presentation definitely answered a few questions. I’m excited. It’s not very often we get RPG’S for Wii U. So I am glad we get something at least.

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