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Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Has Been Delayed Until 2016

SEGA has released a statement on their blog announcing that Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will be delayed until 2016, instead of its intended release date for the last quarter of this year.

Alright, classy people – today we’ve got some news for you. Some of you might initially see it as a negative, but I’m here to tell you why it’s a good thing.

The team at SEGA has decided to delay the release date of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, which we announced for Nintendo 3DS earlier this year. In order to make sure the game has the time and polish needed, we’re moving it out into 2016. No exact window from us, just yet – it’ll be ready when it’s ready!

In the grand scheme of things, while the downside is that you won’t be playing the game this year, the upside is that what you’ll play next year, and what fans will continue to play for years after they pick up the game, will be a stronger, more enjoyable experience.

We think that’s important, not just for this one game, but for all future Sonic titles.

Questions? Comments? Favorite desserts? We welcome them all in the comments, and we’ll have more news on Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice as we move towards next year!

– Aaron

This could potentially mean that SEGA has learned a valuable lesson after the issues with Sonic Boom: Rise of The Lyric. The extra time they have given themselves could be the difference between a rushed and a great game.



    1. Boom had 3 fucking years of development time and still ended up as one of the shittiest games ever made including that 3DS garbage that looks no better than Lost World or Generations ports. Longer dev time doesn’t always means a better game. Remember Duke Nukem Forever or Aliens Colonial Marines? All have longer development times and studio/dev team changes just like Boom did and none of them worked out at all because it’s either dumbass choices, work difficulty or complicated changes. Since there’s no true dedication or focus among the development teams, then the game is gonna look and work like shit.

      1. Duke Nukem Forever was shit because it was in development hell for years and years before finally being handled by someone else. Aliens Colonial Marines I can’t comment on, but the Boom games never changed studios during their development. Sanzaru and BigRedButton were the only ones working on the games, and now Sanzaru is working on this 3DS game exclusively.

        Don’t spout shit unless you can back it up with something more than flimsy comparisons. Besides, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of anything about the game in eons until now. So who knows what this spells for the game in terms of polish.

        1. I’m making a point about having long development time means nothing and those two games were an example. You need good ideals and dedication to the work to make it right. None of those POS even had a hint of that.

          1. ||The much debatted “Commander”, we’ll see just who of us will ultimately win the battle for gaming……

            1. >>>Yes, we will and nothing is decided no matter what you and the rest of your arrogant species say>>>

        1. Tge fact that they chose to slow sonic down and focus on boring combat AGAIN, plus the fact that they said it wAs developed for western “tastes” means it was doomed from the nanosecond it left concepting.

              1. ||Well then, they are even more useless than I thought, but what to expect when they are shifting their focus on the casual nonsense that is Apple……

                1. You think Apple is bad? Android on the other hand slips in viruses and bug every goddamn day and I see more garbage in their store than Apple’s. Not to say theirs is any better but quality wise, they’re on top of them. I’m not excusing Apple of any of their nonsense. Yes, their products are pricy, some of them even priced more than ridiculously.

                  1. ||I did not mention Android because Androids are of no concern to us as they are uttery insignificant to pose any threat……

                    ||And the servants of Apple are the epitome of flawed desings as gamers and must be exterminated at all costs ……

                    1. Well, thanks for stating the obvious. If only those dumbass Android noobs would listen. lol

                      That last comment right there, dead giveaway “Commander”. But do continue to pretend you’re a third person. lol

                    2. ||Again with this “Commander” subject, I guess all of you will never be free of his presence……

  1. OH NO! They’re doing what they’re supposed to when a game won’t be ready for release! HOW DARE THEY! The fans don’t want polish! They want a game that has a million bugs that needs a 1.5 – 2 GB update a couple months after release! UGH! I CAN’T STAND THIS NEWS!

  2. The guy’s right – I’d rather have a good game tomorrow than a bad one today. If only that lesson had been learned in the last 15 or so iterations of Sonic, then maybe the series would still be good.


    1. Except no one asked for a POS like Boom to happen. Nobody asked for 2006 to be rushed when Sega could’ve just delayed it for another year to be slightly better. Nobody even fucking asked for a sequel of THE WORST SONIC GAME EVER TO HAPPEN! They wanted Adventure 3, Chao Garden’s return and maybe Sonic Rush 3. But are they happening? Is Sega even listening?

          1. If I like garbage, I like garbage. Plenty of games I like from all systems that people don’t like. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. I’m not trying your mind, just stating I actually like the game.

              1. Maybe so but I play what I like. Why play something you don’t like that everybody else like. Personal choice is a wonderful thing.

                  1. I’m glad you saved your money and have your personal dignity just as it was money well spent for me and my dignity was never in question.

      1. ||Sonic Boom was the game after the game after the game and after the game that was horrible, so yes, in this case it’s right to predict the future……

      2. Umm..you’re forgetting Sonic 2006, Sonic R, 3D Blast, it’s not just Boom and yes, Sonic has been sucking on consoles since after Adventure 2 (fact). On Nintendo portables like Advance Trilogy and Rush 1&2 were actually good and the bigger projects wished they were that good.

        1. well, even the adventure games aren’t even that good, and some of the games you mentioned or from before adventure

          1. Bullshit. Have you even tried it or heard from fans and critics saying they’re among the best in the series where 3D actually works best? Yes there’s Generations but it’s hardly original at all.

            1. The Adventure games are awesome. But they do have their problems as well. Like the camera sometimes. And the characters mouths not syncing with words.

                1. Adventure 2 does have an HD version for PC, 360, and PS3. But Sega failed to do an actual remaster. All they did was slap on HD resolution and left everything the same. I had a hard time even noticing any differences.

  4. SEGA!!!! THANK YOU!!! It appears they finally learned something about developing games in that you can’t rush it. Perhaps this’ll be the next best sonic game. I do hope this is the start of a revolution of making actually good sonic games.

      1. What about Fans that liked (or saw the potential in) Shattered Crystal?… Why does everyone keep forgetting that this game is a sequel to THAT game and NOT Rise of Lyric?

        1. Both are absolute shit. The demo of SC showed that it’s slow..very slow and clunky and for some reason, YOU DIE WHEN YOU TOUCH WATER IN A 2014 SONIC GAME! There’s Lost World port which impressed me and Generations was good since it has exclusive modes and levels. SC, just like RoL, is SHIT.

  5. The reason why people dident like new sonic because its not a sidescroller speed type sonic game more adventure which i think looks cool

    1. I think the REAL reason, is that the games play horribily. Sonic Generations and to a lesser extent, Sonic Colors, weren’t Side scrolling games, but were still very well received. Sonic Lost World is a Love it or Hate it game, I personally have only played the Demo and the control just felt like it was away from the player and less we talk about Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric, the better.

      1. Lost World was a disappointment. It’s fun at times, but that fun turns to frustration on way too many levels. I only really liked a few levels. Colors is good but also really short. Generations’ gameplay would’ve been better for a regular and longer game. It’s also too short.

        1. Yeah…I download Lost World…bought into the hype… I loved the Zelda DLC, and…I tried, so hard to like the game…

          Then they created Boom and I was like, No fuck’in way! Lost World was Sonic’s chance to shine in a Modern age…and it just didn’t pull it off. :/

          1. I couldn’t get into Sonic Lost World didn’t catch my interest but I do like Sonic Boom (glitches and issues aside), the game was enjoyable for me.

    2. No it’s because it’s a barren, incomplete, shallow and annoying POS that’s more terrible than the laughably bad Sonic 2006. At least 2006 is good for roasting it for being so bad. This one…it’s basically nothing but incomplete nightmares with constant fucking dialog that makes kids wanna break that shit in half.

      1. Explain why most of the comments about the game on miiverse have been positive. You know the people playing the game. Then again if some people may be like me, they don’t like a game then they don’t speak on the game ever again.

        1. Miiverse is full of dumb kids and fools not knowing broken games when they see it. Besides, it’s a deadweight sorry ass social medium pretending to be Twitter with restrictions that’s a lot more worse.

          1. I’m guessing you one of the few that didn’t like the Miiverse changes or maybe you didn’t like it from the beginning. You answered my question with an explanation so thank you. That is all.

            1. No. It was promising from the start and then Nintendo fucked it up in every way. BS bans, removal of posts while hypocritically keeping those that are deemed inappropriate, text limits and now the fucking update ridding a few features and limits comment/message posts.

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