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Super Smash Bros Is Getting A Super Mario Maker Stage Later This Month

A brand-new stage based on Super Mario Maker is coming to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS on September 30. It will be available as paid DLC for $2.49 on either system, or you can purchase both versions as part of a bundle for $3.49. At the beginning of a battle, players will see the “hand” create a stage. The stage layout changes every time you play, and the same hand will fix any broken blocks during battle. The Super Mario Maker game is available now for Wii U.


31 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Is Getting A Super Mario Maker Stage Later This Month”

  1. Now can we get a stage creator akin to mario maker in smash? The current stage creator feels like a significant downgrade from Brawl.

    1. Also, loving how there isn’t any negativity in these comments yet! No “NINTENDO SUCKS BALLSFJSAO;IH” or “Hmmph. Another Mario stage? weak.”

    2. …I just paid a mario game, Super Mario 64 in eShop…. I PAID WITH IT $2.00… NOW I HAVE $1.32… THANKS FOR STAGE BUT WHY YOU ALWAYS MADE MY WALLET WAS SO EMPTY.

      But at least we have that neat stage. c: …Damn Nintendo… :’c </3

    3. Officifer Skeletons420♣

      Awesome idea! I love the inclusion of the old 64 Zelda castle recently! That map is so flippin sweet and give me the nostalgia bumps.

      1. It looks like they just copied and pasted the stage though. The background could have used better hi-red textures/graphics.

        1. I think that’s just the choice they made. They could’ve revamped it, given it polished graphics, more polygons, the works. But by keeping it preserved exactly the way it was in the N64, they’ve sort of stayed true to the stage and it has loads of nostalgia. I think either choice would garner lovers and haters. People might’ve liked to see it revamped, while others might’ve complained that they wanted it to be JUST like the original one.

        2. I figured they would have myself, but personally I like how everything is just as it was. Even the way the Tornado moves and works. I love it.

      2. True , no hate yet ! And also no one mentioning if the hands race, gender, species will change each time as well to be politically correct ! (True morons and ignorance exist!)

      3. At least these are fair prices. But man, Nintendo is adding so much DLC that they won’t have anything new to use in any future Smash Bros. games (if there’s any more).

      4. Am I the only one upset by the price? I think that $2.49 is simply too much for a stage, even if it is really fun to play :/

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