Take A Look At Wii U’s Christmas Commerical

Despite the fact that we are weeks before Thanksgiving, I’m finding it hard not to get in the spirit of Christmas with Nintendo’s “Magical Nights” Christmas commercial. The holiday-themed ad features Super Mario Maker, Splatoon, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U — check it out below. What do you think of the holiday commercial (and how early it is released)?

Next Month’s Super Smash Bros Video Presentation Will Be The Last One

Here’s hoping that next month’s Super Smash Bros. video presentation will deliver the goods because, according to Nintendo of Europe, it will be the last broadcast for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Nintendo’s hit fighting game. During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Square Enix’s Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII was announced as an upcoming playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. He will soon become available as downloadable content alongside a new Midgar stage.

A New Challenger Approaches!: Cloud Strife – the legendary protagonist from the classic RPG game FINAL FANTASY VII – will enter the battlefield as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in the future. Additionally, a special broadcast – the last one for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS – will be released in December.

-Nintendo of Europe PR

Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Announced For Super Smash Bros.

In the biggest surprise of the night, during today’s Nintendo Direct it was announced that the iconic Cloud from Final Fantasy VII would be the newest challenger in Super Smash Bros. This will come along with completely new stages.

This is a developing story — it will be updated as more news becomes available.

Zero Loses His First Smash Bros Wii U Tournament To Nairo Ending His Winning Streak

In a surprising turn of events, professional Super Smash Bros player Zero has lost his first Super Smash Bros Wii U tournament to Nairo which puts an end to his impressive fifty-six tournament winning streak. Nairo managed to beat Zero 3-2, 3-1 in the Major League Gaming 2015 Super Smash Bros Wii U Grand Finals. You can watch footage of the historic event in the video embedded, above.


Thanks, Homero and MasterPikachu6

Amazon Lists Super Smash Bros Digital Complete Pack

Popular online retailer Amazon currently has a listing for a Super Smash Bros Digital Complete Pack. This mega bundle contains all the downloadable content released for the game thus far. There’s been so much downloadable content for the game that if you decide to purchase it all separately then it amounts to over $50. If you want the complete edition of the game then it will cost you $99.99 on the Wii U and $79.99 for the Nintendo 3DS version.

  • Wii U DLC collections 1 to 3 when bought individually – $41.93
  • Wii U package saving at $99.99 – $1.93
  • 3DS DLC Collections 1 to 3 when bought individually – $41.93
  • 3DS package saving at $79.99 – $1.93

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Former NoA Employee Hints He Knows Who Next Smash Bros DLC Character Is (Update: Now Denied)

We all are left guessing who the next character could be in Super Smash Bros. What we can apparently rule out is the character is not Shovel Knight, Wolf, or Shantae and it is a newcomer that going to get a lot of people talking. Here’s what we know so far based on a number of tweets and forum posts.

  • This character is a newcomer.
  • This character is popular, but may not be the #1 character on the ballot.
  • This character would make a lot of buzz in social media.
  • This character is a first-party character.
  • This character’s inclusion shouldn’t be a surprise.
  • Although one of the guys promptly deleted the tweet, the character is not Wolf, Shovel Knight, or Shantae.
  • Apparently it’s a Newcomer + New Stage combo according to Stealth.

Update: Additional information has been supplied which suggests that “Not only is the new character not affiliated with the Smash Ballot according to those in the know, but the character is supposed to be revealed “very soon” & will supposedly be released by the end of the month.”