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Wii U Can Connect To Two GameCube Controller Adapters Simultaneously

A single Wii U consoleĀ can connect to two Nintendo GameCube controller adapters simultaneously. This feature isĀ supported by Super Smash Bros. for Wii U’s recently-revealed 8-player Smash mode, which lets eight players fight at the same time in local multiplayer matches. The adapter will launch alongside the Wii U version of the fighting title on November 21st. Nintendo is also planning to release a bundle that includes the game, one GameCube controller and an adapter.


Mewtwo Returns To Smash Bros, But You’ll Have To Purchase Both 3DS & Wii U Versions To Get Him For Free

The Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct has revealed a veteran fighter is returning to the battle. Popular among many Smash fans, Mewtwo is back and ready to take down a few fighters in the arena. Fans will be able to grab him for free in Spring 2015 providing you’ve registered both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game in a special online promotion. More details will become available in the future on the promotion, so stay tuned.


Eminem Buys Wii U For Smash Bros As He’s Apparently Bored With Destiny

Prolific music producer and rapper Eminem has reportedly bought a Wii U in order to play Super Smash Bros next month as he’s so bored with Destiny. According to a number of tweets on the issue, the news snippet was shared by talk show hosts on Shade 45 – a Sirius XM radio channel produced by Eminem. Though it may just be an inside joke among the hosts of the show, it’s an interesting tidbit for sure. And given he’s a big fan of Donkey Kong, it’s no surprise he may be picking up Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Here are a few tweets from those who were listening to the show:

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