Nintendo Will Be At NicoNico Chokaigi

Nintendo Japan has announced that it will be attending NicoNico Chokaigi which takes place next month. There will be plenty of things to keep attendees entertained including the Super Smash Bros Wii U 2-on-2 World Grand Prix. This will see various Apex 2015 attendees take on some of Japan’s finest Super Smash Bros players. The winners of the tournament will receive a New Nintendo 3DS with a completely original face plate. Aside from the Super Smash Bros event there will be time for attendees to go hands on with Splatoon which launches the next month. There’s also a Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire competition, and stage shows for the following games: Dragon Quest Ⅹ, Pokken Tournament, The Great Ace Attorney, and Super Mario 30th anniversary from Center CX (featuring Mario Maker).

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James Miller Takes The Crown And Wins Nintendo UK’s Super Smash Bros Invitational Event

James Miller will no doubt be celebrating this evening as he has scored a win at Nintendo UK’s Super Smash Bros Invitational event which took place today. There were a total of 32 players at this year’s event and James Miller won the event playing as Mario’s much-loved brother, Luigi. As well as knowing that he had defeated all this opponents, Miller also walked away with a £60 Nintendo eShop voucher to spend on games of his choice.

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Smash Bros Wii U Wins ‘Excellence In Multiplayer’ In SXSW Gaming Awards

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has been voted for “Excellence in Multiplayer” in the SXSW Gaming Awards. The Wii U fighting game was up against four titles that don’t appear on Nintendo platforms: Destiny, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Titanfall and TowerFall Ascension. The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. lets up to eight players fight simultaneously in local multiplayer.

Final Fantasy Composer Wanted To Work On Super Smash Bros 3DS And Wii U

Each entry of Super Smash Bros always has a wonderful soundtrack, but some were wondering why legendary Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu, didn’t return for the latest edition on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Well Uematsu says that he did want to work on it, but Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai didn’t send him an invite. However, he isn’t bitter or disappointed as he says that there are lots of notable Japanese musicians who worked on the game.

“I have a feeling that I got the job offer from Mr. Sakurai while we were drinking,” Uematsu says when thinking back to how he came to compose for Brawl. “He would let me selfishly do whatever I wanted, whether it be using an orchestra or using opera singers.”

“Why didn’t I participate in the new Smash Brothers!? Ask Mr. Sakurai! I wanted to work on it! All joking aside, it’s just that, since there are many video game musicians representing Japan who are already participating, there’s no need for me.”

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Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Update With amiibo Support Available Now

Nintendo has released new update data for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Available now for download in the Nintendo eShop, patch version 1.0.5 is required for accessing the fighting game’s multiplayer features. Once users install the update, they will no longer be able to play local multiplayer with players without the update installed. Additionally, any replay data that was saved prior to the update will no longer be playable. The latest update for the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. includes the following changes:

  • Share mode has been added.
  • Users will be able to post photos, replay data, and Mii Fighter data to the official server to share with other users around the world. Users will also be able to search and download the content as well.
  • Users will be able to share and exchange photos, replay data, and Mii Fighter data with users on their 3DS Friend List.
  • Users will be able to post photos to Miiverse from within the game
  • amiibo functionality has been added to New Nintendo 3DS XL
    Users can tap their amiibo figure to the touchscreen to transform them into “figure players (FP)” to battle, train, and level-up their FP.
  • In order to let you play the game more comfortably, we have also fixed some issues.

Super Smash Bros 3DS Amiibo Update Will Be Available February 10

Nintendo has revealed a new update will be arriving for Super Smash Bros. 3DS and will be available to download in the eShop tomorrow. According to Nintendo of Europe’s download newsletter this morning, the update will enable support for the Super Smash Bros. collection of amiibo on the new Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL systems. So if you’ve already upgraded with an Ambassador edition, or are purchasing a new system this Friday, you’ll be able to begin portable amiibo training from February 10. Those with a standard system, though, will have to wait for the release of a special peripheral device to be released by the company in future months.

A free update will also be released on 10th February for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS that will enable amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. Collection to be used with the new systems.