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US: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tops Amazon Game Best Sellers Of 2018 Despite Not Being Out Until December

The next entry in the Super Smash Bros series was always going to be eagerly awaited by  fans and what we’ve seen so far of Super Smash Bros Ultimate it doesn’t look as though it is going to disappoint. The game is sitting at the top of Amazon’s video game best-sellers list of 2018 in the US, despite the game not launching on the Nintendo Switch until the 7th of December. We’ve got a while to go before the game releases, but this is certainly a very good sign.




  1. Sakurai’s hard work is already paying off literally months before his game releases. I hope more developers are inspired by his effort and we see more high-quality, jam-packed releases in the future.

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      1. I don’t know about Travis but I also don’t Paper Mario will be added not because I hate him but I think we need more reps from other series


      2. Well, for the fact that Travis is more at home in Nintendo consoles, I think he’s possible. (kind of like Shovel Knight)


  2. Totally deserved, this is what happens when you actually put passion and effort into your games, and fill it with as much content as possible. Take notes, EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc… Sakurai is one of the best lead developers out there.

    I’m still laughing at all of the complete fools who called this game a port.

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    1. I don’t know which team of Ubisoft you’re talking about.

      To me The Starlink and Mario+Rabbids developers did and are doing an amazing job


    2. It is a port. Not a lazy one like some of the others granted. They’ve done a respectable amount of work upgrading it from Wii U.


      1. Are you fucking kidding me. This game may not have as big changes from 4 as compared to the other Smash entries but that doesn’t mean it’s a fucking port. A port is where you transfer the game to another console and keep the base mechanics, game play style, and roughly the same characters. Smash Ultimate has changed all of those. The roster has increased in size IMMENSELY. Directional air dodges were not in Smash 4. There are a TON of new modes. DK Tropical Freeze was a port because it kept the same game, it only added a few new things, but DIDN’T CHANGE THE BASE GAME. Hyrule Warriors Definitive edition is a port, it took both of the previous versions and melded them together but kept the exact same game with the SAME NAME. Did I forget to mention that changing a fuck ton of final smashes destroys the claim of Ultimate being a port?

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  3. I guess I’ll never understand it. I mean, I’m still waiting for a geniune reason to buy this game. And I haven’t really heard anything yet. But my feelings are expected I suppose, since open world games are pretty much all I like lately. I feel like I’ve moved on past Mario and Smash Bros. games. They don’t seem to be my cup of tea anymore.


  4. Since Amazon’s 20% off is ending this week, people are locking in their preorder price now. That’s probably had a big effect on early sales.


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