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Nintendo America Reveals Super Smash Bros Ultimate Has Become Most Pre-ordered Smash And Switch Title Ever

Things are certainly looking good for the Super Smash Bros series as the long-awaited next entry in the long-running series is set to launch in a couple of weeks. Nintendo of America has announced today that Super Smash Bros Ultimate has become the most pre-ordered Nintendo Switch title yet and has also become the most pre-ordered Super Smash Bros game ever. 


  1. Well they’ve been advertising it like crazy. When I have friends that don’t game tell me if I pre-ordered it then that’s how you know it’s serious lol

  2. This game is going to be a match made in heaven, I cant wait until December 7. I already paid way ahead, the same day I went shopping and bought a burger with some bread.

  3. Ive preordered my digital copy of it, I can’t wait. It must be the best smash bros game ever, so I’m excited.

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