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Game Informer Editor: Next Zelda Game Coming “Sooner Than We Think”

Imran Khan, who is the editor of Game Informer, has revealed in their latest podcast that the next Zelda game is due sooner than we think. The news was shared when the team were discussing a Zelda-themed Nintendo Switch system. Ben Hanson, who is part of the Game Informer crew, said that he predicts the next game will be a co-op Zelda game by the Triforce Heroes team, then Khan chimes in with the following:

“I was just thinking what I should say about that. The next Zelda will probably be sooner than we think…I will talk to you guys off camera about stuff.” And when asked if it is a game by the Triforce Heroes team and involves co-op, he responds, “Um, not exactly.”

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65 thoughts on “Game Informer Editor: Next Zelda Game Coming “Sooner Than We Think””

  1. I feel like “sooner than expected” is still probably going to be mid-2020 at the earliest, unless it’s some sort of spinoff like a Mario Maker-type game.

    1. I don’t know… He never says a sequel to BOTW. I think that’s probably at least mid 2020. But Aonuma confirmed that the Console and Handheld teams stayed separate, so I would not be surprised by an incoming 2d Zelda or something. In fact, we’ve gotten a new Zelda (handheld/2D included) every two years (sometimes less) since 1998. (1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017). To be clear those are all mainline entries on the timeline, not just spin-offs.

  2. The engine is ready so it takes only a year for assets and another year for that sweet Nintendo polish.
    And Yesterday Nintendo shared that they will not reveal a timeline for the imagination …

    Because, they wanna sell you a book later or the next game will explain Botw timeline.

    I think because Nintendo knew they gonna spend a lot of cash on Botw Engine, they had already the story split up and a second game in mind. Like what they did with the Ocarina Engine and pushed out a second sell of that engine with Majora.

  3. Please, PLEASE go back to the days of OOT and Skyward Sword, even Twilight Princess!

    You know, a Legend of Zelda game.

    1. Skyward Sword is one of the worst selling mainline games so I can guarantee you they’re never going back to that. They’ve also confirmed long ago that future titles will follow BotW’s “open air” structure and why wouldn’t they with how quickly it became the best selling game in the series?

      1. All they mean by a return to OoT and SS is a return to standard Zelda structures, not specifically a return to everything SS. SS may not have sold superbly (although it did decently on a dying console to be honest), but the likes of OoT and TP did very well in their time.

        I agree with you though, there’s no way they’re diverting from the BotW formula so quickly – nor do I want them to, I’d rather they developed and improved on that formula.

      2. That’s fine and all, but there needs to be more Zelda in the future BoTWesk games like actual dungeons instead of puzzle rooms or the divine beasts that held your hand tighter than Fi.

        I’d also like to see some better weapon/item variety that functioned offensively and puzzle mechanically.

        BoTW is the best selling mainline game, but it’s also the most divisive one.

        1. Divisive? From my experience the people who don’t like BotW are a pretty small minority. That’s not really divisive if most people praise it.

          I’d like more traditional dungeons too just so you know.

      3. As more time goes on, I see more people coming out to dislike BoTW only to be followed by rabid fanboys trying to shut them up.

        1. It’s still a small minority. There’s always been people that dislike certain aspects of the game like the dungeons but still very much liked the overall package.

          1. We’ll see in 10 years from now. I saw this same reaction with Skyward Sword when it came out. It was blasphemous if people dared say anything bad about it back then. Now all of a sudden I see people on average don’t care for it. I suspect the same thing with BoTW especially since it’s so vast a world with very little in it.

          2. I think i should mention that im really not opposed to the openness of BoTW, but they need to actually add dungeons, add greater variety in items/weapons, and do something to address the lack of difficulty scaling.

            ALTTP was basically open world minus a dungeon which you needed the hookshot from the swamp temple to get to, and that’s my favorite Zelda game.

              1. Not really. The ice and time functions are barely used. The ice is also not useful at all in combat. The weapons are barely useful for puzzle mechanics except the bow. The melee weapons can also be categorized into 3 sections: 1 hand, 2 hand, pole arm. Just because there are a lot of different swords, clubs, etc doesn’t mean there’s weapon variety when they all function the same.

      4. Well ENJOYED Skyward Sword (apart from Impa and the Imprisoned). Hell, it was one of the two best games I played in 2012.

        As to why shouldn’t they: they changed too much from past games (and alienated many older fans), where it’s hardly a Zelda game. It may get rave reviews and sales, but it’s not Zelda. And I do not want the future of the franchise to solely be a quasi-DarkSouls-esque game with breakable weapons and aggressive enemies/everything-kills-you environments (sky lightning, poison water, etc.)

        I can only hope and pray for Link’s Awakening 64.

      5. I agree with cmdbubbles about BotW being divisive. I use to think it was just a small minority who hated The Last Jedi, for example, but it’s pretty clear that movie was more divisive than I initially believed.

      6. Skyward Sword was just bad in how ridiculously linear it was in its design and sometimes the mandatory motion controls didn’t properly work (and how you fight the same boss three times within an hour), but it has one of, if not the best, story in the series. If they could combine the open world of BotW and the storytelling and progression of Skyward Sword, it could be glorious.

    2. No thanks. Non-linear Zelda >>>>>>>>>>> Linear Zelda

      Yall are just used to the games like Twilight Princess holding your hand and pointing you down a hallway to get to the next cutscene.

      BOTW has the most varied and fun gameplay in the series. If they go back to what they were doing before, it’s gonna feel like a huge downgrade.

      1. No one here is advocating for non-linear worlds. Hell, look at Skyloft. THAT isn’t linear. Neither is Faron, Eldin, Lanaryu, or other parts of Twilight Princess.

        And what I’m for scrapping, isn’t a non-linear Zelda game, but breakable weapons and (I know I’m getting biased flak for this) over-aggressive enemies (hard than any in past Zelda titles by far) that will hunt you dead.

        Besides, ALBW had open worlds, but you don’t see me complaining about that game.

  4. You guys all wrong. It’ll be 2026! They wont release anything other Zelda game for the switch. ITll be for the New system

        1. Them releasing at the same time doesn’t change the fact BotW was a Wii U game ported to Switch. It’s development started on Wii U so therefore it’s a Wii U game ported to Switch. It’s basically Twilight Princess as that game was made for Gamecube but got ported to Wii. I’d even go so far as to say Skyward Sword was made for the Wii BECAUSE Nintendo considered Twilight Princess a ported GCN game.

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  7. Well, Anouma did say future games will be like Zelda Breath of the Wild so maybe they plan to use the world of that game and expand on it?

  8. I guess I’m the only one that is not a big fan of all that open world stuff. Going for hours finding 13 memories, I have to admit it was tough. I think this game was rather lame, I miss Wind Waker and Twilight Princess all the same.

    1. Same, i wasnt a fan as the openess killed the story, dungeons, qnd unigue enemy count…

      I didnt like how there were no story arcs it all felt flat. Zelda was the only character who wasnt built to be a trope… They Tried giving characters personality but you can tell it all went to zelda herself… They did have some stuff for mipha but it wasnt enough… That and the world music took a large hit too dont get me wrong i dont hate the game…. It just wasnt what it was hyped to be

      1. The problem wasn’t the openness. The problem lied in the fact they built the gameplay around the openness aspect instead of the openness being built around the gameplay. They sadly thought an open world would ruin the story when that’s not the case. Clearly Aonuma didn’t play enough of The Witcher 3. If he had, he would have seen you can do an open world game and still have a great story and good gameplay. The sad truth is Aonuma ignored all the things the Witcher 3 did great and just broke it down to nothing but a violent, gory game with sex and nudity. :/

      2. I would argue that Revali also had enough personality to rival that of Mipha and Zelda (I can’t say the same for Urbosa or Daruk, the latter being much worse than the former).

        Revali was such a proud warrior that when he was recruited to be support for Link rather than being the star player, he became filled with contempt for the Hero and helped him begrudgingly, still believing until the very end that his abilities and talent were being squandered. Later after Link frees his spirit and Vah Medoh from Ganon’s control, Revali secretly concedes that Link is the better warrior and becomes more than willing to aid Link in the final confrontation, realizing and accepting his role- though he isn’t at the forefront where he wanted to be, his job was very important to Link’s success.

        Mipha had hidden romantic feelings for Link and that was the driving force for much of her character and development. Seriously though, what is it with Link always attracting the fish people?

        Urbosa was the Chief of the Gerudo and close friend and confidant to Zelda. Not a whole lot more going for her character.

        Daruk was… He was… Uhhh… He was really just a hype man though not nearly as good as Capn’ Cuddlefish. Like I said, he was the least interesting of the Champions.

        1. Not quite on revali… Hes the envious arrogant jealous character trope… Thats really it to him…

          Mipha yes had the childhood friends shy girl romantic trope but she atleast did have a drive to do things for link. And have some backstory on her own regarding what the people said about her past not only with link by her alone. And show how caring she was to her brother. Its still not much but she still had more material than the others….

          Daruk the brotherly guy

          Urbosa the fem fetal… He also saw zelda as her child. But still wasnt enough… They could’ve done alot more with them but just didnt…

  9. I’m not sure when it started,maybe it was since Oot3D,but for a while now we’ve been getting a new Zelda game every year unless I’m mistaken. Whether it’s a port,a 2D game,a remake,a spin off or a main entery,we always get something Zelda related every year,so I’m sure they’ll annonce a new Zelda game for 2019,most likely a 2D game,the Botw sequel won’t be ready for sure.

  10. I’m actually a little surprised we haven’t seen ports of Windwaker HD or Twilight Princess HD brought over to Switch. The only reason i can think of for that is that they’ve got a BoTW sequel being fast tracked.

  11. Lol I’m glad it’s not like Triforce Heroes. Like anyone has exactly 3 people and 3 3DSs at any time. I would like to see some kind of splitscreen though, not like someone being a fairy(just like Luma or something lame like that, player 2 only being for “support”) but maybe like a different character.

  12. So many ways it could be coming sooner than we think: a direct sequel to BotW that reuses BotW’s Hyrule and just adds a few new locations to the open world, an HD port of Ocarina 3D and/or Majora 3D, a Switch version of Twilight Princess HD that takes the Wii version and makes the motion controls more along the lines of Skyward Sword and BotW or just adds the Twilight Princess HD quality & additions to the Gamecube original with no motion controls, a Wind Waker HD port that removes the Gamepad controls but keeps the overall changes, or even a 2D sprite Zelda game which doesn’t take much time to make these days if you’re a big company like Nintendo.

    1. Skyward Sword is probably next on the chopping block to receive a remake- with the superior motion technology the Switch has, we might finally experience the game the ways the devs envisioned, kinda like how the recent Luigi’s Mansion remake on 3DS lets us play in stereoscopic 3D like they wanted back on Gamecube, but couldn’t due to how expensive the tech was back then.

      If that’s the case, they’ll need to fix a bit more than the motion controls. I’m sure they’d need to fix fighting The Imprisoned 17 times if they want to attract anyone, though it would wreck the story…

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