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Famitsu: Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai is now considering early retirement

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has said in his latest Famitsu column that he is considering early retirement. Mr. Sakurai says that he plans to end his popular Famitsu column “this year at the latest” after the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s last two fighters. He went on to say that “Everything must come to an end at some point. He then added that he feels “it’s okay to work as hard as I can right now, while I can, even if it makes me very busy.” However, he went on to say that it “doesn’t mean that he won’t be involved in game-related work in the future.”


28 thoughts on “Famitsu: Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai is now considering early retirement”

  1. Ah yes because Sakurai absolutely always has said stuff like this before and absolutely always has stuck to it.
    I love Sakurai, he’s definitely up there as 1 of my all-time favourite game directors but he’s 1 of the prime examples of the boy who cried wolf.

    1. I think it’s because he’s a perfectionist. He wants to retire, but has a fear of smash going downhill without him. The man needs to give himself a break.

      1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

        I feel so bad for him, he’s always been trying to get everything right for whatever he worked on and to appeal to everyone, and he would probably not stand it at all if the next game would be handled by some other team

  2. Well, yes, everything must come to an end, Sakurai. Doesn’t mean I am ready for it to end though :(

  3. He deserves a wonderful send off. He helped make a lit of memories for a lot of us gamers. He has been dealing with carpal tunnel pain for like forever. Lets hope the last 2 fighters really deliver.

    Smash bros melee is still the best smash bros game ive played.

  4. Good now we don’t have to hear him complaining all the time. “my hands hurt” “i make millions of dollars and my hands hurt”

  5. Even though he’s a really good developer, I think he really deserves it. He overworks himself and has had some medical issues. He should be able to enjoy himself without further straining his body.

  6. Given his track record he’s probably trolling. Whatever decision he makes, he did more than enough for Nintendo. No other game is as rich as Smash Ultimate. It has everything a player can ask for.

  7. I never thought I been saying this but this is the hardest thing that anyone can face. I never thought of him retire so soon but Now this man can get a decent break from all of this and some fans can stop asking about witch fighter they want him to add.

  8. People, he isn’t retiring from game development, he’s retiring his Bi-weekly column. People skimmed through loose translation and completely miss understood what he was saying.

  9. That man has done more work then almost any other person in the gaming business.

    I suspect that he will leave retirement because of his inability to not work. But until then, I wish him a good retirement.

  10. Don’t be sad because he’s retiring soon, just be glad he happened. He made Kirby, Smash Bros Series, Kid Icarus Uprising and many other games. And also be glad he can finally take that vacation after working on Smash Ultimate for what seems to be about 5 years.

  11. i’d love to see him work on something other than kirby, kid icarus or smash bros. whether it’s with nintendo or not. he never slouches on adding all the content he can possible to a game. other developers thing money/greed with unfinished games and DLC crap.

  12. Sakurai is like the Japanese Cliffy B, a big gaming icon that always says he is retiring, but always comes back. The difference being that Sakurai works on good games.

  13. Retiring or not, this would be a good time to ride off into the sunset on the high note that is Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Sure it has it’s shortcomings (where the fuck is break the targets & board the platforms!? and stickers (essentially) in place of trophies) but still a high note.

  14. Smash Bros Ultimate is the final smash in my opinion. However they should continue to expand it with more content, you can NEVER have enough Smash content. But there does need to be a better way to handle it just forcing paid DLC.

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