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Smash Bros.’ Sakurai ‘satisfied’ with PS5 – shares thoughts on the next-gen console

The creator and mastermind behind the beloved Super Smash Bros. franchise, Masahiro Sakurai, has praised the Playstation 5 in his latest column in the Japanese publication, Famitsu. Although he complimented the backwards compatibility the new console has to offer, Sakurai aired his concerns over the small SSD and said his console was almost full already. He also said he’d like separate folders for easier software management (we’re pretty sure he’d same the same for Switch!) but did note how he enjoyed how quickly the next generation system from Sony performed.

It’s great to hear comments from such a large figure in the industry about a console we don’t initially associate them with, and Sakurai has never shied away from speaking his mind. Whether that’s about the gaming industry in general, or commenting on his own Smash Bros. franchise, the well-respected video game designer always offers an interesting insight into what he’s working on or playing.

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  1. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I feel annoyed every time I see this guy’s face anymore. Mainly because the Smash Bros. series went downhill for me. It’s mostly just a huge roster, and not much else. I get bored in a few minutes playing. It wasn’t that way in the past. That’s what happens when modes you love get removed, and the main modes the game DOES have is too complicating and/or boring to care.

    1. Yea what made Smash Bros great to me was the plethora of single player modes that were really fun. But I understand they gotta set priorities. It’s first and foremost a multiplayer game.

      1. @ bootyranger,
        Yeah, the heavy emphasis on multi-player is definitely what killed the series for me. Being just a solo gamer, I’m not a fan of most multi-player games. Even in the past when my nephews wanted to play Super Smash Bros. Melee, I felt like I was being tortured because playing multi-player bores me so bad. I would much prefer a single player Smash Bros. RPG over a fighting game. Similar to how Kingdom Hearts is.

    2. As a person who barely touched the single plaher content in pass games, I much prefer more characters. I understand not liking the current games because of that, you can’t please everyone, but there’s no need to get annoyed by the man himself personally. Especially since he even says in previous discussions and in the reveal “we discussed it as a TEAM and decided what’s most people would want”, he didn’t make the decision all by himself.

    3. Personally I’m glad that Ultimate put the multiplayer focus at the forefront and made the roster feel complete for once, instead of constantly cutting characters. Multiplayer is the heart and soul of Smash and is nothing without it. Smash has never had particularly amazing single player content imo (subspace was a tragedy). The only thing I miss is the old school break the targets. Not the target garbage that was in Brawl or Smash 4.

      1. I know that people dislike subspace emissary but at least for me it was entertaining unlike world of light which IMO is boring and repetitive. For me there is nothing to do after you beat classic mode with every single character and i don’t want to touch world of light again.

    4. That’s the problem with modern smash, they put a lot of emphasis on the huge roster, i was hyped for this game then world of light was a huge letdown (for me) and the classic mode is good but i liked it more in previous games.

      Nowadays it looks like sakurai is more focused in breaking records as the one who has worked with every gaming icon, i don’t expect him to change the gameplay (it’s as good as it gets) but i’d like him to add some modes to appeal for both single and multiplayer gamers

  2. So thats why we the smash pass isnt complete aye Haha jk man but seriously.

    These new generation consoles have a lot more to offer and a good reason to upgrade than the generation before hand. I myself plan on getting both consoles but these scalpers are way out of hand.

    $500+ for the low grade series s and ps5 digital consoles.
    +$1000 for the series x and physical ps5 consoles

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