Shovel Knight Amiibo Is Now Available For Pre-Order On The Nintendo UK Store

Just over two weeks after pre-orders went up on GAME, the Shovel Knight amiibo is now available to pre-order via the Nintendo UK store. The amiibo will allow you to play two player co-op on Shovel Knight Wii U and will unlock additional content in other titles. It’s due for release November 27th and costs £12.99.


  1. I just wish amiibos were cheaper. Sure, if you’re only buying one here and there, it’s not as big of deal. But when you’re a collector like me, who has to buy EVERY ONE, it really gets expensive. Too bad there’s not a discount when buying several at a time. I never have money anymore because of amiibos. Or should I say, I never have any money for GAMES because of amiibo. Damn amiibos for being so highly collectable, cute, and cool.

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