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Video: Here’s Some Information About The Lost Kid Icarus Wii Game

You may remember that quite a few year’s back a rumour popped up on IGN stating that Kid Icarus was being developed for the original Wii. The game was being discussed by Nintendo in 2007 and the developer the company choose to reboot the acclaimed franchise was none other than Factor 5, the developers behind the successful Rogue Squadron series. However, as we know the game was ultimately cancelled and never saw the light of day. But thankfully, Pit did make a return in the fantastic Kid Icarus Uprising for Nintendo 3DS.

39 thoughts on “Video: Here’s Some Information About The Lost Kid Icarus Wii Game”

  1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

    *stops watching the video because of all the Factor 5 Star Wars games footage* D: WHY!?! *cries* lol This is just too painful to watch.

    1. It didn’t. The same teams didn’t make the two games. Sora, Sakurai’s team made the new game they never worked on this at all.

      1. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be inspired by the Wii game. The controls for Uprising feel like they were made for the Wii (aiming with the stylus could have equaled aiming with pointing the Wiimote).

    2. I actually like the idea of having Pit becoming a mature adult, but I really didn’t like their art style. It looked too realistic for a cartoony game.

      But hey, cheers to Factor 5 for trying to reboot an NES game.

      1. Is that really fair to say when they were rebooting a NES game? Almost everything was cartoony. It might have ended up being like The Wonderful 101, cartoony but with dark and stylish undertones.

    3. Uhh hello! U shud never make Pit a adolt because it is called KID ikarus NOT Ikarus because he is a kid because he loves his youth because he loves life and being a kid because he loves it :)

      1. The Japanese name though is Myth of Light: The Mirror of Palutena, so it’s really irrelevant. Kid Icarus Uprising was also called New Light Mythology: Palutena’s Mirror, so obviously the main character of this franchise is Palutena’s Mirror.

    4. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

      Fucking good. Uprising was fucking amazing. There’s hints in smash about there being another kid icarus.

      1. Uprising was the right direction to go. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again in HD. But a new game would be even better. Just not this dark edgy bullshit.

    5. factor 5 fucked up big time going to ps3

      they like the rest of the industry didnt see wii coming BEYOND FUCKING STUPID,they also were one of the very few third partys who actually would put great graphics on the system instead of taking the piss

      sad how real coders no longer are in gaming its all middleware engines and point and click development so sad…

      shin’in are the only ones left

      1. Are you high?

        Wii was not HD, yet you seem to think Wii was the place to go to develop good graphics.

        Nobody saw the Wii coming, it was surprisingly successful even to Nintendo. And obviously they did try to work with Nintendo, did you even watch the video?…

        “No real coders… only shin’in” well it is obvious you are a Nintendo fanboy who doesn’t play any on any other consoles. Exposed.

        Please try to use grammar next time, and stop embarrassing yourself.

      1. Since the NES. Kid Icarus was a good game on NES. And Uprising and Smash Bros, made the Franchise a household name. Looks like you need to brush up o your History, Kid.

          1. You are such a tool. If you asked people about Icarus 10 years ago they would have said, “Who? On you mean the Greek legend?” Don’t act like everyone has been following the series since the NES you fuck.

          1. Reminds me of the rumor surrounding Dead Phoenix, that it might’ve been a Kid Icarus for GameCube. Either way, the Capcom 5 became the Capcom 4. @ least Capcom was still good back then, & they supported GCN despite it being in 3rd place sales-wise. & hey, it even had a different architecture than their rivals, barely an online infrastructure (while their rivals had better), & zero patching, microtransactions, season passes, episodic releases, etc. 2 M-rated games, 1 a timed exclusive (Killer7 & RE4); plus Viewtiful Joe, which led to a sequel; & yeah…Product No. 3. & 2 of the 4 had stylized aesthetics…

            Ah, but almost every pub/dev flew too close to the sun in 7th gen; that’s when things started burning & crashing. Each time I see the phoenix rising from the ashes, it comes out more & more malformed. Them days are dead💀

          2. In all honesty…kinda glad this didn’t come to be. Not to spit in the face of Factor 5 but damn in a sense, like said in the video. they pretty much were spitting in the face of Nintendo with their mature “dark” design. However that isn’t to say that the ideas they were coming up with weren’t good ones, infact those ideas were good enough to come together to make their OWN original ip. Nintendo could always do with another mature title or two. So if anything I would of liked to see factor 5 change this into a Nintendo exclusive “Legacy of Kain” game and/or series. The whole “banished” thing they were going for reminded me of soul reaver and some of the concept art for pits wings unfolded reminded me of Raziel’s “wings” when Kain tore them off.

            Could of been cool, so what a shame.

          3. I liked some of their adult versions of Pit that made him seem more angelic. The ones which clad him in dark armor were mehh.

            I bet their game could have been a hit if Nintendo let them do it, but it would have been really weird to see Pit in their art style.

            It would probably have been one of those “good games” that is such a huge deviation from the franchise that it is received as an ugly duckling, which is why Nintendo shot the idea down.

          4. It should’ve been a new IP or something. Uprising was the right way to go. That Icarus looked way too edgy for me; the game could be a new Shadow the Hedgehog and that’s not a compliment. When people think about making a goofy lighthearted cartoon series more mature, please take a look at Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06: that’s definitely the way to NOT go.

          5. It probably would have been better if Pit remained looking older like in these sketches. His current art style is something that always bugged me. He looks too girly and anime-ish.

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