Hyrule Warriors Legends Gets Its Own Special Editions in Japan

Koei Tecmo has revealed two unique Japanese bundles for Hyrule Warriors Legends at this year’s Tokyo Games Show. Like its Wii U counterpart, the upcoming 3DS version of the game will see two special editions at launch. Both the “Premium Box” and “Treasure Box” sets will include an art book and compass-style watch, while the Treasure Box set will also include a fairy plushie and fully-functional golden ocarina.

There are currently no details on whether or not these bundles will see a Western release. However, if the limited US release of the Wii U bundle is any indication, you might not want to hold your breath. Regardless, with the addition of Toon Link and Tetra as playable characters and the Ocarina providing fast-pace travel, Hyrule Warriors Legends is shaping up to be a worthy port that is sure to please 3DS owners.

You can check out the video of the reveal below to see the new items, as well as watch one of the developers play “The Song of Time” on the new golden ocarina. The game will be released in Japan on January 21, 2016, and is scheduled to launch in the West soon after.



  1. Is Hyrule Warriors for the New 3DS? Or for all of them?

    I love the Wii U version but can’t decide if I’m gonna get this or not

  2. Man, I still need to get the Wii U version. I’ve been wanting it since before it released, but haven’t had the cash. I bought Mario kart 8, smash, Splatoon, Mario maker, soon I’ll buy Xeno X, and Yoshi. I was gonna buy Starfox but it was delayed (which I’m happy about) so maybe I’ll buy Hyrule Warriors Wii U instead.

    1. Since Nintendo has already fucked the Wii U version in the ass with the release of it on 3DS, you’re better off getting the 3DS version because I hear it will have all the DLC of the Wii U version for free. And so far, we only hear that we can get the 3DS extra stuff on the Wii U version by owning both games & connecting the 3DS game to the Wii U game. So yeah. If money is an issue, just go for the 3DS version as you’ll get everything the Wii U version doesn’t have, and more, for the low, low price of most likely 40 bucks.

      1. 60 for the Wii U game+20 for the DLC+40 for the 3DS version so you can get the extra characters & scenario unlocked onto the Wii U version=120 bucks. Yeah. Go for the 3DS version.

  3. I would get the New 3DS version just for the Ocarina and watch. I don’t have a N3DS, but already played the original on the Wii U.

  4. You seriously source Nintendo Everything? You literally just post stuff by reading it on their website. fucking seriously.

  5. I’d rather have an exact replica of the Ocarina of Time than a fucking gold ocarina. Not every Zelda limited edition has to be all gold, god damn it!

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