Unreal Engine 4: Here’s Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’s Kakariko Village Stunningly Recreated

YouTuber ArtistArtorias has splendidly recreated the iconic Kakariko Village from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time using the impressive Unreal Engine 4. It’s one of the best Unreal Engine 4 renditions that I’ve seen and everything has stayed near enough faithful to the beloved Nintendo 64 original. Be sure to give the video a watch below to see what’s possible in Unreal Engine 4.


      1. Yes I know, I’m not a 12 year old retard. Aliens could exist anywhere, you don’t know that. They could even be hiding inside your ass.

    1. The remake was good but Nintendo needs to just get rid of their IP’s and let other people make them. This is beautiful and just amazing

    2. The lighting effect are literally better than every game Nintendo has ever released. Too bad Nintendo can’t get with the times.

      1. I don’t think the Wii U could handle this to begin with. Maybe the NX? Probably not, but there’s still the possibility.

      2. To an adult male gamer this is awesome. If you have an eye for design, or decent taste in general, then this isn’t all that good. The textures are mismatched. The grass, wood, brick, and mountains look good and realistic. The trees and flowers look so fake. The stone stairs look like they were made of clay; the darkness of them don’t make them stand out and look crisp, but they darkness makes them look murky. Link himself looks like an action figure or wax sculpture that was put into the game.

        1. Well, this is not an actual game. It’s just showing off how it COULD look. It would obviously look better than this if it was an official remake.

          1. Lol, I know right? Half of the people here are acting as if its a full on, team-developed, game and criticizing it. Even me as a nin fan can say that this looks pretty cool. :)

  1. Looks pretty great, I remember there was a Majora’s Mask? remake (I think) using Unreal, which also looked great. Wonder if Nintendo will allow them to keep the video up, though.

      1. I don’t think this is better than Nintendo’s work. Yes, it’s very pretty, but the camera is all wonky and Link’s movements are ass. They aren’t the focal point of the video, so I’m sure given more time he could clean it up, but damn son, Nintendo knows their shit.

        1. I have to agree with this. I get that a lot of people are into next gen realistic graphics, but the fact is Nintendo does well with their art direction – I thought Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy looked fantastic, and they were released on a platform that has hardware that wasn’t good more than a decade ago. Obviously it’s the effort of one guy, but even if he had a team working to build a realistic Zelda in the Unreal engine I think Nintendo could pull something better off with their own art direction.

  2. OMG!!! THIS COULD EASILY BE THE BEST REMAKE IF THEY PUT THIS ON THE NX!!! but ofcourse we already have 3d…. :’-(

  3. this is really not that great. We’ve already seen so many of these from this guy, and he didnt even bother to change the shakey cam effect or the motion blurring, which, Im sorry, but Link isnt moving that fast, his steps shouldnt blur together. Hes not sonic. Sure the town is (mostly) faithfully recreated but it was a pretty basic environment to begin with, and he didnt do much to make it pop except put some puddles on the ground and make leaves fall out of the tree in the center of town. Meh.

    1. What exactly make the original pop? Absolutely nothing, the npcs made it interesting. This looks great you fuck, this is a ONE GUY doing this in his free time not a whole development team getting paid.

      1. It’s not that great. The stairs look like they were made of some weird murky clay. The leaves, flowers, and trees look fake which is kind of a bummer considering how realistic and great the grass looks. Link looks like a wax figure inserted into the game.

  4. It looks good, but it needs to be a bit more cartoony to fit the Ocarina artsyle. It’s also fairly poorly made, and a lot of the textures look pretty bad, and the controls, and the way you move is clunky. But in the hands of a good dev team it could look great! Maybe Zelda NX will use unreal 4, but I LOVE the style for Zelda U, it’s AMAZING!!

    1. The point is that it is made to look more realistic. You don’t use Unreal to make shitty-ass cartoon/cell-shaded graphics you dumb fuck.

      Oh this would be great in the hands of a Nintendo team? You mean any team EXCEPT Nintendo. They have never made anything this good looking. And you are comparing the work of one guy doing this for free to an entire paid development team. Bravo you Nintendrone, bravo.

      Why don’t you go praise the way Star Fox Zero looks just because it is a Nintendo IP, you thoughtless dibshit. Lol.

    2. The textures really don’t fit. Some look realistic, some look like fake paper(trees and flowers), some look like murky clay(stairs), etc. This guy has potential, but you have to critique work for it to improve.

  5. Tired of these tech demos using Nintendo characters. If this actually came out people will complain of the poor frame rate a spazzed camera angles…

    1. Looks better than the original Wonderful 101 gameplay, Hyrule Warriors gameplay, and the current Star Fox Zero gameplay. Don’t be a tool.

    1. Nintendo strives for better. Seriously though. I don’t know if it’s hardcore gamers who don’t have a good eye for design, or if it’s men… The textures look off. The stairs look like clay before you dry it, the trees and flowers look like those obviously fake plants, and Link sticks out like a sore thumb.

      1. All these nintendo fanboys are getting so defensive… Its made by one guy only and its meant to show off GRAPHICS. Nothing else and by those terms the graphics are VERY well done.

        1. But a lot of people are complaining. I think it looks pretty good, considering it was a One Man Job. You can’t just say that everybody that criticizes this, is a Nintendo Fanboy.

          That’s biggest problem with the people on this site. If anybody even as much as defends a Small Mistake by Nintendo, then they are quickly labeled a Fanboy, but if anybody even as much as slightly criticizes a Massive Mistake by Nintendo, then they are labeled a Hater. This shit needs fixing, fast.

          1. I wonder how many view me as a hater and/or troll when I diss every major mistake Nintendo makes. *shrug* Whatever. At the end of the day when I’m away from this site, fanboys can think whatever they want because I’ll be too busy actually playing video games or watching television like WWE. *groans when thinking about the CenaWinsLOL & WWEBeatWCWLOLOLOLOL ending to Night of Champions last night*

        2. You are the one acting like this guy is better than Nintendo. I think he has potential, but I don’t think he’s better than Nintendo like the delusional haters(you Anonymous).

  6. I don’t get hardcore male gamers. If Nintendo released this you guys would go in on them. Though because it’s another person, “YASSS!! Slay Nintendo!” -_-

    This guy has potential. The grass, bricks, houses, and mountains look good. Though don’t praise him for the rest of the work. As great as the grass looks, it’s disappointing that the trees and flowers look as fake as they do. The stone stairs… I get he wanted a darker look to make them pop in comparison to the mountains, but it didn’t work. He should have made the mountains a reddish brown color. The stairs should be the color of his mountains. Link should either be more realistic, or the world should be more cartoonish. Link sticks out like a sore thumb. I could see hesitating to make a realistic Mario because that would look ugly. Link is actually pretty hot though, so a realistic Link wouldn’t be scary.

    1. You should try to do it yourself and show us just how much better you could make it then.

      1. That is an Appeal to Accomplishment fallacy. Example: If your table falls apart, then it’s a piece of shit. You don’t need to be a carpenter to know that. If you discover mold in your house, you don’t have to be a builder to determine that the house is not fixed right.

        As I said above you don’t have to be a game maker to criticize someone else’s game. I think he did good in some areas, but other areas he needs work. We should be allowed to criticize him. Even if he’s only one person, he should be criticized. It makes it a bit more impressive that it’s only one person though.

        1. It’s not like he’s trying to remake the whole game though. There’s only so much one person can do. I can tell you right now that I, and probably most people on this site could not even accomplish half of this. This is not competition. He is not trying to be better than Nintendo. It’s just something nice he came up with to show off.

          1. I agree. Though he should want to be better. He can actually get a career in making games/helping make games if he perfects his skills.

  7. This just makes me wonder even more why Nintendo hasn’t made an HD version of Ocarina Of Time by now? There’s no Zelda game more worthy of the HD treatment.

    1. That’s exactly what I think. Wish I could see Zelda Ocarina of Time in full High Definition glory.

      1. Some day, some day. For now, I’m perfectly happy with Ocarina of Time & Majora’s Mask in shiny window 3D with improved graphics in standard definition.

  8. This would bring me back to Nintendo, and it isn’t the graphics, it’s the love and work put into it all and I don’t care what the fuck you all say, Nintendo is in game development just for the money now, Ever since around Skyward sword most of Nintendo’s games have felt like quick ways to get cash. And also people want better graphics becouse it’s 2015. And before you all start calling me a hater you all better get your shit checked becouse I guarantee I probably have bought and beat more Nintendo games then all of you. Hell, I pretty much have every main Nintendo character as a tattoo on me. Also don’t try defending Nintendo’s recent games becouse I’ve played them all and only a few felt like they were cared about during development.

  9. I was looking at this video the other day after seeing an article for it on Facebook. I thought about sending it in, too. I’m glad sickr found it himself & posted an article about it.

    I thought it looked good for one guy doing all the work. My biggest gripe was the blur whenever he made Link or the camera move.

  10. Alright time for me to clear this up. I also use unreal engine 4 and while yes a lot of the effects are poorly placed it’s not an bad in terms of design. He is i school currently learning the trade so for a someone new to 3d this is really not bad. Plus what none of you seem to realize is he has recycled a lot of models and textures from the UE4 asset store. I have ALL of the assets he didn’t make in that video. I’m willing to bet he did what I did and took the link model from super smash melee and updated it and animated it. So considering that not everything was made in one style or by one person it looks pretty damn good to just be thrown together like that. He’s working on kokori forest right now and I think that he took the tree house models from the n64 or 3ds version and is sculpting them and I’m doing the same technique for lake Hylia at the moment. Unless you know about design and the effort that goes into trying to recreate something so old I really don’t think you have a right to call something crap.

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