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Germany: McDonald’s Happy Meal Mario Toys Return


If you live in Germany and are fans of McDonald’s then you will be pleased to learn that the McDonald’s Happy Meal Mario toy promotion is back. Be prepared to feast yourselves on Happy Meals to acquire the figures that you are after. There’s a variety of figures to collect and they don’t look too bad. You can check them all out in the image, above.


18 thoughts on “Germany: McDonald’s Happy Meal Mario Toys Return”

  1. Funny, I actually went to McD’s today and saw the toys by chance. Even took a picture of the display to send it to a friend. The toys really aren’t high quality or anything, but they didn’t seem too terrible either. Except for Yoshi maybe, he had a bunch of holes for the screws on his right half, really didn’t look very good.

  2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    I’m gonna guess these are also prototypes in the picture. Just like the amiibo when first revealed, tricking us into thinking the figurines would be awesome quality, so we’ll go out & buy. Sadly, we still went out & bought them even with the lower quality from their first reveal because it’s not every day you get official Nintendo figurines. Least it has a nice little NFC chip that lets us use them for our games. Sadly, the only games doing the amiibo right is Super Smash Bros 4 & Hyrule Warriors.

      1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

        Sadly, only a few amiibo look as good as their prototypes. The ones that do look good usually have a crappy looking face. Like Link, Marth, Palutena. And yes. We were tricked by Nintendo with the prototypes looking awesome in the quality department then most took a huge nose dive once they were mass produced. That’s not misinformation, that’s a fact. Nintendo could say that was never their intent, but why should I believe them when they’ve been lying a lot this generation. “Oh 2015 won’t have any game droughts.” Pfft. As I said awhile back, they should use a puppet for Reggie more often since that’s what he is.

        1. No, many amiibo look very good and only a few look a bit wonky in the face area, but over all, they’re very good. So yeah, you are spreading misinformation. Some have had issues, but they have been worked out in later batches so they’ve not really lied.

          And 2015 really didn’t have a Wii U drought unless you count summer, in which case that’d Nintendo having a memory that recalls how Pikmen 3 and Wonderful 101 didn’t sell that well even though they were released during the summer in the States. If I recall correctly, Devil’s Third and Yoshi’s Wolly World were released during the summer in Japan and Europe respectively so~ again, you’re misinformed and incorrect. And the fact that you also aren’t willing to consider or appreciate the notion that you could be being overly hasty in your assumptions is a very immature mentality to have, especially if you wish to assume some level of maturity and wisdom over any company.

  3. They have had these in the states sometimes. But I swear, every time I have tried to get one, all they have are those stupid plastic visors… Happened a couple times to me, so now I just ignore them. All they ever have in stock are the visors…

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