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GAME Sends Out £10 Gift Cards For Super Mario Maker Pre-Order Issues

UK video game retailer GAME has started sending out £10 gift cards to those who were affected by the Super Mario Maker issues. As you may have already read the retailer charged some customers up to seven times for their Super Mario Maker pre-orders which caused some to go extremely overdrawn with their bank. The retailer has now offered an apology to those affected and will issue them with £10 gift cards for them to spend on what they want.

As you have been affected by some billing issues on Mario, we wanted to get in tough to say sorry and that we made a mistake. We know this was wrong and have been working to ensure things go smoothly in future.

We wanted to send you this goodwill voucher of £10 which you can redeem either in store or online. We know you love gaming or were buying Mario as a gift. We’re sorry if we caused you any inconvenience and please accept our sincere apologies.


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