Nintendo And DeNA First Mobile Game Announcement Coming “Soon”

We know that Nintendo has partnered with DeNA to produce a variety of mobile titles based on Nintendo franchises. Today, Dr. Serkan Toto has teased on Twitter that the first title is said to be coming “soon” and will possibly be “unexpected.” Which Nintendo franchise would you like to see DeNA tackle first?


  1. I’m excited and worried at the same time. I hope it’ll actually be good, and not damaging to the IP.

  2. Personly i hate that they are making mobile game’s but if there was a IP that i want on IPhone would be mr. Game&watche he is perfect for mobile also if the game are origanaly and not Candy Crush rip-off’s then i support Nintendo app game’s

    1. There will be a critical mass resulting in twisted metal, blood and shrieks. Get your tickets early, it will be a sell-out.

      I don’t need tickets, I’ll be on the field. ;D

      1. Same. I’ll be hitting Reggie over the head with his puppet body screaming “Is your body ready now, bitch!?”

  3. i hope they will not do it and make an advance wars series in the smart phone we always love nintendo games but i am against games on smartphone cause the portable console are the best teh nintendo ds was the perfect one for the 3ds lot of games are dlc update hope one day we will see an advance wars and metroid like the super metroid snes why not a golden sun captain tsubasa and lot of great title on 3ds

  4. A mobile RPG? Earthbound, maybe? Highly doubt it, but it’s what I thought when I read that it would be “unexpected”. Mobile RPGs are becoming more popular, so who knows.

  5. If it’s Metroid, you’ll find me at Nintendo of America beating Reggie over the head with his puppet body while screaming “Is your body ready now, bitch!?” *repeats this because it needs to be said twice*

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